King Kenny, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend

An English YouTuber, musician, Instagrammer, TikToker, and social media sensation, King Kenny is also known as Kenny Ojuederie. King Kenny has a $1 million net worth as of 2022. King Kenny is well-known for creating humorous comedy videos and vlogs on his own YouTube channel. His YouTube account KingKennyTv has garnered millions of subscribers.

Young social media sensation King Kenny. He is well-liked on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites in addition to YouTube.

English prankster Kenny has a YouTube channel called “KingKennyTv,” which is well-known for its amusing and unusual stuff. Kenny mostly produces satire and practical joke films for his social media platforms.

King Kenny

He often includes his brother, who plays a key role in his YouTube endeavors. Kenny makes his fans laugh with his amusing facial expressions in addition to entertaining them with his practical jokes. Millions of people are fans of his humor and practical jokes.

On partnership with his brother, Kenny runs a second “YouTube” channel that specializes in “Fortnite”-related video. In addition to producing material for his “YouTube” channels, Kenny tweets, publishes on Instagram, and streams on his “Twitch” channel.

King Kenny wiki

King Kenny, who was born on March 20, 1997, will be 25 years old in 2022. King Kenny was born and reared in Watford, England, in a well-established Christian family. In addition to being British by nationality, he practices Christianity.

At the local high school in England, the United Kingdom, he finished his elementary education. Following that, he enrolled himself in a nearby university in England, where he eventually earned his degree.

King Kenny

King Kenny has been actively involved in sports and extracurricular activities since he was a little boy. King Kenny began his internet profession at a young age because he always wanted to be a well-known superstar.

Girlfriend and family

King Kenny’s mother is Mrs. Kenny, a homemaker, and his father is Mr. Kenny, a businessman by trade.

He has one brother as well. The name of his younger sibling is Wisdom.

King Kenny doesn’t currently have a spouse. King Kenny doesn’t have a romantic partner. He is now unmarried. Furthermore, there is no information about any of his prior partnerships.


With his “YouTube” channel, “KenDaKid,” Kenny launched his career as a social media influencer; however, he was forced to deactivate it owing to a copyright infringement problem. With his subsequent “YouTube” project, “KingKennyTv,” which he launched on July 3, 2013, Kenny started again. He didn’t upload anything to the channel, however, until March of the following year, when he put up an introduction video.

King Kenny TV is largely a prank channel where Kenny showcases his amazing and hilarious methods of deceiving people. His younger brother is the object of his most popular and regular practical jokes. In the beginning, the two videos on the channel with the highest views were “TEACHING A 8 YEAR OLD HOW TO DRIVE *ALMOST DIED* *POLICE CALLED*” from November 2016 and “TEACHING A 8 YEAR OLD HOW TO DRIVE *SOMEONE DIES* #” from December 2016, which each received five and three million views.

Other pranks, which are some of the other well-liked prank films on the channel IPHONE 7 IS SMASHED BY AN ANGRY BROTHER (REVENGE PRANK),” and “MOVING TEDDY BEAR PRANK ON 8 YEAR OLD!” I duct tied my brother to a chair as a joke! (LITTLE BROTHER CRIES) [PRANK WAR], he sobs. I mastered the invisible box challenge, and I discovered cigarettes in my 8-year-old brother’s school bag. **PRANK!** (Insane) (Insane).

King Kenny

The video “Kid Spends $1000 on Brother’s Credit Card to Buy Fidget Spinners**PRANK!** (BACKFIRES)” has received over 10 million views. is the prank video that has received the most views on “KingKennyTv.”

Kenny has produced a few challenge and response videos for his channel in addition to pranks. Two of these are “REACTING TO MY 9 YEAR OLD BROTHERS MUSICAL” and “EXTREME 1000 CHICKEN NUGGET IN 10 MINUTES CHALLENGE.” (CRINGEY) LYS

He also creates material for the channel that is relevant to “Fortnite,” the most famous of which are the videos “1 KILL = 10,000 V BUCKS FOR MY 9 YEAR OLD BROTHER (FORTNITE)” and “9 Year Old Kid WINS 10,000 V BUCKS In 1 Kill = 1 Spin Challenge!” Currently, there are over 1.7 million subscribers to “KingKennyTv.”

The King Family is a second “YouTube” channel that belongs to Kenny. The channel was established in April 2017 as a result of Kenny and his brother’s collaboration.

They collaborate to create “Fortnite” films for the project, and they now have over 97k subscribers. Kenny also publishes stuff on his other social media sites, although those channels don’t have a very large follower base.


On March 20, 1997, Kenny was born in England. His younger brother Wisdom often appears in his “YouTube” jokes. Tyler the Creator’s cousin is Kenny. Tyler, the leader of the alternative rap trio “Odd Future,” is also known as “Wolf Haley.” Kenny got the chance to interact with Ethan Payne, a hilarious video game commentator and the creator of the gaming channel “Sidemen,” as well as his other channel co-founders. In October 2014, Kenny vlogged about the encounter and shared it on his channel.

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