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In this article, we are going to discuss information regarding Frankie Iglesias who is the son of Gabriel Iglesias.

Gabriel Iglesias is a very renowned comedian as well as a popular actor from the United States. He is a multi-talented guy and apart from being a talented comedian, he is also an exceptional producer, screenwriter, and also a voice artist. Due to his oversized body, Gabriel Iglesias is also known as Fluffy.

‘Hot n Fluffy’ and ‘I am Not Fat… I’m Fluffy’ are some of the very popular shows of this skilled comedian. Gabriel is famous for his stand-up comedy which is a mix of funny characters, interesting stories, and sound. He has been in limelight for his jokes related to his body size and his fancy beach shirts which he wears in his show.

Gabriel Iglesias said a very funny thing about fatness once. He says that there are 6 stages of fatness: Big, Healthy, Husky, Fluffy, Damn!, and Oh! Hell No!! The great American comedian and actor considers himself level four of fatness and hence his nickname is  The Fluffy Guy. However, you know a lot of things about Gabriel’s career and comedian but a few know about his Gabriel Iglesias son: Frankie Iglesias.

Stay tuned till the end, to know some unknown facts and inside information about Frankie Iglesias!


Gabriel Iglesias Son: Frankie Iglesias is not his real father!

Most of the people known that Frankie Iglesias is the son of Gabriel Iglesias but they don’t know the fact that he is not his biological son. Frankie Iglesias was born on 8 December in the year 1997 in the United States of America. Not many details about his place of birth are known and his mother doesn’t like to talk much about it.

Gabriel Iglesias son

Claudia Valdez is the name of his mother and his biological father is unknown. His biological father and his mother got divorced when Frankie was young due to some internal conflicts. His mother Claudia and his real father got separated in the year 2008 when Frankie was around 11 years old. due to some internal conflicts. As of the year 2020, Frankie Iglesias is 23 years old and he is quite mature now.

Frankie does like his step-father Gabriel Iglesias and they have a good time together. Gabriel doesn’t like to reveal about the life of Frankie before he met him and he likes to keep some things private. Frankie and the Fluffy Guy are pretty close now and their bond got stronger as the years past.

They have a lot of fun together and are often seen hanging out together. Gabriel always treated and behaved with Frankie as his son and now Frankie even uses the surname of Gabriel! Claudia, Frankie, and Gabriel are living together now for more than 10 years and their bond seems very strong.

Gabriel knows the pain and hardship of growing up without a father and he also understands it was not Frankie’s fault. Therefore, Gabriel handles all the finances of Frankie and will continue to do so for years. When Gabriel was asked on #AskFluffy Twitter about having a biological child he replied that Frankie will be his only kid! From this, you can clearly understand the relationship between Frankie and his step-father!

Gabriel Iglesias real child

Mother of Frankie Iglesias

Claudia Valdez is the mother of Frankie and the wife of Gabriel Iglesias. Claudia doesn’t like to be in the limelight and stays as far as possible from media attention. It is Claudia who has held the whole family together. She played an essential role in understanding her husband as well as her son.

By profession, Claudia Valdez is also an actress and was seen in a British horror film named Monsters in the year 2010. The lovely duo of Claudia and Gabriel has seen many highs and lows but they understand each other quite well. That’s the reason this stunning couple is still together and never got separated.

Claudia Valdez

Once Gabriel Iglesias said in an interview that he likes to spend most of his time with family and takes cares that everyone is happy. He also said that Claudia has a very essential role in the family and she sorts all the internal conflicts. Claudia also has helped him get out of depression, obesity, and alcohol. The family of Iglesias is now happily residing at Long Beach located in California.

Father of Frankie: Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias the father of Frankie is a renowned comedian as well as an actor form the United States of America. He was born July 15 in the year 1976 in San Diego located in California. He was raised and brought up along with family in California itself.

This American comedian once said that there are 6 stages of fatness: Big, Healthy, Husky, Fluffy, Damn!, and Oh! Hell No!! He is also known as Fluffy as he considers himself level four of fatness. His shows ‘Hot n Fluffy’ and ‘I am Not Fat… I’m Fluffy’ got him a lot of fame and name.

Gabriel Iglesias is known for his fancy Hawaiian shirts and comedy jokes on Hispanic heritage and his fatness. Gabriel is a social media influencer as well with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and his Youtube channel has over whooping 4 million subscribers. His Youtube channel is by the name Gabriel Iglesias and has millions of views!

Not only he is a talented comedian and actor but also a skilled voice artist. He has given his voice for several hit movies such as ‘Coco’, ‘Rufus the Dog’, ‘The Nut Job 2’, and ‘Cuatro.’ His voice role of Head Clerk in the movie Coco was very famous and this was a Pixar’s Academy Award-nominated movie.

By looking at Gabriel it is pretty easy to guess that he suffering from obesity and he also has Type 2 Diabetes. His weight once went so far that the doctors said he only has 2-3 years left. Then, realizing this fact Gabriel did a lot of effort and reduced his weight. Gabriel by proper exercise and diet lost more than 100 pounds in just 3 months!

Girlfriend of Frankie Iglesias

Talking about the love life of Frankie it is not that interesting. Frankie Iglesias is now 22 years old and most of the other boys are in a serious relationship. But, that’s not the case with Frankie Iglesias. He likes to spend time with friends and family and he doesn’t have any girlfriend right now.

Once his father Gabriel Iglesias asked on his Twitter that is any girl interested in taking out his son for a date. His Gabriel does a lot of comedy and funny stuff on his social media accounts as well.

Frankie Iglesias

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Net Worth: Frankie Iglesias

As of now Frankie Iglesias is just 23 years old and is studying doing his graduation degree. His father Gabriel has earned a lot of fame and name in the comedy and acting industry. Not only he has earned fame but a considerable amount of fortune as well. His father Gabriel has earned a handsome amount of money over the years and he is living a lavish lifestyle along with his wife Claudia and son Frankie.

Frankie Iglesias

The net worth of Gabriel Iglesias is estimated to be around $20 million. However, these are just rough estimates and the exact net worth of Frankie is still under review. We will update you with his exact net worth after we receive it from our trusted sources.

Frankie Iglesias Death (Real or Fake?)

Frankie is very less active on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. He doesn’t like to use these social media sites daily and it has a long time since he has uploaded his last picture. Unlike other celebrities, Frankie does not like to give daily updates about his private life to his fans.

However, this doesn’t mean that Frankie Iglesias is dead! There were a lot of rumors and misconceptions about the death of his father Gabriel Iglesias. Back in the year 2014, even some news channels stated that the great comedian Gabriel Iglesias was dead by a heart attack. Also, numerous popular websites had written articles on his death and there was big confusion and misconception.

Gabriel cleared all the rumors which had absolutely no truth on his social media accounts. He even made a comedy out of it and made several funny jokes about his death.

So, we conclude that neither Gabriel Iglesias nor his son Frankie is dead and these all are just rumors. The only death which has happened in their family in the past decade is of Esther Mendez who was the mother of Gabriel. She died in the year 2012 at the age of 77 as she was quite old.

Gabriel Iglesias family

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Social Media Presence

As of now, Frankie doesn’t have any accounts on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. However, he is seen on the social media accounts of his father Gabriel quite often. Once on Halloween Frankie Iglesias dressed like his dad and also drawn a beard like his father. He was wearing a fancy Hawaiian shirt and also posted it on social media which went quite viral!

Gabriel Frankie Iglesias

Recently, a lot of people got confused and considered Rico Rodriguez as Frankie Iglesias. A lot of people also gave Rico Rodriguez the name of mini Fluffy but indeed he was not Frankie. When some website claimed that it was Frankie and not Rico Rodriguez on the popular talk show The Ellen Show.

Once Gabriel asked a very weird as well as funny question his twitter account asking his girl fans that would be interested in going out on a date with his son Frankie Iglesias. He does comedy on social media sites as well and you can follow him.

Gabriel Iglesias has a huge amount of fan following on social media sites. On Facebook, Gabriel has over whooping 10 million followers and over 9 million likes. His twitter handle is by the name @fluffyguy and has 1 million followers. He is quite active on Twitter and daily updates to his fans from all over the globe.

Whereas on Instagram Gabriel has over 2.4 million followers and has over 3k posts. Gabriel seems to use social media quite a lot to connect with his fans and you can follow him to get the latest updates.

Unknown facts & Trivia 

  • Frankie is the biological son of Gabriel Iglesias. Frankie was born to Claudia and an unknown man in the year 1997. As of now, Frankie Iglesias is 23 years old.
  • In the year 2008, when Frankie was just 11 years old his biological father and mother got separated. Then, his mother got attached to Gabriel Iglesias and it has more than 10 years that they are living together.
  • Gabriel always treated Frankie as his own son and they both have a good time together. Frankie’s father is also known as Fluffy due to his oversize.
  • He was suffering from type 2 diabetes and serious obesity and doctors warned him that he was going to live only for 3 years. Then, he did a fabulous comeback losing more than 100 pounds in just a period of three months.
  • Frankie’s mother Claudia is an actress and was seen in a British horror film named Monsters in the year 2010. Whereas his father is a renowned Tv personality, comedian, actor, screenwriter, as well as a voice artist.
  • Fluffy has given voice for several popular movies like ‘Coco’, ‘Rufus the Dog’, ‘The Nut Job 2’, and ‘Cuatro.’ ‘Hot n Fluffy’ and ‘I am Not Fat… I’m Fluffy’ were the shows which got him a lot of attention and limelight.
  • Frankie Iglesias is currently single and doesn’t have any girlfriend. Although, he is 23 Frankie likes to spend time with his friends and family.
  • Frankie is not that active on social media sites as well but you can sometimes see him on his father’s social media profiles.


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