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Casey (Cassandra) Coates Danson is an American Interior Designer, Environment activist, and a talented movie producer. However, Casey Coates is best known for being the second wife of television star and legendary actor, Ted Danson.

Casey is an environmental activist and from many years she is educating people about environmental changes, especially about global warming and it’s hazardous effects.

After her wedding with television giant Ted Danson. Casey moved to West Coast after working for several years in New York City and Cambridge. Also, Casey Coates is running non-profit global possibilities which she started late back in the year 1996. If you are interested in knowing some inside information about this lady, then stay tuned till the end!

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Casey Coates: Personal Wiki

Casey Coates also is known as Cassandra Coates was born in the year 1938. She was born and brought up in Long Island, New York. Casey Coates’s ethnicity is American-Greek. She completed her schooling from a reputed school located in New York. Later on, she did her graduation in Environmental Design in the year 1975.

As she has done her graduation in Environment design, she is very dedicated to making this earth as green as possible. As of the year 2019, Casey Coates, the American producer & Interior designer is 81 years old.

Casey Coates

The career of Casey Coates

Casey has completed her graduation in Environment design and she has studied a lot about the environment. For a long time, she is educating people about the environment and the dangerous effects of global warming. She always says that climate change is very harmful to all living beings and steps need to be taken in order to avoid it.

For many years she was working in New York and Cambridge as an influencer but after her marriage with Ted Danson, she moved to the West Coast.

Back in the year 1996, Casey Coates established her non-profit global possibilities. This non-profit NGO of Casey works to educate people about renewable sources of energy. It promotes the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. In today’s changing world, the effort of Casey Coates is appreciated by many from all over the globe.

To make the public aware and to promote the use of renewable sources, she also has made a 1-hour short documentary film. Who’s Got The Power is the name of this outstanding documentary which was launched in the year 2007. This documentary also focuses on the reality of global warming and also tells the benefits of solar energy (Renewable sources).

Casey Coates

Marriage of Ted and Casey Coates

In the year 1970, Ted Danson married Randy who was his college girlfriend. Very less information was available about this couple as they decided to keep this relationship private and they really did not disclose any private things. This adorable duo maintained a very low profile outside their careers.

However, this love marriage between Ted and Randy did not last very long. After exactly five years of their marriage, Ted and Randy decided to have a divorce. There were many misunderstandings leading to constant fights which forced them to take this harsh decision. However, this couple doesn’t have any children together.

Ted Danson fell in love again after divorce from his first wife Randy in the year 1970. Ted Danson married Casey Coates in the year 1977, just two years after his divorce. Eventually, after their wedding, this adorable couple moved to Los Angeles. There was a big 10 years difference between Casey Coates and Ted Danson. This lovely duo has two children together.

In December of 1979, Casey gave birth to a daughter named Kate Danson. Alexis Danson is the name of their second daughter who followed the footsteps of his father and has become a successful actor.

Casey Coates

Just before the birth of Kate, Casey redesigned their bedroom of the large house located in North Hollywood. A very sad incident happen during the birth of Kate Danson, Casey suffered from a fatal attack while giving birth to Kate. Ted Danson’s acting career was just started to bloom with his role in the movie The Onion Feild.

But, he didn’t care about his career and he took a few months to leave from his work and with the help of relatives and nannies took care of Casey properly. Eventually, Casey recovered quickly and everything was on the right track. In the year 1985, Casey and Ted decided to adopt another daughter, Alexis Danson.

In the early 1990s, Ted Danson had an affair with a Hollywood lady named Whoopi Goldberg. They were spotted together very frequently and they also appeared in a show named ‘The Joan Rivers” show. Ted Danson couldn’t have control over his money, name, and fame and despite being the father of two daughters, he was having an extra-marital affair.

When Casey got to know this, she immediately opted for divorce and we can surely say that it was one of the most expensive divorces of that time. Ted Danson had to sell a few million as settlement and alimony payment.

In the year 1993, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen had done a movie together. During the course of shooting for the film, Ted and Mary fell in love with each other. And eventually, Ted Danson married the popular actress Mary Steenburgen in the year 1995.


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Unknown facts and trivia

  • Casey once found white wiggling worms from a raw fillet of wild sockeye salmon. She describes this incidence as the most disgusting and worst thing that has ever happened with her. Casey also posted pictures and videos of it on the social media platforms asking that is this supposed to be eaten by my family? She also complained to the store manager from she had purchased this raw fillet of wild sockeye salmon.
  • Casey’s daughter Kate Danson is a very renowned Hollywood actress and she has worked in various shows and films. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) launched in the year 2000 and Dr. Horrible’s sing-along blog, as well as Alien Theory, are some of her works. Kate Coates married Jesse Bochco who is also is a film director and producer in the year 2009.
  • Ted Coates is the father of Alexis and Kate and stepfather of Lilly McDowell and Charlie Mcdowell.