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A Mexican-American journalist, Belen De Leon is a lady with black hair and a powerful voice. She is presently employed as the Weekend Meteorologist for NBC4 in Los Angeles, where she is based. Previously, she worked as a member of the 9NEWS team in the state of Colorado.

The meteorologist Belen De Leon is fluent in both English and Spanish, which contributes to her widespread fame in the field. In addition to this, there is a justification for the fact that she is fluent in Spanish. It’s possible that the majority of you were unaware of the fact that she used to be a member of a band, but she used to play in one.

belen de leon

She used to sing and dance with a band named La Onda, and the band’s name was. In addition to this, her enthusiasm for music was the spark that ignited her desire to also study Spanish in its purest form. It seemed like it would be important for her to learn Spanish, given that she spent her youth in Texas. She is of Spanish descent.

As a consequence of this, she can speak both English and Spanish, and her presentation of meteorology encompasses both of these languages. A native of the United States, Belen De Leon is a meteorologist who came into the world on August 9th, 1983. She is 39 years old at this point. In addition to this, Libra is her astrological sign.

Family life

The village of Roma in South Texas was where Belen spent her childhood. She had a lifelong passion for singing and dancing as a youngster, and she was quite active in the theatrical activities offered at her school.
She joined a band soon after she finished high school, and she spent a significant portion of her youth away from her family and friends while on tour.
Around the middle of the 2000s, Belen experienced severe homesickness and came to the conclusion that the life of a pop star was not for her. After that, she moved back to South Texas and started working in television.
De Leon is quite involved in her neighborhood now that she lives in Colorado, and she often goes to the schools in the area to talk to children about the weather and about her job. In addition to that, she acts as a host for charitable events and tries to spread awareness of Hispanic culture across the state.

belen de leon

When she is not engaged in any of these activities, you can find her hanging out with her husband and her three boys, whose names are Ivan de Leon Jr., Isai, and Izak.


Although De Leon did not get a certification in meteorology until she graduated from Mississippi State University in August 2013, she had already been forecasting the weather for many years prior to that.
Additionally, she was awarded the NWA – Broadcast Seal of Approval in the year 2015 by the National Weather Association.

Belen De Leon Husband

She and her long-term partner, Iván De León, just tied the knot. Since they tied the knot all the way back in 2003, it has been a very long time since they tied the knot. In addition, they are the parents of three children.

Career: Belen De Leon

Since she was in the sixth grade, Belen has been entertaining crowds at ferias with her renditions of mariachi music. After she graduated from high school, she became a member of a band known as La Onda, which was signed to the record company Capitol EMI at the time.
Due to the fact that she had been raised studying “Tex-Mex” Spanish rather than “real” Spanish, De Leon initially had difficulty fitting in with the group.

belen de leon
Native Spanish speakers condemned her because of the fact that she started singing in front of huge crowds and had songs televised to numerous nations once she began doing so. Throughout the course of her career, she would often face criticism about her proficiency in Spanish.
Despite this, La Onda’s music became highly famous, and the band ended up winning two Latin Billboard awards, in addition to having one album certified gold and another certified platinum. You may listen to and see La Onda perform several of their songs on YouTube.
In 2006, she parted ways with the band and moved back to Texas in order to pursue a career in television.

Due to the fact that De Leon is multilingual, she was hired as a weather forecaster in 2007 by both Univision and Fox. On Univision, she was responsible for reading the forecast in Spanish, while on Fox, she was responsible for reading the prediction in English.
She relocated to Denver, Colorado, in February 2012, and started working as a meteorologist for 9NEWS shortly afterwards.
The population of Denver at the time was mostly white, and some viewers did not like her accent or the fact that she sometimes used Spanish phrases as an emphasis or flair. She started getting hate mail and threats from racists, but she continued because she wanted to give the tiny but rising Hispanic minority in Denver a prominent voice in the city.

Her determination paid off, and as a result, she was even considered for the position of America’s Favorite Weather Forecaster on the website
In January of 2018, Belen resigned from her position as a Weekend Meteorologist at 9NEWS and accepted a position at NBC 4. She is said to still perform live on the radio from time to time.

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