Drew Drechsel: Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend Revealed?

Champion of the competition known as American Ninja Warrior Drew Drechsel is also a fitness trainer. Drew Drechsel’s wealth is estimated to be $2 million by the year 2022. The fact that he triumphed in the American Ninja Warrior Championship was largely responsible for his meteoric rise to stardom. He is also one of the most well-known non-Japanese individuals who have ever finished an SASUKE.

Drew Drechsel

Drew has competed in more than 17 championships, and his results continue to become better with each new competition he takes part in. He was able to accomplish a great deal in his professional life and subsequently serves as an example for others.

Drew Drechsel Wiki

Drew Drechsel was born on January 6, 1989, making him 33 years old as of the year 2022. He was born into a stable family that originally hailed from Coral Springs, Florida, in the United States, and was raised there.

He graduated from Darien High School in Connecticut, where he had been attending classes. After that, he finished his studies at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and received his diploma.

Since he was a youngster, he has had a strong interest in physical activity. He began his career as a Real Life Ninja in the United States by competing in a number of different competitions. This led to his meteoric rise to fame. He has competed in a number of competitions, both nationally and internationally, including the show American Ninja Warrior.

Family & Girlfriend

Drew Drechsel comes from a stable Christian household that originally hails from Fairfield in the state of Connecticut in the United States. He is an American citizen who also professes his faith in the Christian religion and has an American citizenship.

Drew Drechsel’s marital status is unmarried. April Beckner is the name of his girlfriend, and she co-owns and operates the fitness centre with Drew Drechsel.

Physical Looks

Drew Drechsel is a sharp-dressing, good-looking, and physically fit young man. His physical dimensions are astounding, and he has a powerful physique to go along with it. He also has a cool and outstanding demeanour. He is the kind of guy that is obsessed with physical fitness and will spend hours in the gym each day, working out at a vigorous pace.

He stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, and his weight is around 73 kg. He has stunning brown eyes to go along with his fashionable brown hair. His hair is a brown tint.

Drew Drechsel Career

Drew Drechsel began his professional life working as a personal trainer, and he is now the owner of a gym in the city of Fairfield in the United States.

Beginning at a young age, he competed in a wide variety of fitness competitions, such as SASUKE and American Ninja Warrior, throughout a number of different seasons. His involvement in these competitions led to a steady rise in the quality of his performance.

Drew Drechsel

He tried his hand at the SASUKE 27 competition for the first time in Japan, but he was eliminated in the first round. After then, he competed in the SASUKE event for a number of subsequent seasons till he finished 36 with a higher performance than his first attempt. During the 35th season of SASUKE, he accomplished his greatest feat by advancing all the way to the third stage, which is referred to as Vertical Limit Kai.

He competed in the American Ninja Warrior competition for the first time in the third season, and he continued to do so until the eleventh season. Because of his outstanding accomplishments in such competitions, he is also known as the Real Life Ninja in the United States.

During the eleventh season of American Ninja Warrior, he competed on all four stages and ended up winning the final. In addition to that, he took part in the tournament known as “USA VS. The World,” in which he served as captain of the United States team and ultimately led them to victory.

Because he finished the course in under 44 seconds, he became the athlete with the quickest time to qualify for the Miami qualification course in the ANW season 6 competition. He has reached so many milestones in his career. Additionally, he completed a stage in ANW season 9 in a mere 61.29 seconds, which was also a record for that particular level.

After American Ninja Warrior season 4, Drew was the only contestant who had never been eliminated before stage 1 of the competition. In addition to this, he is the first competitor to ever win the POM Run of the Night title three times inside the same season. In addition to that, he has been recognised as the championship’s Lone Survivor the majority of the time.

Additionally, he is the first competitor in season 11 of the American Ninja Warrior championship to win all three of the available titles, making him the winner of the Trifecta. In the city finals, he is the only competitor to have successfully completed the cargo climb, spider climb, invisible ladder, elevator climb, and spider trap challenges.

Drew is the first participant to ever finish all three variations of Sidewinder, and he was also the first person to ever do Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger. These are just a few of the many amazing accomplishments that Drew has accomplished over his career. In addition to that, he is the second contestant in season 11 of the American Ninja Warrior final to take home the million-dollar prize.

Drew Drechsel Net Worth

Drew Drechsel’s wealth is estimated to be $2 million by the year 2022. His fitness centre in Fairfield, in addition to his involvement in a variety of athletic events, is the primary contributor to his income.

Drew Drechsel

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • During the course of his career, Dew Drechsel has competed in more than 17 championships and earned a significant number of trophies and accolades.
  • One of the many remarkable achievements that bear his name is the fact that he competed in the SASUKE ASEAN OPEN CUP and came away with the gold medal in every single one of the competitions in which he took part.

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