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Ayesha Curry, born Ayesha Disa Curry, is a Canadian-American actress, businesswoman, cookbook author, and cookery television personality. She is also known by her stage name, Ayesha Curry. When he was just 12 years old, he performed with the Suga prince.

The year 2016 saw the release of her first cookbook, which was given the title “The Seasoned Life.” Even though she did not attend any formal training programmes for chefs, she began her profession in the culinary arts in the year 2014. This fact will come as a surprise to you. Additionally, she has shown how to make her meal on YouTube.

The year 2014 marked the beginning of her gastronomic trip, which she documented on YouTube under the name “Little Lights of Mine.” Ayesha is cultivating an empire by sharing recipes with the uncountable number of people that follow her on various social networks throughout the globe.

Ayesha Curry

She just just released a cookbook titled “The Seasoned Life,” and it has received very positive feedback. She is a talented actress who has received several honours for her performance abilities. She just started doing it a short while ago, but now she gives advice on lifestyle and food. She also provides advice for parents on her YouTube channel and in the programme “Ayesha’s Homemade” that she hosts on the Food Network.

The programme is a mix of her culinary segments and glimpses of her life as the happy mother of two gorgeous girls and the wife of an NBA star. Stephen Curry is a member of the Golden State Warriors basketball team. Through her videos, she makes it a point to consistently provide joy and happiness to the people that subscribe to her channel.

Ayesha Curry Wiki

As of the year 2022, Ayesha Curry will be 33 years old, having been born on the 23rd of March 1989. She was born in Toronto, Canada, and received her childhood education in a stable environment there. Both her nationality and her religious faith are rooted in the Christian faith. She was born in Canada and raised in the United States.

Weddington High School in the United States was where she finished her primary and secondary education. After that, she decided to enrol at Davidson College, where she ultimately earned her degree and finished her studies. Since she was a little kid, she has always been more interested in performing and participating in a wide variety of extracurricular activities than she has been in academics.

Relationships and the Family

John Alexander and Carol Alexander are the proud parents of Ayesha Curry. John Alexander, who is a politician by trade, is Ayesha Curry’s father, and Carol Alexander, who is also named Carol Alexander, is Ayesha Curry’s mother. Carol Alexander is an educator.

Ayesha Curry

Additionally, she is one of four siblings. Her two brothers are named Jaz Alexander and Chad Alexander, while her two sisters are named Maria Alexander and Janiece Alexander. She has four total brothers and sisters.


Ayesha Curry began her work in the entertainment industry in California, both as a model and an actor. “Too young for love” was the title of her debut music video, which she created alongside Suga Prince. She has roles in many different television programmes, including Hannah Montana, The Little Ghost, and Whittaker Bay, to mention a few of them. At the moment, she is a famous chef who enjoys a great deal of success.

Ayesha has an intense interest in culinary matters. Her first year in the kitchen was 2014, and after that there was no turning back for her in terms of her profession. She was a guest collaborator with Chef Michael Mina in the latter’s ‘Test Kitchen’ series, in which the two culinary appreciators dove into the numerous nuances and tastes of barbecue.

The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well is the title of the new cookbook that Ayesha Curry published not too long ago. The book is a reflection of the many cultures that she was raised in and reflects every facet of the tastes that she uses in her cooking.

Ayesha will be the presenter of a new series on Food Network that will consist of six episodes and be filmed in her house. Her husband and children will make cameo appearances throughout the series.

Little Lights of Mine is the name of Ayesha Curry’s YouTube channel, which she launched in 2014. Curry says that the channel is an expression of gratitude to the people, places, and things in her life that have provided her happiness. On her YouTube channel, Curry demonstrates her prowess in the kitchen, providing an excellent chance for her followers to pick up some of her cooking know-how.

Fans of Curry will appreciate the chance these films provide to learn more about the chef’s approach to the kitchen. Little Lights of Mine, the name of Curry’s business, is in the business of producing and selling extra virgin olive oil. Curry, a kind person, gives ten percent of the company’s profits to a humanitarian group called “No Kid Hungry.”

Ayesha Curry

She also had an appearance on the live broadcast of the Huffington Post, where she collaborated with T J MAXX (a fashion store). She was given the privilege of working with them as a partner and becoming one of their Maxximizers. Curry is often included at a variety of festivals that celebrate cuisine all around the globe.


Stephen Curry, an American professional basketball player who now competes for the Golden State Warriors, was her husband at the time of their wedding in 2011. The happy couple is the proud parents of two lovable young ladies named Riley and Ryan Curry. They have a lovely home in Walnut Creek, which is a city located in Contra Costa county in the state of California. She is a popular food blogger and has over 5 21,000 followers on Instagram as well as over 61,000 followers on Twitter. Curry is a firm believer that quality is more important than quantity, and this philosophy is clearly reflected in her work.

Net Worth

Ayesha Curry’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million as of the year 2022.

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