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Ghostemane, whose real name is Eric Whitney, is a rap artist, singer, and composer from the United States. As of the year 2022, Ghostemane’s total wealth is estimated to be $1.5 million. It was with Florida’s hardcore punk and doom metal bands that he got his start in the music industry. When he was a teenager, his primary musical interest was in extreme punk music.

Under the Ghostemane persona, he has released eight albums under his own name and three albums in collaboration with other artists. These albums generally combine heavy metal, hip hop, and industrial music components. Ghoste has also recorded songs under his own name via a number of other solo ventures.

Ghostemane Wiki

Ghostemane was born on April 15, 1991, making his current age, as of April 2022, 31 years old. He spent his childhood in West Palm Beach, Florida, although he was born in New York and raised in Lake Worth, Florida. Because his musical career was not flourishing in Southern Florida, in 2015 he uprooted his life and went to Los Angeles, California. He professes his faith in Christianity and has a citizenship in the United States of America.

His early education was finished in a high school in Lake Worth, which was also his hometown. Academically, he excelled to a high degree. He maintained an excellent academic record throughout school. In addition to that, he was a football player for a significant portion of his boyhood. After completing his studies in astrophysics at Local University, he went on to find work that paid him an annual salary of $65,000.


In 2015, he uprooted his life and relocated to Los Angeles, California, leaving behind his job as a result of the failure of his music to flourish in the Southern Florida region.

Ghostemane is an American rapper and musician who was born Eric Whitney. He is best known for his album titled “N/O/I/S/E,” which was released in 2018. Ghostemane was reared in West Palm Beach, Florida, despite the fact that he was born in Lake Worth, Florida. Since he was a little boy, he has always had a strong interest in music. When he was younger, he was a serious punk rock enthusiast. In about the same period of time, he also learnt to play the guitar. During his adolescent years, he was a member of a number of bands, including “Nemesis” and “Seven Serpents,” where he was a guitarist. One of his fellow bandmates from ‘Nemesis’ was the one who first turned him on to rap music. Ghostemane was introduced to Memphis Rap, and he quickly became obsessed with it. After receiving his degree in astrophysics, he immediately began a successful career in the working world. On the other hand, in 2015 he quit his work in order to pursue a career in music. After that, he relocated to the city of Los Angeles. In 2016, he started collaborating with other musicians that shared his worldview, such as Pouya and ‘Suicideboys.’ Pouya and Ghostemane collaborated on a song named “1000 Rounds,” which became an internet sensation and has received more than 16 million views on the video-sharing website YouTube. In 2018, he launched his first album, which went on to become a smash on the underground music scene. The album was titled “N/O/I/S/E.” Through the release of a number of mixtapes and extended plays (EPs), Ghostemane has also achieved a substantial amount of success in the underground music scene.

Early Life

Eric Whitney, also known as Ghostemane, was born on April 15, 1991 in the city of Lake Worth, Florida. Just one year before to Eric’s birth, his parents uprooted their lives and relocated from New York to Florida. His father was a phlebotomist in the medical field. Eric had a sibling when he was growing up. The family moved into a brand-new home in the West Palm Beach region of Florida not long after the baby was born there.

Eric’s intellectual prowess began to shine even while he was still a little child. He maintained an excellent academic record throughout school. In addition to that, he was a football player for a significant portion of his boyhood.
In addition to that, he was a music fanatic. When he was younger, he was into extreme forms of punk music, such as hardcore. Additionally, he developed an interest in studying music and started going to guitar classes.
Since he was a teenager, he had the dream of having a career in the music industry. But the fact that he had to obey his father’s rules prevented him from working as hard as he could to achieve his goals. The passing of his father brought about this shift. When this happened, Eric was 17 years old. The loss of his father left him feeling devastated, but it also gave him the courage to pursue his goals in life regardless of what others thought of him.
When he was in high school, his father “forced” him to participate in football. After some time had passed, Eric was “compelled” to enlist in the ‘US Marines.’ But Eric’s sights were set on something else entirely. Reading about the occult, philosophy, and science were all subjects that captivated his attention. Doom metal was another musical subgenre that captivated his attention by the time he was in the middle of his adolescent years.
He graduated high school with a strong grade point average and went on to pursue a degree in astrophysics in college. In spite of this, he continued to perform in a wide variety of doom metal bands, including “Nemesis” and “Seven Serpents.”
After finishing his studies, Eric immediately turned his attention to finding work and establishing himself financially. He began working in a customer service contact center. After some time had passed, he was hired for a prominent position. Despite this, he was unable to shake the song that was playing in his head at all times.


After graduating from high school, Ghostemane joined a metal band called “Nemesis,” and it was via this band that he was first exposed to rap music for the first time. Prior to then, he had been a fan of punk and alternative rock music, particularly that which was made famous by bands such as “Green Day” and “Lagwagon.” After he became familiar with rap music, he started paying attention to musicians like ‘Three 6 Mafia,’ whose work would later serve as inspiration for his own musical endeavors.

GhostemaneFor kicks, he and the other members of his band Nemesis got together and recorded a rap song. Rap music, on the other hand, allowed him more freedom of expression than rock music did; as a result, he became hooked to it. The members of his band were not very enthusiastic about establishing a career in rap music. Therefore, in order to design his own album covers and music videos, Ghostemane became proficient in video editing and the program Photoshop.
He uploaded a number of mixtapes and extended plays on the internet. His first mixtape, named “Blunts n’ Brass Monkey,” was made available to the public in the year 2014. During that period of time, Ghostemane performed under the stage name “sick Biz.” The next year, he came out with another another mixtape titled “Taboo.”
Ghostemane uploaded a number of tracks to the music platform SoundCloud while he was also employed in Florida. By that point, he had established a following in the underground, and he was gradually growing in popularity. On the other hand, he was well aware that his community did not provide any opportunities for the kind of music in which he was interested in participating. In 2015, he made the courageous decision to uproot his life and come to Los Angeles.
In 2015, Ghostemane published his first extended play (EP), titled “Ghoste Tales.” Subsequently, he released further EPs, including “Dogma” and “Kreep.” In the same year, he also issued his first studio album, which was titled ‘Oogabooga.’
The genre of his music was undoubtedly a contributing factor to his meteoric rise in underground popularity. Due to the fact that his songs often dealt with morbid topics like melancholy, occultism, nihilism, and death, they found favor among listeners who shared similar perspectives.
In 2015, at a moment when he felt his career in music was moving forward at a fair rate, he quit his job and began pursuing music as a full-time occupation. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles, he was introduced to JGRXXN and invited to become a member of the rap collective known as “Schemaposse.” Other members of the group included the late rapper Lil Peep and Craig Xen.
The band known as “Schemaposse” split up in April of 2016. Ghostemane was back to being on his own at this point, with no rap collective to support him. However, since he was not prepared to give up, he got in contact with other rappers such as “Pouya” and “Suicideboys,” and he started working with them on a collaborative project.
The song ‘1000 Rounds’ was first released as a single by Pouya and Ghostemane in April of 2017. Almost immediately after it was uploaded on YouTube, it became viral and quickly racked up more than a million views. In May of 2018, the pair also revealed that they will be releasing a mixtape that they have collaborated on together.

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