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Chris, better known by his online alias Bigpuffer, is an American YouTuber, TikToker, and Instagrammer who is also a social media figure. As of the year 2022, Bigpuffer’s total wealth is estimated to be $2 million. He is well recognized for the video content he has created for video game titles such as Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty.

Additionally, he is well-known for the gaming videos that he posts on the channel that bears his name on YouTube. He now has more than 431 thousand people subscribed to his channel on YouTube. In addition to his popularity on YouTube, he is also rather well-known on a number of other social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, amongst others.

Big Puffer is a popular YouTube star who was born in the United States on October 29, 1996. A video game player who rose to prominence on the internet thanks to his gameplay videos for games such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Need for Speed. His channel on YouTube, which goes by the name BigPuffer, has more than 20,000 followers. Astrologers have determined that the sign of Scorpio is Big Puffer’s zodiac animal.

Big Puffer

The world has been completely taken over by TikTok, and Big Puffer has completely taken over the TikTok globe. Puffer is one of the viral and rising stars, and his popularity has surged to 252.4k since it was first recorded. Be careful not to confuse Puffer with any other TikTok celebrity; recently, he’s started uploading videos that highlight his creative ability, sense of humor, and unique personality.

We have compiled all of the information there is to know about Big Puffer into one page for your convenience. The date of Big Puffer’s birth, his family, his schooling, his love life, and his net worth have all been discussed. Therefore, focus on the conclusion.

Bigpuffer Wiki

As of the year 2022, Bigpuffer will be 26 years old, having been born on October 29th, 1996. He was born into a stable Christian household in Texas, which is located in the United States, and reared there. He professes his faith in Christianity and has an American citizenship, although his nationality is American.

He graduated from a high school in Texas, in the United States, where he had his early education.

After that, he enrolled himself at a local university in Texas, which is located in the United States, and it was from there that he received his degree. Since he was a youngster, he has always taken part in a wide variety of sports and extracurricular activities.

Big Puffer

He was a child who excelled at sports. Since he was a youngster, he had the ambition to become a well-known gamer, and as a result, he started his own YouTube channel while he was still very young.

Concerning the Family, the Girlfriend, and Relationships

Bigpuffer’s mother is known as Mrs. Puffer, and his father goes by the name Mr. Puffer. Mr. Puffer works in the business world, while Mrs. Puffer stays at home to take care of the family. A younger sister is also a member of his family.

The marital status of Bigpuffer is that of a single man. He does not currently have a romantic relationship with anybody and is considered to be single at this time. There is almost no information provided about any of his previous relationships.


Puffer has always had a strong interest in video games, even when he was a child. Up to this point, he has not revealed any information about his childhood. It would seem that he is placing a significant amount of emphasis on the advancement of his profession.

Up to this point, there is no information on his educational background or credentials. Despite this, it would seem from his achievements that he has a high level of education.

Bigpuffer Girlfriend

Because to his incredible gaming videos, this person, who is widely known as Puffertok throughout various social media platforms, has amassed a great amount of recognition and popularity.

Not only does he have some crazy gaming talents, but he is also endowed with a very happy and infectious attitude, which has won him a tremendous fan following. His cheerful and contagious nature has earned him a huge fan following.

It’s possible that the majority of you people believe that, given his level of fame and popularity, he must undoubtedly have a girlfriend; however, we don’t believe that this is entirely accurate since, up until this point, he has not discussed anything related to his romantic relationships.

Big Puffer

It would seem that he is quite secretive about his personal life, and as a result, we were unable to uncover too much information on his sexual relationships. It is just a matter of time until he divulges any information or hints on the nature of his romantic relationships.

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