Dominic Fike Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Girlfriend

Dominic Fike, who was born in the United States and was born Dominic David Fike, is a singer, songwriter, actor, and musician. Dominic Fike has a net worth of one million dollars as of the year 2022. Since the year 2017, he has been working in this sector. The first time anybody took notice of Fike was when he posted a number of his successful songs on the website SoundCloud.

Dominic Fike

After the release of his debut extended play, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, he became a member of the Columbia Records roster and secured a recording contract. The headliner for a concert series that will take place in the online game Fortnite in September 2020 will be Fike, as was recently disclosed.

Dominic Fike Wiki

Dominic Fike was born on the 30th of December 1995, making his current age 26 as of the year 2022. He was born and reared in an established family in the city of Naples in the state of Florida in the United States. In addition to his Christian faith, he is a citizen of the United States and has American citizenship.

He graduated from a local high school in Naples, Florida, in the United States, where he had his early education. After that, he enrolled himself at a nearby institution in Florida, which is located in the United States, and it was from there that he received his degree. From the very beginning of his infancy, he had a greater interest in performing in front of an audience and making music than he had in academics.

Family and Girlfriend

Dominic Fike’s mother is known as Mrs. Fike, and his father goes by the name Mr. Fike. Mr. Fike works in the business world, while Mrs. Fike stays at home to take care of the family.

Additionally, he is one of three siblings. His younger brother’s name is Alex, his younger sister’s name is Apollonia, and his older brother’s name is Sean. All three of his siblings have the Fike surname.

Dominic Fike is not currently in a committed relationship with anybody. It has been suggested that he has love feelings for his co-star in Euphoria, Hunter Schafer. He had a romantic connection with the well-known actress Diana Silvers.

Dominic Fike Career

In 2017, Fike began to make some headway in the industry by publishing a number of demos. In due time, he would attract the notice of a number of record companies including Sandy Boys, Columbia Records, Republic Records, and Interscope, among others.

He eventually signed a lucrative contract with Columbia Records, owned by Ron Perry, after a tough competition among record labels. As soon as he started singing, every one of his earlier recordings or demos was removed off the internet. Tha Lights Global, the record label that is home to Lil Pump and Rayy Dubb, is now managing Fike.

Dominic Fike

The much awaited extended play (EP) titled “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos” by Fike was published by Columbia Records in October of 2018. The six-song project touched on a variety of subjects, ranging from personal relationships to ambitions and hopes for the future.

Within the first three months after its release, the first track from the EP, titled “3 Nights,” amassed millions of views across SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. The usage of harmonising voices served as the foundation for the project, which also included prominent roles for electric guitar and percussion. “She Wants My Money,” “Babydoll,” “Westcoast Collective,” “Socks,” and “King of Everything” are the titles of the band’s four other tracks.

Before he became famous, Fike spent some time behind bars in the Collier County Prison. He was arrested and charged with the assault of a law enforcement officer. During this time period, he made his first release of Don’t Forget About Me, Demos on SoundCloud. The initiative was just getting started to gain momentum when all of a sudden it was shut down.

In spite of this, it was effective in generating the desired amount of buzz and intrigue. Since then, he has received shout-outs from a variety of famous people, like Russ, Billie Eilish, Kendall Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian, to name a few.

Physical Looks

Dominic Fike is of African-American and Filipino ancestry, and he stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches tall. Under his right eye, he has a distinctive mark that looks like an apple (a tribute to his sister who shares the same name).

Dominic Fike

Additionally, he has a huge facial tattoo of John Frusciante on the right arm of his dominant hand.

Dominic Fike Net Worth

Since the beginning of his career, he has garnered parallels to Jack Johnson and Bradley Nowell. It is believed that Dominic Fike has a net worth of three million dollars (USD). According to reports, the value of his recording contract with Columbia Records was between $3 and $4 million. On Spotify, he has more than 3.6 million active monthly listeners. In addition to those two platforms, you can find his songs on Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Tidal.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • This recording included many songs that became internet sensations, such as “She Wants My Money” and “King of Everything.” In 2022, he began playing the role of Elliot in the HBO series Euphoria.
  • After competing with other record companies, he finally decided to sign with Columbia Records before releasing any of his work.
  • After just a few short months, the music video he created for his track “3 Nights” surpassed one million views on YouTube.
  • In September of 2018, he shared a photograph on Instagram including his sister. ALX, a talented musician, is his younger brother.
  • He had a relationship with Diana Silvers in the past. It has been suggested that he has love feelings for his co-star in Euphoria, Hunter Schafer.
  • The management organisation Tha Lights Global, which also manages Lil Pump, took him on as a client when he decided to work with them.

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