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Amiel Stanek is a very popular and well-known chef from the United States. Amiel Stanek is a foodie first and then a very talented chef. But, he has gained a lot of name and fame when Amiel started working as a food blogger.

Amiel is an editor and writer on one of the most famous food magazine named Bon Appetit. Not only this, but Amiel Stanek is also associated with many such food blogs and magazines. One such famous online company is Buzzfeed with whom Stanek is associated.

Food always was a big part of Stanek’s life and he had some kind of affection with food since childhood. Slowly cooking became a very integral part of his life and he started to enjoy cooking a lot.

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Amiel Stanek Wiki

Amiel was born and brought up in a middle-class family in the United States. Since his childhood, he was less interested in studies and more involved in household work. Currently, he is around 30 years old but his birth date is not known.

Amiel’s father’s name is Andrew Stanek whereas her mother’s name is Genat Stanek. However, not much is known about his parents as he likes to keep his life private. We will update information about his parents as soon as we receive it from trusted sources.

Stanek was a decent student and he did his schooling from the United States itself. Later, he completed his graduation from the Oberlin Literal Arts College located in Ohio.

Amiel Stanek food

However, he did go to his college partially as he thought the degree program was very tough. Also, by doing this he got a lot of time for cooking and working on his passion.

While completing his graduation Amiel started cooking side by side and slowly fell in love with it. He realized his love for cooking but he never thought of making it a profession.

Amiel Stanek Career

Stanek’s career is now pretty much settled but in the beginning, he struggled a lot. From the tender of 17, he started working at restaurants as a chef which also got him some pocket money.

Amiel Stanek did cooking jobs for several years at restaurants. He roughly worked for 5 years till he was 23 years old. But, Amiel says that he never felt it has a burden as he loved his work of cooking.

After doing cooking jobs for more than five years there was a turning point in his life. There was a vacant job opportunity at a very famous food magazine Bon Appetit.

Amiel Stanek

Amiel Stanek saw it as a big opportunity to join such a good company and learn more about magazines. Eventually, he learned how magazines work and how to develop as well as present recipes.

He loves to work at the magazine and his niche was home cooking for which he had a lot of experience. A couple of years before he started a new category where he explained several techniques as well as ingredients.

This category was loved by many people majorly by the young generation and seem to like the content a lot. It was fun to read for many starters as it taught from the very basics of cooking.

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Amiel Stanek Wife: Lauren Schaefer

Many people have speculated that Amiel Stanek is a Gay. But, it is not true at all. Amiel is happily married to Lauren Schaefer and this lovely duo has a great time together.

Amiel Stanek

In the year 2014, Lauren and Amiel Stanek met each other. It is not surprising to know that Lauren Schaefer also works in the food industry. Food got both of them together and they both have a special place in their heart for cooking.

On October 6, 2018, Amiel Stanek and Lauren Schaefer married each other. However, they don’t have any child yet but in the future, they can have one.

Amiel Stanek Net Worth

Amiel has been working as a cook in restaurants since he was 17. He worked in restaurants for almost five years which gained him a lot of experience as well as a decent amount of money.

After working as an editor and writer at Bon Appetit his lifestyle changed completely. Bon Appetit pays a decent amount of salary to their writers and food bloggers.  Amiel Stanek has Net Worth of  1 Million dollars.

Amiel Stanek

Not only for Bon Appetit but he has worked for many other food blogs as well. Amiel is associated with Buzzfeed which is a very popular online brand.

However, the exact net worth of Amiel Stanek is still under review. Although it seems Stanek has earned a lot of name, fame, and money in the past few years.

Unknown Facts and Trivia

  • Amiel Stanek was born in the United States and his nationality is American. The ethnicity of Amiel Stanek is not known but we will update as soon as we get the information.
  • Andrew Stanek is the name of his father whereas her mother’s name is Genat Stanek. His exact birth date is not known but he is sure in his 30’s.
  • He started his cooking job when he just 17 and worked for almost 5-6 years until Amiel was 23 years old. He gained a lot of experience working as a chef in those restaurants.
  • Amiel married Lauren in the year 2016 and they say food brought them together. There were rumors that Amiel Stanek is gay but those rumors went off when he married Lauren.
  • This lovely couple still doesn’t have any child and they currently live in New York City.
  • Amiel is decently active on social media majorly on Instagram where he puts personal photos as well as his recipes. His Instagram handle is by the name b_goutish where he has 50k followers!

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