Damn Homie 11: Real Name, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Family, Size!

Many people have received a lot of name and fame due to social media platforms. Social media has proved to be very helpful for several models as well as personalities to get attention from all over the globe.

One such gorgeous lady is Damn Homie 11 who has rose to more than 1 million followers on Instagram. By profession Damn Homie is a comedian as well as a stunning looking model. This talented personality was born in Moscow located in Russia.

Due to her excellent comedy skills and the bold look she has made big in the comic industry. Let’s discuss some unknown facts about Damn Homie and also see what’s her real name.

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Damn Homie Real Name

Mya Erlikh is the real name of Damn Homie 11 which many people are unaware of. This amazing social media influencer has come to limelight due to her exceptional looks and comedy. She is not only a social media influencer but also a content creator as well as a funny comic.

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Damn Homie 11 Wiki

Mya (Damn Homie 11) was born on 11 May in the year 1990 in Moscow, Russia. However, when Mya was 9 years old her family moved to the United States leaving her native place Moscow. Damn Homie was not good looking from the beginning. When Damn Homie was a teenager she was very skinny and teased by a lot of her friends.

Many people don’t know the fact that Mya Erlikh was raised by one parent. Her mother left her as well as her father when Mya was just 5 years old. But, her father was a very caring and kind person who raised her up pretty well. Mya tells that her upbringing was done with lots of endearment by her father.

When Damn Homie was 11 years old her father married another woman. Her step-mom contributed to her upbringing and helped her father raise her. Mya didn’t have friends in school as well as surroundings because she was not talking to her biological mother.

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They were surprised by the fact that how come anyone couldn’t be attached to their biological mother. Mya always missed her mother but her mother didn’t have a conversation with her and never she showed any love. She had a rough childhood and she wanted to talk to her mother but she never responded.

Shifting from her native place Moscow to the United States was very tough for Mya Erlikh. The country, religion, language, culture everything was different. Mya didn’t speak English which made it tougher for her to make friends in school as well as surroundings. We can say that the childhood of Mya Erlikh was very difficult due to her personal family issues.

The transition from Russia to the United States was tough but eventually, she got adapted to the western culture. For several months she went to school and understood nothing as she was not aware of English.

When Erlikh was around 15 years old her biological mother finally met which was a very emotional situation for her. After almost a decade the mother and daughter reunited together which didn’t last for a long time. Later, they both met again when Mya was 21 years old in a local bar and told every person in the bar that Mya was finally 21 years old.

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Damn Homie didn’t like this kind of behavior at all and said to her father that she wouldn’t meet her again. Mya didn’t feel any kind of attachment towards her mother although she was the mother who gave birth to her. Definitely Mya Erlikh had a lot of hardships in her life and that’s the reason why she is so strong and bold character.

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Career: Mya Erlikh

Mya worked very hard day and night to pass out of the school with good marks. Although it was tough, she did a lot of efforts and became a real estate agent after completing her school. She was a very successful real estate agent which made her a lot of money and finally something positive happened in her life.

Her lifestyle improved drastically and she earned a considerable amount of income from her work. After a few days, working hard daily and doing the regular nine to five job became very tough for her. Mya realized that this work is not for her and she wanted to do something different.

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Mya was not that skilled real estate agent and always took wrong decisions but still made a few thousand dollars from it. So, finally, she decided to do Instagram fulltime and earn from it. The decision of moving from a real estate agent to a popular Instagram influencer was the best decision of her life.

Not only now she can make more than $1000 from just a single Instagram post but she is really happy doing this work which is more important. Mya has two Instagram accounts currently. Damnhomie11 is the Instagram handle of her private account where she posts stunning hot pictures.

Whereas Damn_homie is her public account where she likes to put comedy and some random stuff. She has more than 500k followers on this account whereas her private account has close to whooping 1 million followers. For sure Mya has made a lot of fame as well as a fortune from her Instagram and social media has completely changed her lifestyle!

Damn Homie 11 says that the best kind of comedy video idea comes from real-life experiences. Mya likes to may videos of her most embarrassing moments of life. Putting it in the videos attaches audiences to the content and it is the most essential thing to do as a content creator.

If you yourselves can laugh and find the video funny then it is surely worth sharing thus she says. Not only Mya used the Instagram and comedy content to earn her some bucks but also to fight depression. Comedy clips have helped her a lot to go through hard times and she thinks it is the best thing to subsist it.

Mya Erlikh

Mya received a lot of appreciation for her work which made her feel good and motivated to upload more content. Even she received messages from her fans saying how her videos helped them to get through hardships and depression. All this made her work harder and keeping sharing love with the entire world.

However, Mya Erlikh is from Russian and is a Jew. For this thing, she also has received a lot of hate over social media platforms especially Instagram. Even sometimes Mya has received death threats and negative comments about her body. Some people went a step further and sent her swastikas and wrote all the jews should be dead. It is very common to have haters when you have such a big fan base.

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Damn Homie 11 Boyfriend

The relationships never have been very pleasing for Mya Erlikh. A few days back she broke an engagement as the man with whom she was associated didn’t like her lifestyle and her bold exposure. Mya says everyone looks to use each other these days and it is very hard to find a good understanding partner.


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Mya once said in an interview that every person she has dated always wanted her to sit home and pop out kids and live a normal life. She also said I will be more than happy to live with a person who understands me well and supports me in every situation. She is happy being single rather than being with someone who cannot understand her work and make her feel good.

Unknown facts and Trivia

  • The real Name of Damn Homie 11 is Mya Erlikh. She was born on 11 May 1990 in the city of Moscow, Russia. Mya is a social media celebrity as well as a comedy content creator.
  • Although she was born in Russia later she moved to the United States along with her family. It was pretty tough to adapt to western culture but eventually, Mya understood it.
  • As she didn’t know English Erlikh didn’t have friends which made her life worse. Adding to it when Mya was just five her mom left her and she was raised by her father.
  • Initially, Mya was a real estate agent and she earned a considerable amount of income from it. However, she was not at all happy with that kind of work and later decided to work full time as a social media influencer.
  • To get out of the depression she started making funny content that was liked by many from all over the globe. Slowly she got a lot of attention as of now she has two Instagram accounts with more than 1.5 million followers base.
  • As of now, Mya Erlikh lives in Brooklyn.
  • Once she was interviewed by No jumper along with xxxtentacion. This Russian hottie also received a lot of hate as she was a jew. Sometimes Mya also received death threats.
  • Mya gives a message to all the people who want to do something unique and do unorthodox stuff. Be original and find your own style and do something unique. Copying others will never make you successful! 


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