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Encountering and dealing with dangerous snakes is a typical day in Brittany Borges’s life. Brittany Borges is the name of a very famous American TV star who has gained a lot of name and fame due to her adventures.

Brittany is a TV star who appears on the Discovery Channel in the show ‘Guardians of the Glades’. This reality show is relatively new which features Dusty “The Wildman” Crum who along with his team fight against dangerous Pythons.

The main focus of the show ‘Guardians of the Glades’ is the team saving the Flordia from these hazardous pythons. Basically in Flordia the number of snakes especially pythons are growing day by day which is causing harm to other animals.

According to research, this Python snakes has to lead to the extinction of several other species of animals and some even are endangered. This is very bad for the food chain cycle and not only it is harmful to other animals but also for humans.

Brittany says she not only does this to save other animals but Flordia is a place where she was born as well brought up and she wants to save her land. The Florida Everglades is in threat due to these hazardous reptiles.

Brittany Borges says that she doesn’t like killing the Pythons but to save other animals it has to be done sometimes. So, like me, if you also have impressed by the courage of his gorgeous lady then stay tuned to know some unknown interesting facts about her!

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Brittany Borges Career

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Brittany is an avid nature as well as an animal lover. She has a special place for Flordia in her heart as it is her birthplace. Many people don’t know the fact that Borges doesn’t receive earnings from killing snakes and preventing our earth from getting destroyed.

Yes, her hunting abilities are great and many appreciate her skills but she doesn’t get paid for it. She doesn’t actually like killing snakes as she is an animal lover. Brittany only helps other team members in catching them and she leaves the other part to her partners.

Brittany Borges doesn’t like to earn from killing other animals. Tom who is another member of the team does the business part by first weighing them and then skinning them.

In one interview Brittany Borges said that ‘I don’t like killing animals as they are god’s creation. I love animals and I don’t want to earn any profit by killing them’.

But, Brittany Borges is a professional plumber and does plumbing full time to earn some bucks. Borges is a very skilled plumber and doesn’t worry about her hands getting dirty.

Brittany Borges

Borges was born and brought up in Florida located in the United States of America. She doesn’t like to share her private life and not much is known about her date of birth as well as early life.

We are still finding out about her private life and will let you know as soon as we receive any kind of information from our trusted sources.

Brittany Borges Husband

Brittany in an interview with Monsters and Critics said few things about her private life. Very rarely she likes to tell about her personal private life and Borges likes to keep it a secret.

However, she disclosed that her long marriage with husband ended recently. For more than 8 years, they lived together and also owned a business together. Unfortunately, her ex-husband took away the business which didn’t surprise her at all.

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Borges was completely lost and didn’t know what to do further. After a few rough days, Brittany realized that she needs to do something. Borges decided to find a way out and started searching for her hobbies and who she was.

After all the negative things there was something positive was about to come in her life. After the rough breakup, Brittany’s mom urged her to Dusty who was finding a team to hunt those dangerous reptiles.

Brittany was loved outdoors for all her life and this was a perfect opportunity for her to start a new life. Not only this Brittany Borges also got a new partner who understands her pretty well.

Borges recently did an engagement with him in January 2019. Borges said that her new partner understands her very well and also helps her in her career.

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Unknown facts and Trivia!

  • Brittany Borges is an American born in Florida. Her nationality is obviously American and she belongs from white ethnicity.
  • Her exact date of birth is not known but she seems to be in her 30’s. She has a very fit body and her height is around 5 feet 2 inches.
  • Borges has gained a lot of limelight when she appeared on the reality show ‘Guardians of the Glades’. Professionally she is a TV star and does plumbing full-time to earn some money. (She doesn’t earn from the show)
  • Very little is known about her early life. Not much information about her educational qualifications is known.
  • Recently, Brittany broke up with her husband after a long 8 years of marriage. But, she is engaged with another man who understands her very well.
  • Borges doesn’t like to use media platform and very rarely you will see her posting on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Brittany Borges doesn’t like to earn money by killing animals and she earns by doing plumbing work. Her exact net worth is not known and is still under review.
  • She works in the reality Tv show named Guardians of the Glades which airs on Discovery Channel at 10 p.m. ET but only on Tuesdays.