Benoftheweek Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Girlfriend

Benoftheweek, also known by his alias Ben De Almeida, is a TikToker and social media figure from Canada. Benoftheweek has a net worth of half a million dollars as of the year 2022. On his prominent TikTok channel, which is known as benoftheweek, he often posts surrealist films. This has helped him get a lot of popularity.


In addition to having millions of fans on TikTok, he also has millions of subscribers on a YouTube channel that he runs under the name benoftheweek. In addition to this, he is famous for his striking similarity to the famed TikTok user Noah Centineo.

Benoftheweek Wiki

Benoftheweek was born on the 8th of September in 1999, making his age 23 as of the year 2022. He was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, into a stable Christian household where he spent his childhood. He identifies as a Christian and maintains both his Canadian citizenship and his faith in that faith.

He graduated from a high school in Edmonton, which is located in Canada, while he was in his early teens. After that, he enrolled at a small private institution in Edmonton, Canada, where he eventually finished his degree and received his diploma. Since he was a youngster, he has harboured the ambition of one day being a famous star in Canada as well as elsewhere in the globe.

Family & Girlfriend

Benoftheweek’s mother is known as Mrs. Almeida, and his father goes by the name Mr. Almeida. Mr. Almeida works in the business world, while Mrs. Almeida stays at home to take care of the family.


The marital status of Benoftheweek is that of a single man. He does not currently have a romantic relationship with anybody and is considered to be single at this time. There is almost no information provided about any of his previous relationships.

Physical Looks

Young, good-looking, intellectual, and gorgeous Benoftheweek with a personality that is both captivating and dashing. Benoftheweek is a lad. His physical dimensions are excellent, and he has a normal body type overall. He has a powerful and appealing physique.

His height is around 175 centimetres (5 feet 9 inches), and his weight is approximately 53 kilogrammes (kg). His hair is short and a trendy shade of blonde, and his eyes are a stunning light brown hue that mesmerise with their beauty.

Benoftheweek Career

2010 marked the beginning of Benoftheweek’s career as a YouTube content creator, when he also debuted his eponymous channel on the platform. After that, he created an account on TikTok and quickly rose to the top of the internet popularity rankings thanks to a strange video he posted there.


In a video that went viral on the internet, he seems to impersonate Noah Centineo, a prominent star on the TikTok platform, and this contributed to his rise to fame. In addition to this, he has established a respectable fan following across a variety of other social media sites as well.

Benoftheweek’s Net Worth

Benoftheweek has a net worth of half a million dollars as of the year 2022. He makes the most of his money from his TikTok and YouTube channels, in addition to a number of other commercial endeavours.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • According to the rumours, he has been keeping his girlfriend’s identity a secret for quite some time now and they have even gotten engaged in a low-key ceremony.
  • But he never admitted publicly that these allegations were true.
  • More than 11 million people follow him on his BenoftheWeek account thanks to the information he posts there.
  • 2010 was the year he made his debut on YouTube with a channel that remained up until 2013.
  • In the same year, he debuted a brand-new channel on YouTube under the name BENOFTHEWEEK.
  • On his Instagram account, he shared photographs that he had taken during his journey to VidCon 2018.
  • A humorous video he uploaded to TikTok in April of 2020 with the tagline “the first person to clap ever” received more than 4 million views.
  • His full name is Ben De Almeida. Although he was born in Edmonton, Alberta, he lived in Tewksbury, Massachusetts until he was two years old.
  • His family had migrated there from Edmonton. He is descended from people who lived in France, Germany, India, and Portugal.
  • Because of his striking resemblance to Noah Centineo, he first gained widespread attention on the video sharing platform TikTok.
  • He described himself on TikTok by saying that he was “noah Centineo’s ugly cousin.” On his Benoftheweek TikTok account, he has received millions of likes and over 7 million followers combined. He has a soft spot for critters.