Jose Stemkens (Titus Welliver wife), Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Children

Jose Stemkens is a former fashion model who later turned into a fashion entrepreneur and consultant. Jose is the owner and founder of a popular fashion company, Sunrise fashion consultancy.

This beautiful tall blonde has a great taste for fashion. Jose Stemkens is currently married to Titus Welliver who is a very talented and popular television actor. Titus was the part of a very famous television series The Goodwife.

Jose Stemkens got a lot of name and fame when she married this outstanding actor, Titus. If you want to know more about this fashion diva then stay tuned until the end.


Jose Stemkens family children


Personal life & Wiki

Jose Stemkens was born in Tembisa located in South Africa. This fashion queen was born in the year 1987 on 29th December. Although she was born in South Africa she was raised in Holland.

However, as soon as she completed her education she moved abroad to excel in her consultancy career. Not much has been known about the parents of Jose Stemkens and she has never talked about them in her interviews. 

Jose is 5 feet 4 inches and she has very attractive Hazel colored eyes. Her zodiac sign (sun sign) is Capricorn. Although her nationality is Dutch, her ethnicity is African American. Jose is a very-talented fashion consultant by profession.

But, before coming into consultancy, Jose Stemkens was a fashion model that is not known by many. Currently, this beauty is 31 years old as of the year 2019. As far as educational background is concerned we have no records available till now.

Jose Stemkens Marriage

Jose Stemkens

Jose was born in South Africa but she moved to Holland right after she started working as a consultant. This fashion mogul married the popular actor Titus Welliver in April of 2014. Jose Stemkens then settled in California along with her husband and she manages her consultancy business from there.

Titus came into LimeLight when is television series named lost became a superhit. This TV series was based on the story in which a group of people crash-landed on an island. This dramatic series got hit because of its interesting as well as confusing things.

After the huge success of the series Lost, Titus was working on another series The Good Wife, which also turned out to be pretty good.

Along with working for television series, he has also starred in the 4th transformer movie namely Transformers: Age of extinction. Titus Welliver has also worked in the movie Argo as the Ben Affleck. 

You will be quite surprised to know that this marriage of Titus with Jose was his fourth marriage. Currently, the couple does not have any children of theirs but they are looking after three children of Welliver from the previous relationships.

Out of these three, there are 2 sons Quinn Welliver and Eamonn Lorcan Charles Welliver as well as one daughter named Cora McBride Walling Welliver. He had previous relationships with many popular ladies.

Heather Wielandt was his first wife with whom he didn’t have any child. Later, he married beautiful actress Joanna Heimbold, Quinn and Eamonn the 2 sons were from his second wife. But, due to some disputes, he divorced with Joanna and then he married the producer Elizabeth Alexander with whom he had his first daughter Cora.

Elizabeth passed away in the year 2012 which was very heartbreaking for Titus. And then he met the fashion diva Jose Stemkens and their love story blossomed into marriage later. 

Early Career & Life

Before coming into consultancy business Stemkens was a fashion model based in Europe. She worked for various European companies for many years. She has also worked at Espirit which is a casual clothing international fashion brand in June in the year 1995.

Jose Stemkens used to travel to several major cities across the globe, working as a senior project manager. She has visited Los Angeles, New York, Dusseldorf, and Hong Kong very often.

Jose worked with the international fashion brand Espirit for more than a decade before becoming an international account manager for The Great Wall of China which is a clothing line selling high-end casual clothes to only selective boutiques from all over the globe.


Jose Stemkens Titus Welliver


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The success story of Jose Stemkens

Jose became the President of the dash company who wanted to excel in their business in the US. She left her job of account manager at The Great Wall of China in June 2009.

She helped this brand grow in the United States and also helped them bring brand Dept and JC RAGS to the States. Later she became the vice president of the House of Quirky which was a fashion store with the aim to provide high fashion at a low price.

The House of Quirky successfully created 8 brands that are sold at high numbers in the following show locations: Evol Twin, MINI PINK, The Lost Girls, Quirky Girls, Staple the Label, Paint it Red, and Somedays lovin’. 

She helped the fashion brand The House of Quirky to become popular and she opened stores throughout the United States. Being the vice president it is continued opening stores mostly in California for another year.

Finally, Jose Stemkens started her own company name Sunrise fashion consultancy. This company became popular and successful within no time because of her experience in building brands, marketing products, and opening stores.

Along with working with her own company she also now offers services to multiple fashion brands and helps them to excel in their respective markets. She is the reason behind several successful fashion brands not only in the United States but also in Asia and Europe.

Net worth: Jose Stemkens

Jose Stemkens husband

Stemkens is professionally a fashion consultant and she was a fashion model at the beginning of a career. This fashion entrepreneur is estimated to have a net worth of more than $1 million as of the year 2019.

She is the founder and owner of the company, Sunrise fashion consultancy which is a California-based fashion company. Along with this, she works with many European companies as a fashion consultant, helping them to expand their business.

Because of large experience in the fashion field, it is estimated that she earns more than $50k yearly. However, at the starting of her modeling career, she was earning about $15,000 per year.

Titus Welliver, the hubby of Jose is a popular actor who also works for several television serials is estimated to have a network of 5 million dollars. The Good Wife, Transformer: Age of Extinction and Man in Black are some of his famous and popular pieces.

Titus also was featured in the movie Agro as Jon Bates. The budget of the movie Argo was $45 million but this movie was a superhit blockbuster jackpot and it made a box office collection of $233 million. This was all about Jose Stemkens and her husband Titus Welliver.

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