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Irish actor, producer, and singer Cillian Murphy is also a musician. Cillian Murphy has accumulated a net worth of $20 million as of the year 2022. His lengthy career in acting and several endorsement agreements contributed to the accumulation of his net worth.

Murphy is a really talented actor who has shown for many years in the film industry that he had amazing acting talents. Because of his outstanding performance in both indie films and mainstream Hollywood productions, he shot to popularity. He has effectively shown that he is one of the most dynamic performers now working in the business by making appearances in a variety of films and television shows, including Peaky Blinders and Batman.

Cillian Murphy

The actor acknowledges that his character from the television series Peaky Blinders has evolved into something of a cultural icon as a result of the show’s success. Additionally, he has said that the execution of this job was one of the most difficult ones for him.

Murphy has even contributed to some of the most well-known films, such as the movie Inception. He was working with well-known performers such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy at the time.

Fans of Murphy are aware with the actor’s masterpiece The Wind that Shakes the Barley, which he absolutely devoted everything he could to in order to make it the best it could be. The narrative has the potential to hold the audience’s attention from the very beginning and to keep them on the edge of their seats throughout the whole show.

It is remarkable that the actor is making sound choices in order to achieve certain commercial commitments, especially when one considers how often he avoids signing contracts of this kind.

In 2021, he became an employee of Montblanc and participated in the company’s advertising campaign titled “What Moves You Makes You.” In addition, he was given the opportunity to showcase his acting abilities in the film Dunkirk, which was directed by Christopher Nolan.

In spite of the fact that he started out as a rock musician, he turned down a record contract in order to concentrate on his acting career instead. In the play ‘Disco Pigs’ by Enda Walsh, which premiered in 1996, he made his theatrical debut in the role of Darren. His performance was well welcomed by the critics, and he proceeded to develop his abilities by playing one captivating role after another on the stages of Dublin and London.

After some time had passed, film offers began coming in. Because of one of them, he worked with Danny Boyle for the first time on the post-apocalyptic movie known as “28 Days Later.” Since then, he has built a name for himself as an actor who can convincingly portray explosive people. He has demonstrated a significant unwillingness to give up the stage, despite the fact that he has a successful career in movies.

Over the course of the last fifteen years, he has participated in many film productions that have gone down in history as among the most daring, iconic, and impactful ever made. He worked with Boyle once again on the film “Sunshine,” starred opposite Rachel McAdams as the nasty antagonist in “Red Eye,” and collaborated with Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight Trilogy, “Inception,” and “Dunkirk.”

In 2011, he was selected to serve as the patron for the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, which is located at the National University of Ireland in Galway.

Cillian Murphy Wiki

As of the year 2022, Cillian Murphy will have reached the age of 46 years, having been born on May 25th, 1976. He was born in Douglas, which is located in Cork, Ireland, into a Roman Catholic family, where he spent his childhood. He was born in Ireland and was raised with a Roman Catholic upbringing.

Cillian Murphy

He also possesses Irish citizenship. He spent his childhood in the town of Ballintemple, which is technically considered a suburb of Cork. In the end, he turned out to be an atheist. He and his family have made their home in South Dublin at the present time.

After residing in London for the previous 14 years, in 2015 they made the move back to their hometown. He was born under the sign of Gemini. There is not a lot of information available regarding his schooling, with the exception of the fact that he went to Presentation Brother College in Cork, Ireland.

In 1996, he also started his legal education at University College Cork (UCC), but he was so unmotivated that he did poorly on his first-year examinations that he was ultimately unsuccessful. He was aware at the time that he did not want to be a practising attorney, and the most of his time was taken up by his band.

When he watched Kiernan perform A Clockwork Orange on stage for Corcadorca, it piqued his interest in acting. The actor has always had a deep appreciation for the arts, and when he was 10 years old, he began penning song lyrics. Riding horses and playing various instruments are two of his favourite hobbies.

His English instructor, the poet William Wall, encouraged him to investigate acting, despite the fact that at the time of his life he was more interested in music than acting. When the actor was in his late teens and early 20s, he dedicated his life to his band, the most notable of which was The Sons of Greengenes. During this time, the band was known as The Sons of Greengenes.


After seeing the performance of “A Clockwork Orange” by the Corcadorca Theatre Company in Dublin, Cillian Murphy’s passion for the acting profession grew by leaps and bounds. It was in the play “Disco Pigs” that he made his first appearance as a professional actor back in September of 1996.

A little over a year later, he appeared in the short film “Quando” that was directed by Declan Recks. In 1999, he made his debut as a lead actor in the feature film “Sunburn,” which also featured Paloma Baeza and Sinead Keenan.

Following his appearances in a series of indie films, he was chosen to play the main role in the film “28 Days Later” (2002). The post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film directed by Boyle made with a budget of $8 million garnered $84.7 million at the box office. They collaborated once again on the science fiction thriller known as “Sunshine” (2007). Murphy sought the advice of scientist Brian Cox for his portrayal of the nuclear physicist and astronaut Robert Capa in the film.

In the film “Red Eye,” directed by the “Master of Horror,” Wes Craven, the contrast between Cillian Murphy’s inherent good looks and the cruel and horrifying characteristics of the character he portrayed was effectively captured by Murphy’s bright blue eyes. In the film “The Wind That Shakes the Barley,” which Ken Loach directed and was nominated for the Palme d’Or, he appeared as Damien O’Donovan in 2006.
In addition to these roles, he is known for playing a transgender foundling who is yearning for love in the 2005 film “Breakfast on Pluto,” romancing Lucy Liu in the 2007 film “Watching the Detectives,” and starring in “Red Lights” opposite Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver (2012).

Cillian Murphy

Since the release of ‘Disco Pigs,’ he has amassed a CV worthy of consideration as a stage performer as well. He has been on stage in performances of “Much Ado About Nothing” (1998) by Shakespeare, “The Shape of Things” (2002) by Neil LaBute, “Misterman” (2011) by Enda Walsh, and “Ballyturk” (2011) by Enda Walsh (2014).

His role as Tommy Shelby in the British television crime thriller “Peaky Blinders” is widely considered to be the highlight of his television career (2013-present). In the television series “Peaky Blinders,” he plays the role of Tommy Shelby, the shrewd and ambitious head of a Romanic-Irish gang. Additionally, in 2015, he narrated the nature documentary titled “Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth,” which was produced by the BBC.

In 2017, he was a part of the production titled “The Delinquent Season,” which was directed by Mark O’Rowe.

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