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Erin Burnett is a well-known journalist and news anchor in the United States. Currently, she is the host of her own news program on CNN called “Erin Burnett Outfront.” She has held the positions of co-anchor and host on the CNBC programs “Squawk on the Street” and “Street Signs” in the past.

Because she has been a guest on a variety of news programs throughout the course of her career, a large number of people watch and follow her. Burnett has acted in the capacity of a consultant for Donald Trump while also making guest appearances on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’ As a result of the fact that her reporting is seen as being both energetic and analytical, she stands out from the crowd of other news anchors.

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Erin Burnett’s program, “Erin Burnett Outfront,” has been broadcast live from the borders of many countries, including Mali, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. She has also filed reports from other nations, such as China and Pakistan, in addition to these.

During her time at NBC, Burnett was given the moniker “The International Superstar” due to the large number of documentaries she produced that were shot in locations other than the United States. Her reporting and films have taken her to a variety of nations throughout the world, including India, Libya, Russia, Nigeria, Jordan, and others.

Her primary reporting concentration has been on nations located in the Middle East. In addition to her work as a journalist, she has previous experience serving on the Council on Foreign Relations.

Early Life

Erin Burnett was born in Mardela Springs, Maryland, in the United States of America, on July 2nd, 1976. Her mother’s name is Esther Margaret Burnett, and her father’s name was Kenneth King Burnett, who worked as an attorney for a corporation (nee Stewart).

She started her schooling at St. Andrew’s School and then transferred to a boarding school in Middletown, Delaware. This institution was a private coeducational college, and she received her diploma from it in the year 1994.

After that, she went on to get a degree in political economy from Williams College, which is located in Williamstown, Massachusetts. While there, she majored in political economy and also studied economics and political science. In addition, she participated in field hockey and lacrosse when she was in college.


Erin Burnett began her professional life working for Goldman Sachs in the investment banking area as a financial analyst. During this time, she gained valuable experience. During the time that she was employed by Goldman Sachs, she was given an opportunity to work for CNN as a writer and booker for the program known as “Moneyline.”

But she resigned from that role in order to take on the role of vice president of CitiMedia, the digital media division of Citigroup.
Following her time at CitiMedia, she went on to become an anchor and stocks editor for Bloomberg Television. She joined the network after leaving CitiMedia.

In addition to that, she has been the host of CNBC’s “Street Signs” and, from 2005 to 2011, she was a co-anchor of “Squawk on the Street” with Mark Haines.

erin burnettIn 2010, she conducted an investigation and wrote a report on the chemical company Transammonia, which at the time was doing business in Iran.

She demonstrated in her research that an owned subsidiary of Transammonia in the United States had previously made purchases of ammonia from Iran.

Because to her investigative journalism, Transammonia was forced to write a press statement to the leaders of the congressional delegation, in which it was stated that the Swiss subsidiary of Transammonia will terminate its contract with Iran and stop doing business with them “as soon as feasible.” Emmy consideration was given to her investigative report in the year 2011.

Burnett resigned from his position at CNBC on May 6, 2011, and he started working for their competitor, CNN, on October 3, 2011. She began presenting her own prime-time news show at CNN called “Erin Burnett Outfront,” which is taped at the CNN headquarters in New York City.

In addition to presenting and anchoring news programs, she has also been on the show ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ on which she played the role of a consultant for Donald Trump.

Burnett has contributed to the production of documentaries such as “City of Money & Mystery” (2008), “India Rising: The New Empire” (2008), “The Russian Gamble” (2008), “Dollars & Danger: Africa” (2009), “On Assignment: Iraq” (2010), and “Big Money in the Middle East” (2010). (2010).

Relationships and Husband

On December 21, 2012, Erin tied the knot with Citigroup CEO David Rubulotta, nine years after the two of them first met on a blind date.

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They became parents for the first time to a boy named Nyle on November 29, 2013, to a girl named Colby on July 18, 2015, and to a son named Owen on August 20, 2018. After calling him a spy on the episode of “Erin Burnett OutFront” that aired on July 23, 2019, Guo Wengui, a Chinese millionaire who is also a fugitive, filed a lawsuit against Burnett and WarnerMedia in 2019 seeking $50 million in damages.

The complaint for slander claimed that CNN deceived viewers with misleading assertions when Burnett remarked on the show that “New tonight, the Chinese billionaire and member of Mar-a-Lago suspected of being a spy.”

Net Worth

Erin Burnett is a well-known news anchor in the United States, and she now has a net worth of $20 million. Her first job after graduating from college was in the mergers and acquisitions department of Goldman Sachs, where Erin Burnett started her career.

Erin was later extended an opportunity to work for CNN, where she would contribute to the production of the program “Moneyline” as a writer and assist in the selection of guest analysts.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • In 2009, Burnett stirred up controversy when she referred to Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister of Australia, as a “serial murderer” in an article she wrote on his plan to kill Australian wild camels by aerial shooting, an endeavor on which he spent millions of dollars.
  • After Burnett began working for CNN in 2011, she reported on a program about the demonstrations taking place on Wall Street.
  • During the concert, she made jokes about the people who were protesting, which was criticized as being insensitive and stoked controversy.
  • After some time had passed, CNN released a statement defending her position.
  • She played the role of a CNN News Anchor in Tom Cruise’s film “Edge of Tomorrow,” which she appeared in. 2014 saw the release of this film, which was in the genre of science fiction.
  • Amelia Earhart was Burnett’s inspiration when she was a little girl and she looked up to her.
  • The dessert that she enjoys the most is brownies, while her go-to supper dish is Israeli couscous.
  • She used to spend hours practicing the piano when she was a kid.
  • In 2009, it was speculated that a photo of her without her top had been published on the front page of Maxim magazine.
  • However, it was shown afterwards that the photographs were not authentic.

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