Aren Marcus Jackson Wiki, Prison, Age, Wife, Married

Aren Marcus Jackson is the name of a convicted felon from the United States of America. Aren is popular for being the partner of Tia Maria Torres who is a television celebrity and reality TV star.

Tia Torres is famous for her affection for animals and also is part of a reality TV show Pitbulls and Parolees which broads on Animal Planet. Aren received a lot of fame, name, as well as fortune after tieing knots with Tia and is one of the very lucky people who gain the limelight due to their partner’s success.

Recently, Aren is in trend currently as he was behind the bars due to some strange reasons. Also, the lovely duo had some rough patches and their are rumors of a divorcee. If you want to know some inside information why he was sent to jail and unknown trivia about Tia Torres’s husband Aren Marcus Jackson then stay tuned till the end!


Aren Marcus Jackson Prison Sentence

Aren was arrested by the police two times and the husband of Tia Torres is still in jail. When Aren and Tia first met, he was sentenced to 14 years of jail in California for having involvement in a shootout with deputies.

Aren Marcus Jackson

He was in jail for 14 long years and came back in the year 2006. However, in the next year, he got arrested again as he was convicted for eleven felonies such as theft, burglary, driving illegal vehicles, and also attempting murder!

Even though it was such hard times Tia didn’t lose hope, supported her husband, and kept fighting for his bail. She also said defending her husband that Aren Jackson was not guilty in that case. But, things didn’t go well and he got arrested again. Still, Tia was very positive and keeps supporting Aren in tough times.

Aren Marcus Jackson Release Date

For the second time, Aren was sentenced to 15 years and 8 months of jail in the California prison and his release date is in the year 2022.

Aren Marcus Jackson Wikipedia

Aren was born and brought up in the country of the United States of America along with his parents and siblings. Very little information is available about his parents as well as siblings and we will update it as soon as we receive it from our trusted sources.

Aren Marcus Jackson

Aren Jackson’s nationality is American, their ethnicity is Caucasian, and his religion is Christianity. No information is available about his educational background and academics.

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Tia Torres and Aren’s Married Life

The marriage life of Tia Torres with Aren was not that great as this couple was together for a short period. The duo got separated when Aren was arrested for the second time and sentenced to 15 years of jail.

Tia and Aren saw each other at the start of the 1980s when Tia was looking for the owner of a particular dog. Tia found Aren on an online tracking site and he was the owner of the dog Tia was looking for. At that time, Aren was sentenced to 14 years of jail in California prison. Aren was sentenced as he was involved in a shootout with orange country sheriff’s deputies.

Aren Marcus Jackson

Although Aren was in jail behind the bars the love and affection between the lovely couple didn’t fade. As soon as Aren got out of jail both married on 31st October in the year 2006. But, unfortunately, the couple didn’t have much time together and in the year 2007, he was sentenced to 15 years of jail again due to vehicle theft, second-level burglary, and even attempted murder.

Still, the couple has a strong bond and good relationship even though Aren is behind the bar. Both of them support each other and help to get rid of problems. Aren is the co-wner of VRC and he has helped his wife to rescue dogs and also helped in maintaining shelters for parolees.

Aren Marcus Jackson and Tia Torres Divorce?

Tia is a strong woman who has gone through a very rough patch and negativity. However, the difficult times and situations didn’t affect the relationship between Aren and Tia. But, once Tia posted on her Facebook account that she got separated from her husband 10 years ago.

Aren Marcus Jackson

These all are still speculations and rumors and the exact confirmation about the divorce is still unknown.

Tia Torres was beaten by her ex-husband!

Many people and fans of Tia don’t know that Aren Marcus Jackson was not the first husband of Tia. Tia Torres was married before to an unknown man who was supposedly a drug addict. Tia was in a very toxic relationship where her partner used to beat her badly after taking cocaine!

Aren Marcus Jackson

In the short span of two marriage years, Tia Torres was beaten and treated badly by her husband. Then, she decided to move out of the house and lived on the trailer of her ex-husband. A very surprising and dangerous incident happened with Tia when the rooster of her ex-husband attacked her and injured her pretty badly.

Tia was screaming for help and her pitbull came just in time and killed the rooster saving her life. She was very pleased with her dog and even got a tattoo of her pitbull thankful for his rescue. Tia was later in a relationship with a gangbanger boyfriend with whom she also has a child named Tania Torres.

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Aren Marcus Jackson Kids

Aren and Tia have only one child together. They have a daughter named Mariah Torres. It was the second child of Tia but the first for Aren. Th first daughter of Tia was Tania Torres who’s father was a gangbanger.

Tia decided to adopt two children who were twin Hawaiian brothers named Kanani and Keli. All her four children have supported and helped Tia in her tough times.


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Tia Torres Net worth

Tia started her career as a truck driver for making some bucks for her family. Later, she worked a job serving the US Army. After leaving the job Tia Torres opened Villalobos Rescue Center and started rescuing abandoned dogs.

Tia came into the limelight when she was featured on Animal Planet’s reality show named Pitbulls and Parolees as the host. She worked very hard and sometimes even 18 hours a day taking care of the dogs. Her net worth is estimated to be around $300k.

Unknown facts: Aren Marcus Jackson

  • Aren had a very troubled childhood and was involved in illegal activities since a very early age. He was involved in thefts, burglaries, crimes, auto- theft, and even in murders. He was arrested twice and sentenced to jail for a very long time.
  • He married the love of his life, Tia, in the year 2006 after he got released from jail. But, soon in the year 2007, the couple got separated as he was sent to jail again.
  • Aren was convicted of 11 felonies which included auto-theft, burglary, crime, and murders.
  • Aren and Tia have a daughter named Mariah. Tia has a daughter from her boyfriend name Tania. Later, she adopted twin brothers from Hawaii.
  • Once, Tia said on her Facebook that she is separated from Aren long ago but still her divorce is not confirmed!