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Charlotte Ritchie, also known as Charlotte Anne Ritchie, is a performer from the United Kingdom who is also a singer and songwriter. Charlotte Ritchie’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of the year 2022. She is well-known for her performance as “Barbara Gilbert” in the BBC series “Call the Midwife” and for her role as “Oregon” in the comedy series “Fresh Meat” on channel 4. She has portrayed prominent parts in a variety of British television shows and short films during the course of her career.

She writes songs in addition to being a professional vocalist. As a singer, she is a member of the British classical crossover quartet known as “All Angels,” with which she has recorded and published a number of CDs. She maintains her own official profiles on many platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and others, where she broadcasts her videos and other content.

Charlotte Ritchie wiki

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As of the year 2022, Charlotte Ritchie will be 33 years old, having been born on the 29th of August 1989. Her family is from Clapham Town, London, United Kingdom, and she was born and raised there. Her family belongs to the upper middle class. She is of the English and British ethnicity, and she is a devout Christian. Her ancestry can be traced back to England.

Charlotte Ritchie

She began her schooling at James Allen’s Girl’s School in Dulwich, which is located in South London, and afterwards went on to study at Youth Music Theatre. After that, she went on to get her degree in English and dramatization from the University of Bristol, where she had first enrolled.

It had been a desire of hers ever since she was a youngster to work in the entertainment business, and she didn’t even have to wait until she was 11 years old to get started working toward realizing that ambition.

Relationships, Her Boyfriend, and Her Family

Robin and Elise Ritchie are Charlotte Ritchie’s parents. Charlotte is their daughter. Her father, Robin Ritchie, is a businessman, and her mother, Elise Ritchie, is a homemaker. Charlotte Ritchie’s name comes from both of her parents; her father’s name is Robin, and her mother’s name is Elise.

She is the younger of two siblings. Her brother’s name is Luke Ritchie, and he is a musician by trade. Her sister’s name is Alice Ritchie, and she is a journalist by trade. Both of her siblings have the same last name.

Charlotte Ritchie

The relationship history of Charlotte Ritchie does not include a spouse. It is said that she is having an affair with the comedian and actress Mae Martin. Mae Martin is known for her work in both fields. However, they have not made the existence of their connection known to the general world.

Aspects of One’s Persona

Charlotte Ritchie is an alluring and captivating young lady that has a stunning appearance, making her a hot and pretty young lady. She has a lovely, sultry, and curvy form, as well as appealing body dimensions and a wonderfully curved, lean body type.

Her figure is just stunning. Approximately speaking, her figure measures are 33 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and 33 inches long.

Her height is around 170 centimeters, or 5 feet and 6 inches, and her weight is approximately 56 kilograms. She has hair of a stunning brown tone that is long and glossy, and she has eyes of a stunning hazel color that are both lovely and intriguing.


Charlotte Ritchie began his professional career by becoming a member of the “Youth Music Theatre,” through which he was given the opportunity to tour Japan in the production of the historical drama “Pendragon.” In the short film “The Open Doors,” which was released in 2004, she played the role of “Vera.” She is best known for her roles as “Alison” in the critically acclaimed television drama “Ghosts” and “Hannah” in the critically acclaimed comedy series “Siblings.” In addition to this, she has appeared in other key parts in television programs such as “Fresh Meat,” “Call the Midwife,” “Feel Good,” “Dead Pixels,” “Life of Riley,” and “Taskmaster,” amongst others.

Charlotte Ritchie

In addition, Charlotte participated in “The Pierglass” at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the year 2006 when she was a member of the “Young Pleasance Theatre.” She also appeared as an extra in the film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” although she was not given any credit for her efforts.

She is also a skilled musician and has recorded a number of CDs, some of which include “Beautiful Life,” “Praises from a Grateful Heart,” “Windows in the World,” and a great deal more. She is known for singing a variety of beautiful songs, some of which include “Mercy Walked In,” “Consider the Lilies,” “Hear My Song,” and “Down to the River,” among others.

Charlotte Ritchie’s net worth

As of the year 2022, Charlotte Ritchie’s net worth is 1.5 million dollars. Her acting abilities are the primary source of her income. Additionally, she makes a significant amount of money from her endeavors in the music industry.

Trivia and other Information

According to several accounts, Charlotte Ritchie is not only a very talented performer and singer but also an admirable member of society. She continues to make donations to a variety of charitable organizations, such as “Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work,” which is focused on the treatment and recovery of cancer patients.

She is an actress of international renown who, during the course of her career, has been in a variety of parts in a wide array of critically acclaimed films and television series. Her ideal role would be that of the fictitious character Marty McFly. In addition, she has appeared as a guest on the television program “Emmerdale,” together with the other members of her band.

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