Aya Tanjali Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Boyfriend

Aya Tanjali is an American TikToker and social media star. As of the year 2022, Aya Tanjali has a net worth of sixty-five hundred thousand dollars. She is well-known for the numerous hilarious videos that she posts on her TikTok account, which is recognised by the handle @ayaatanjali.

Aya Tanjali

She has developed a respectable fan following on a variety of other social media sites such as Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram in addition to TikTok. She has risen to prominence in a very short period of time to become one of the most famous people in the United States who is active on social media.

Aya Tanjali Wiki

As of the year 2022, Aya Tanjali has reached the age of 15 years old. She was born on April 24th, 2007. She was born in Austin, Texas, in the United States, into a well-established Christian family, where she spent her childhood. She professes her faith in Christianity and holds American citizenship, although her nationality is American.

She graduated from a high school in Austin, Texas, which is located in the United States, where she had her early education. After that, she chose to receive her education from home so that she may pursue her higher education alongside her professional employment. Since she was a child, she has always had an interest in amusing the people around her. As a result, she made the decision to exhibit her many abilities across a variety of social media platforms available on the internet.

Boyfriend and Family

Mrs. Tanjali is Aya Tanjali’s mother, and her father’s name is Mr. Tanjali, who is in the business world. Mr. Tanjali is Aya Tanjali’s father, and his name is Mr. Tanjali. In addition, she is the older sibling of a younger sister who goes by the name Sophia Tanjali.

Aya Tanjali

Aya Tanjali’s marital status is unmarried. She is not currently seeing anyone and considers herself to be single at this time. There is absolutely no information provided about any of her previous relationships.


Aya Tanjali launched her career as a TikTok star and maintains an account on the platform, where she posts a variety of funny videos. As a result of the widespread popularity of her dancing and comedy videos uploaded to the internet, she has quickly amassed millions of followers on her TikTok account.

She began expanding her exposure to other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, after achieving success on the TikTok platform.

Physical Looks

Aya Tanjali is an incredibly stunning, hot, and gorgeous girl that possesses an alluring and endearing nature as well as a sweet smile. She has a lovely, sultry, and curvaceous form, as well as appealing body dimensions and a wonderfully curved, lean body type. Her figure is just stunning.

Her estimated figure measures are 30 inches in height, 22 inches in waist, and 28 inches in hips. She has a body weight of approximately 47 kilogrammes and a height of approximately 4 feet 11 inches. She has gorgeous dark black hair that is wavy and lustrous, and her eyes are a stunning fiery brown colour that are both attractive and intriguing.

Aya Tanjali

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • She posts a variety of videos on her channel, including dances and lip syncs in addition to her short comedic videos.
  • On this site, she has gained more than 6 million followers.
  • In one of her earlier TikToks, she made fun of the conversations that took place between her mother and her aunt.
  • She uploaded a dancing video to TikTok on August 11, 2020, with the song “Sex Talk” by Megan Thee Stallion as the soundtrack. T
  • he video has received more than 4 million views. She performed a dance to the song “Yeah Yeah” by Young Nudy for a TikTok back in November 2021, and it has received more than 7 million views since then.
  • On May 21, 2020, she uploaded a TikTok featuring both her and her mum. Curlyheaded sophia is the username of her popular TikTok account, which belongs to their younger sister Sophia.
  • She produced a duet video with Davine Riley and shared it online.

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