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HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous is a well-known home makeover show, and it was via this programme that Chase Looney came to the attention of the public.

Chisel and Sawdust was the name of Looney’s independent carpentry company that he ran in addition to his other activities. On his Instagram account, which is called etch and sawdust, he posts his finished works, his ideas, and other do-it-yourself projects.

Chase Looney

From Faulty to Fabulous Chase Looney has become well-known for his work on the programme as a result of the fact that the couple group Dave and Jenny Marrs rely on him as their primary crafter. In the episode, the Marrs transform houses that are located in the northwest corner of Arkansas.

Chase Looney Career

He first appeared on the programme when it first aired in 2019, but, during the course of the season, his screen time steadily decreased until he only appeared in a few of the most recent scenes.

On addition, Chase promoted the programme and said that it is available in the HGTV to go application, which means that people may watch the show even if they are participating in a long-distance race if they so like.

Chase Looney

Looney had been a firefighter in the past, but now he works as a carpenter. He took his kid to see the firefighter preparation, and he wrote about their adventure and what they learned in one of his Instagram photos.

Chase Looney Eye

After Chase Looney was seen wearing an eye patch, many people started to wonder whether or not he had a glass eye and what had really happened to his eye. After then, Chase spoke on the circumstances behind his decision to wear the eye patch.

On the Fourth of July in 2017, he was hurt when he was igniting firecrackers. The incident occurred on the holiday. During one particular event, he recounted how, while he was lighting the mortars, he hurried to get the fifth mortar starting as soon as he had finished lighting the fourth mortar.

During the process of pulling off the fifth mortar, he said that he admits the fact that the darkness caused by the fourth cylinder detonating spilled the fifth cylinder later on after he had relatively recently ignited it and, as a result of the explosion, his half of the face was hurt by it.

Due to the injuries sustained to his face in the explosion, he was sent to the nearest emergency facility, and it was feared that he would be unable to attend the concert.

However, at this time, he jokes about often about being a person who only has one eye and encourages people to tease him since he has found motivation in sarcasm.

It would seem that Chelsie Lamborie Looney, who was married to Pursue Looney, has left her husband at this point in time. In the middle of 2021, it was speculated that he parted ways with his better half.

Helsie published a statement on her Facebook account in which she discussed the fact that her former partner did not make an effort to reconcile with her despite her best efforts, that he did not change, and that the time had come for her to move on.

In addition to this, she said that her spouse would not collaborate with her and that he loved her in return.

Chase Looney

Chelsie has shared on her TikTok account that she is now happy and dating Douglas DeMerritt. Douglas DeMerritt is also her boyfriend.

It is not possible to precisely determine how much money Chase Looney’s overall assets are worth despite the fact that they have been valued at about $3.5 million.

In addition to running his own company, he has been volunteering his services as a firefighter and a woodworker. It would seem from this that he brings in a respectable amount of income.

Pursue has an active presence on both Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, he goes by the handle @chase.looney and has gained the support of around one thousand users. He has around 153 followers on his Twitter account, which is now under discussion.

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