Emma Marie Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Boyfriend

YouTuber and social media star Emma Marie is from the United States of America. As of the year 2022, Emma Marie has a net worth of two hundred thousand dollars. The most significant factor contributing to her notoriety is the fact that she and her older sister Ellie run a channel on YouTube under the moniker “Emma&Ellie.”

Emma Marie

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She and her older sister mostly upload videos on topics such as all-star cheer, dancing, pets, crafts, DIYs, Vlogs, and other topics that are quite popular among her followers.

Emma Marie Wiki

Emma Marie was born on January 20, 2004, making her current age 18 as of the year 2022. She was born into a wealthy family in Ohio, which is located in the United States, and was raised there. She has an American nationality and has her belief in the Christian faith.

She is a student at the Wellington School in Ohio, which is located in the United States. She has not signed up for classes at any institutions as of yet. She never really focused on her studies since she was more interested in performing and dancing from the time she first started attending school. She takes part in a great deal of tournaments and has put in a lot of effort.

Relationships, Her Boyfriend, and Her Family

Emma Marie’s parents are Mark and Heather. Mark is the name of Emma Marie’s father, and he is a businessman in his professional life.

Heather is the name of Emma Marie’s mother, and she works as a teacher. Emma Marie is Heather’s daughter. In addition to that, she is the only child of her parents; her sister’s name is Ellie Ana, and she also makes videos for YouTube.

Emma Marie

Emma Marie’s marital status is single. She is romantically involved with a man whose name is Ryan. In the realm of public discourse, she never revealed any information whatsoever regarding her romantic partnership.

Looks & Height

In the entertainment world, Emma Marie is known as a stunningly attractive, sexy, and exquisite actress. She is noted for her gorgeous and engaging attitude. She has endearing features, such as a lovely grin and a thin figure.

She has a trim body, with her figure measures measuring roughly 34-25-33 inches. Her figure dimensions are impressive. She has a height of 5 feet and 1 inch, and her body weight is around 50 kg. She has entrancing eyes that are a stunning hazel colour and lovely hair that is a light brown colour and is long and shining. Her hair is likewise a beautiful light brown hue.


Emma Marie got her start in the entertainment industry by posting films on YouTube. Emma and Ellie is the name of their joint YouTube channel, which the two of them run.

Emma Marie

Before it changed its name, this channel was known as “Emma Marie’s World.” They upload a wide variety of videos on the site.

Emma Marie’s Net Worth

As of the year 2022, Emma Marie has a net worth of $200,000 dollars. The majority of her income comes from the several social media profiles she maintains, paid partnerships she participates in, and many other commercial endeavours.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • She has said that Gabi Butler, Bailey McKnight, and Brooklyn are three of her most favourite YouTube creators and personalities. She spends a lot of time on Instagram and Musical.ly.
  • Additionally, she has said that she enjoys going on roller coasters.
  • She became an All-Star Cheerleader when she was just six years old, and by the time she was 11 years old, she had achieved level four for senior teams.
  • She has also said that she enjoys a variety of activities, including competitions, fashion, vlogging, gymnastics, cheerleading, and many more.

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