Jesser Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Girlfriend

Jesser, better known by his stage name Jesser Riedel, is a YouTuber, NBA 2K player, and social media figure from the United States. In the year 2022, Jesser’s total assets amount to $1.2 million. On his YouTube account, he often publishes videos with challenges and bets for viewers to participate in.

Jesse James West Age, Wiki, Net Wor...
Jesse James West Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend
Additionally, he is well-known for his participation in the online community known as 2Hype, which is centred on the video game NBA 2K. On his own eponymous YouTube channel as well as other social media sites, he has amassed an enormous following of ardent supporters in a very short amount of time.


He is well-known for developing stuff that is associated with both the actual games played in the NBA and the video game NBA 2K. Additionally, he publishes Fortnite Battle Royale-related video on a second channel that he manages under the moniker “JSR.”

Jesse, who is renowned for his one-of-a-kind gaming talents and strategies, started his career on YouTube in the year 2012. After receiving positive feedback initially, he kept uploading material on his channels with a rekindled enthusiasm to maintain a connection with his audience and to continue to keep them engaged.

At this time, the gamer is content on the platform, and they consistently create and share films that are engaging and thrilling. In addition to this, he takes pride in the fact that he is very well liked by his audience.

Jesse is consistently gaining ground, as shown by the fact that each of his channels have over 1.7 million and over 624 thousand subscribers respectively. On a more personal level, he is a very pleasant and humorous man who has a passion for entertaining others.

Jesser Wiki

As of the year 2022, Jesser will be 23 years old, having been born on March 27th, 1999. He was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, into a well-established Christian family, where he spent his childhood. He professes his faith in Christianity and has an American citizenship, although his nationality is American.

He graduated from a high school in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles, which is located in the state of California in the United States. After that, he signed up for classes at a nearby private institution in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, where he eventually earned his degree.


He has had an interest in online gaming and basketball ever since he was a youngster, and he has had the ambition to pursue a career as a professional gamer in the business ever since he was a child.

He has a wide circle of acquaintances among other people who play basketball. In NBA 2K, Riedel was once pitted against the popular YouTuber Cash Nasty.

The high-scoring NBA guard James Harden was the subject of one of the films uploaded to YouTube by the user in August of 2017. Jesse Riedel also sells goods in the form of basketball t-shirts in addition to his work under the moniker “Raspberry the Artist.” On the social media sites, neither the basketball gamer’s schooling nor his personal life, including his romantic relationships, can be found.

Family & Girlfriend

Jesser’s father, Mr. Riedel, is a businessman by trade, and Jesser’s mother, Mrs. Riedel, is a housewife by trade. Mr. Riedel and Mrs. Riedel are Jesser’s grandparents.

In addition, he has a single brother. James Riedel is the name of this individual’s sibling.

Jesser is not currently in a committed relationship with anybody. He does not currently have a romantic relationship with anybody and is considered to be single at this time. According to a number of rumours, he has already proposed to a mystery local girl and the two are planning to tie the knot soon.

Jesser Net Worth

In the year 2022, Jesser’s total assets amount to $1.2 million. He makes the majority of his money through his YouTube channel, many other social media accounts, and a variety of other commercial endeavours.


On July 9, 2012, Jesse Riedel launched his YouTube channel, which is now simply referred to as Jesser. His first video pertaining to the NBA was titled “NBA 2K14 In Real Life.” After this, he broadcast a number of further real-life NBA footage on his channel.

After a certain amount of time had passed, he concurrently began doing so on his channel by playing NBA video games. Jesse’s real-life basketball films were some of the most entertaining and thrilling things I’ve ever seen on YouTube, and all of his basketball gameplay videos were right up there with them.


Soon after, he started accruing subscribers, and over a span of a few years, his total number of members surpassed 1.7 million. In addition, as of September 2018, this channel has racked up more than 488 million views.

The gamer’s channel also has millions of views at the moment, which is a demonstration of how much people appreciate the stuff he posts. The videos titled “House 2 V 2 Mini basketball— Gone Wrong Broken Wall” and “Epic Indoor Mini basketball challenges” have received the most views among those that are linked to the NBA on his channel.

In addition to these real-life basketball action videos, the channel also has material connected to several video games, all of which are quite entertaining.

Coming to you now from Jesse is his second channel, which goes by the name “JSR” and was established on March 9, 2014.

This channel offers a wide variety of gameplay videos relating to a variety of different video games, including Fortnite Battle Royale. JSR has more than 624 thousand subscribers at the moment, which is an indication of how popular the channel is.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • NBA 2K player who produces challenge and wager films in addition to a Road to the Playoffs series and the occasional NBA 2K in Real Life video.
  • Also generates NBA 2K in Real Life videos. His channel has racked up more than 3.9 million followers on YouTube.
  • After some time had passed, he joined the online gaming community known as
  • On August 14, 2013, he made his debut by posting his first video.
  • He follows the Los Angeles Clippers with a fervent passion.
  • In August of 2017, he posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he competed against James Harden in a one-on-one basketball match.
  • Jesse Riedel had his beginnings in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California.
  • In several of his films, he has included his brother James, who goes by the stage name Jiedel.
  • In NBA 2K, he has gone up against Cash Nasty in competition.

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