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Kamila Valieva is a well-known figure skater, dancer, businesswoman, and social media personality from Russia. She is also known by her full name, Kamila Valeryevna Valieva. According to estimates made in 2022, Kamila Valieva’s net worth is now $2 million.

She won the 2022 European championship, the 2021 Rostelecom Cup, the 2021 Skate Canada International, the 2022 and 2021 Russian national championships, and the 2022 silver medal in the 2021 Russian national championship. The women’s short programme record, the free skating record, and the overall record for total scores are all held by Valieva at this time. Throughout her career, she has established nine new world records.

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In addition to this, Valieva is the reigning winner of the Rostelecom Cup (2021), the European champion (2022), the Skate Canada International champion (2021), and a number of other competitions. Because of her incredible skating ability, she was awarded a number of medals and prizes. In addition to this, Kamila was the first female skater to break the 250-, 260-, and 270-point criteria in the overall score. She did this in the same competition. In addition to being a skater, Valieva is also a dancer who competes professionally.

She has received instruction from several renowned choreographers, such as Eteri Tutberidze and Daniil Gleikhengauz, among others. After failing a drug test at the Beijing Olympics in 2022 and testing positive for trimetazidine, Kamila found herself in the centre of a media scandal in February of that year. Following this, a doping investigation was initiated.

Kamila Valieva Wiki

Since of the year 2022, Kamila Valieva will be 16 years old, as she was born on April 26th, 2006. She was born in the city of Kazan in Russia, although she presently resides in Moscow in the same country. She is a Christian by faith and has both the Russian citizenship and the Christian religion.

She graduated from a local high school in Russia, where she had received all of her education. Her mother signed her up for courses in gymnastics, ballet, and figure skating at a young age when she was only a toddler. Nathan Chen, a well-known skater, served as a source of motivation for her. After that, she turned her attention to her career as a figure skater.

Kamila Valieva Boyfriend

Despite just being 15 years old, Kamila Valieva has amassed a significant fan base as a result of her skill. However, we have been unable in locating anything on her private life. According to the sources, Valieva has not been in a relationship since February 2022. She cherishes the time she gets to spend with her close companions.

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In addition, Kamila has posted a number of images taken when she and her pals were skating. This lovely young skater is presently concentrating on pursuing a career on the professional skating circuit. Very soon, her boyfriend and other data about their relationship will be updated on our website.

Kamila Valieva Career

According to Wikipedia, Kamila Valieva made her debut in the competitive world of figure skating in the year 2009. In the beginning, she made an appearance in RSDUSSHOR in Kazan. She learned to skate under the tutelage of renowned skating instructors such as Ksenia Ivanova, Marina Kudriavtseva, and others. After a period of time, she began her competitive skating career by entering junior-level competitions.

In addition to that, she competed in the junior world championships for the 2019–2020 season. During her competitions in figure skating, she was awarded a number of gold medals, some of which are the 2022 Beijing gold medal, the 2022 Tallinn gold medal, the 2020 Tallinn gold medal, and the 2019–20 Torino gold medal. In addition to it, she skated in Moscow for the season of 2020–2021.

In addition, she made her debut on the Grand Prix circuit at the 2021 Skate Canada International, as stated by Wikipedia. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva came in second place, 2.95 points behind Kamila, who won the short programme thanks to her score of 84.19. She is now preparing for the next skating competitions she has.

Kamila Valieva Net Worth

Kamila Valieva gets money through her skating career. In addition, she came away with a number of monetary wins from her skating competitions. According to the statistics, Kamila Valieva has a net worth of around 2 million U.S. dollars (approx.).

In addition to that, she makes money via the promotion of athletic goods on social media. She is now residing in Moscow with her family at the present time.


According to the reports, Kamila Valieva competed in both the individual competition and the team competition for the 2022 Olympic champion. In February of 2022, she became a part of the controversy that was being covered in the media when it was reported that Kamila had a positive test result for trimetazidine. Following this, a doping investigation was initiated.

kamila valieva

According to Wikipedia, trimetazidine is a medicine that is used to treat cardiac conditions. Use of this prescription is prohibited in athletic activities. After the doping issue, the Russian Olympic Committee reportedly gave permission for Kamila to continue participating in the Beijing Olympics. This was reported by certain members of the media. According to the sources, world-renowned figure skating champion Yuna Kim disagrees with the choice that was made.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • According to the accounts, her supporters gave her Leva as a present.
  • In addition, she has shared the ice alongside renowned figure skaters like as Alena Kostornaia, Alexandra Trusova, Anna Shcherbakova, and others.
  • The Sambo 70 Skating Club is one of the organisations that she belongs to.
  • According to the information that has been gathered, Valieva’s birth name is Kamila Valeryevna Valieva.
  • Over 562 thousand people are following her official Instagram account (as of February 2022).
  • In addition, she has worked with a wide variety of well-known sports companies, including Puma, OZON.ru, and others.
  • On January 26, 2017, Kamila published her very first post on Instagram.
  • Leva is the name of the dog that she keeps as a pet.

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