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Claudia Jessie alias Claudia Claudia Jessie is a model and actress based in the United Kingdom. The year 2022 finds Claudia Jessie’s wealth at a total of $5 million. Her primary areas of employment are in the film and television industries of the United States and Great Britain. When she was still very young, she was discovered by Hannah Phillips and cast in a few local performances. This marked the beginning of her career.

She rose to prominence thanks to her parts in the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Netflix shows Bridgerton, Vanity Fair, and Porters. She had a rough childhood, but she is now establishing quite a reputation for herself in the British television and film business, despite the challenges she had growing up.

Claudia Jessie

Due to the fact that she does not really like using social media, she does not participate in it very often.

Claudia Jessie Wiki

As of the year 2022, Claudia Jessie will be 32 years old, having been born on the 30th of October 1989. She was born in Moseley, which is located in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and raised there. She was born in the United Kingdom and was brought up in the Buddhist faith by her parents.

Claudia Jessie

Due to the significant amount of strain that her family was under financially while she was growing up, she received her education in the comfort of her own home. Hannah Phillips was the one who unearthed her, and that event marked the beginning of her career. In 2012, she engaged the services of a seasoned agent.

Relationships, Her Boyfriend, and Her Family

Claudia Mr. Jessie is Jessie’s father, and Dawn is Jessie’s mother. Jessie’s middle name is Jessie. Jessie was still a little child when her parents had a divorce. Her mother brought her up on her own since her father was absent throughout her childhood. Jessie has said that many of the things that happened to her when she was a youngster were really traumatic. Her mother would take on a variety of odd jobs in order to put Jessie’s ballet classes on the family budget.

Claudia Jessie is now involved in a serious relationship. Joseph is the name of her current lover. The two people had been living together for some time now.

Physical Apperance

Claudia Jessie is a stunning young lady who also has an endearing personality. She has a body that is really enticing. She has a height of around 5 feet and 6 inches and weighs about 54 kg.

Claudia Jessie

Her eyes are a captivating blue color, and her hair is a dark brown color.


Claudia Jessie began her acting career by making guest appearances in a number of British television serials, including Casualty and Doctors, as well as a police investigative series called Line of Duty. In addition, she had a role in Nickleodeon’s production of House of Anubis.

After that, Claudia appeared in a series for children called Dixie, which was shown online. She contributed to this series between the years 2014 and 2016. In 2015, Claudia was cast as the main character in a television series called WPC 56 that was produced in the United Kingdom. She also appeared in a British television series called Josh, which followed the lives of three young people.

She has a role in the short film “Copy That,” which was released in 2014. Her first film, a British military comedy titled “Their Finest,” premiered in 2016, marking the beginning of her career in the film industry.

During the following two years, she had starring roles in British sitcoms such as Vanity Fair and Porters. She appeared in one of the episodes of the British science fiction and fantasy television program Doctor Who. In the year 2020, she was given a role in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Bridgerton.

The amount of money owned by Claudia Jessie

The year 2022 finds Claudia Jessie’s wealth at a total of $5 million. She makes the most of her money from the film and television industries in Britain.

Unknown Facts & Trivia

Like the woman she portrays in Bridgerton, Claudia was also born and raised in the United Kingdom. During the course of her life, she has battled significant anxiety. When it comes to the foods she consumes, Claudia follows a vegan diet. She is a skilled musician who also has a passion for music.

Claudia’s relationship with her mother is extremely warm, and she is quick to give her mother the credit for all of her achievements. She adheres to the Buddhist faith in a devoted manner. She enjoys both watching comedies at the cinema and acting in them herself. Depersonalization disorder was something she had struggled with in the past.

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