Carter Sharer Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Girlfriend

Carter Sharer alias Carter Joseph Sharer is a popular YouTuber and social media celebrity from the United States of America. His scientific experiment, prank, and do-it-yourself films on his YouTube channel have garnered a lot of views and attention.

A fashion website known as Team RAR, which mostly deals with purses, boxers, cell covers, water bottles, and other items, was also established by him, and this is another reason why he has gained a lot of notoriety in recent years. He is regarded as one of the most skilled and well-known individuals on social media in the United States.

Carter Sharer

His material covers a wide variety of topics, from exploration and action to more broad concerns. Sharer has already achieved a great deal of success and is well on its way to achieving even greater heights thanks to the millions of people that follow them on the social media platform.

He is a well-educated individual who has a variety of talents and is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. Robotics, mechatronics, and automation engineering are just a few of the topics that he is well-versed in. He is an excellent swimmer who has taken part in contests held at the institution.

Carter is a really kind and loving guy, and he is the boyfriend of fellow YouTube sensation Lizzy Sharer. Not only does he have a very strong bond with his fiancée, but also with the rest of his family, particularly his brother.

Sharer is a very daring and creative individual who is enthusiastic about testing out new ideas. He is both wacky and hilarious! He enjoys going to different locations and discovering new things on a daily basis.

Carter Sharer Wiki

Carter Sharer was born on the 21st of October 1993, making him 28 years old as of the year 2022. He was born into a stable family that originated in Oakton, Virginia, in the United States, and was reared there. In addition to his Christian faith, he is a citizen of the United States and has American citizenship.

Oakton High School in Oakton, Virginia, United States, was where he finished his primary and secondary education. After that, he decided to pursue his education further and enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University in Oakton, Virginia, in the United States. There, he was able to get his degree of bachelor of science and graduate.

Carter Sharer

He has had a fascination with video games and working out ever since he was a youngster, and he has always harboured the ambition of becoming a well-known star in the United States.

Family & Girlfriend

Mr. Sharer is Carter Sharer’s father, and Mrs. Sharer is the name of Carter Sharer’s mother. Mr. Sharer is Carter Sharer’s father, and he is a lawyer by trade, while Mrs. Sharer is an artist and painter by trade.

In addition, he has two more siblings. Stephen Sharer is the brother’s name, and he is well known for his contributions to YouTube.

Grace Sharer is the name of her sister, and she is known for her videos on YouTube.

The relationship history of Carter Sharer does not include a spouse. He is now in a relationship with Lizzy Capri, who is also a well-known YouTuber by profession. The two of them have been in many of their videos together.

Carter Sharer Career

On September 24, 2009, Carter Sharer began the debut of his channel. In the video titled “My First Vlog- (Carter Sharer),” which was his very first upload, he first introduced himself to his viewers. The next video, entitled “Ninja Weapons Soda Drop Test,” featured Sharer and his brother doing a scientific experiment in which they caused soda bottles to explode by dumping them on ninja weapons.

The success of this film led to the creation of more experiment videos quite quickly. After a certain amount of time had passed, the YouTuber started uploading ordinary vlogs while at the same time keeping up with his experiment videos.

The release of the video titled “RC Car Drives on Pool” catapulted the popularity of his channel to whole new heights. This video was uploaded to YouTube on December 21st, 2017, and it showed Sharer driving his remote-controlled vehicle into the pool.

Carter Sharer

The video blog attained unprecedented popularity and was able to accumulate millions of views. At this time, it has received over 12 million views (As of October 2018). The majority of the videos that were uploaded following this one likewise managed to amass millions of views and thousands of likes, as was the case with this one.

There are now over 2.5 million individuals that subscribe to Carter Sharer’s channel on YouTube. In addition to that, the channel has had a total of more than 386 million views. The video titled “Scuba Diving in Pond for Treasure,” which has received more than 12 million views, is one of the most popular videos on this channel and should not be missed!

Carter Sharer’s Net Worth

Carter Sharer’s Net Worth is estimated to be $8.5 million.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • Over nine million people are now subscribed to his channel with the same name.
  • Since he was a small lad, he has been coming up with original ideas.
  • He was given a welder for his birthday when he was 11 years old, and he went on to become a self-taught welder who was quite skilled.
  • Even his own engine-powered vehicles, such as go-carts and hovercraft, were creations of his own making.
  • In 2012, he received his diploma from Oakton High School, and in the years that followed, he attended Carnegie Mellon University, where he majored in mechatronics, robotics, and automation engineering and got a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • He swam competitively for the school and was on the varsity swim team.
  • In 2012, he began a relationship with fellow YouTuber Lizzy Capri. They got back together in 2021 after having a brief breakup in 2019.
  • In addition, he has a sister who goes by the name Grace and a dog that goes by the name Baby Otter Sharer and has his own Instagram account (which can be found at ottersharer). Oakton, in the state of Virginia, is his hometown.
  • Shaun McBride has been a collaborator with both he and the Sharer clan.

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