Larissa Liveir Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend

Brazil’s Larissa Liveir is a well-known guitarist and musician. She has huge following on Instagram and YouTube and is a prominent user of social media.

She is well known for sharing guitar covers and riffs on a variety of social media sites, including YouTube, Instagram, and other networks. In addition to metal and rock, she is skilled in blues, pop, rock, and electronic music.

She posts cover videos on Instagram, in which she plays the guitar while carrying a cool and gorgeous outfit. On both YouTube and Instagram, Larissa Liveir has amassed a massive number of subscribers.

Larissa Liveir Age

Physical Stats 

Height  5’3
Weight  54 kgs
Hair color  Brown
Eye color  Black
Zodiac sign  Gemini


Larissa Liveir was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a town that is now considered to be quite small. After that, she moved to the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, and that is where she spent her childhood.

In the year 2020, she initially enrolled in engineering school but later switched to studying architecture.

Larissa Liveir Wiki

Larissa Liveir Boyfriend

She does not share her personal life on social media. We do not have any information regarding her present or previous relationships yet.

Boyfriend NA
Married Status Unmarried
Children NA

Education & Career

On April 23, 2020, Larissa started her YouTube career, she is known as “Larissa Liveir” on the platform.

According to Larissa Liveir, without the Covid-19 outbreak, I probably would have continued studying math in engineering school and never started making videos.

Larissa Liveir

She started playing the acoustic guitar when she was eight years old, and at the age of 17, she started focusing more on the electric guitar. She doesn’t ever sign up for music classes; instead, she learns everything online.

Every day she practices for at least three hours, breaking it up into four main areas: theory and scales, improvisation, actual songs and solo practice, and guitar techniques, which she breaks down into exercises she finds on YouTube to improve her speed.

But “Johnny B. Goode – Larissa Liveir” is not only one of the most popular videos on her YouTube channel, but also among all videos. The number of views on this single video alone has reached almost 15 million.

She’s a young lady with a playful spirit and a lot of imagination. On Instagram, on the other hand, where she has built up a sizable following over the past few years, she is also successful. She has published roughly 114 posts and currently has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram.

School Private School of Minas Gerais, Brazil
College/University N/A
Education Qualification N/A

Net Worth

Larissa Liveir

Most of her income comes from YouTube, Patreon, and donations. She has a net worth of approximately $1 miilion.

Net Worth $1M
Income Source Youtube

Social Media Presence

More than 1 million people have subscribed to her YouTube channel, and her video content has been viewed 64 million times. Generally speaking, she is daily growing her channel.

Larissa Liveir

She became well-known fairly quickly as her videos began receiving hundreds of thousands of views. Her first popular video was a guitar cover of Guns N’ Roses’ song Patience, which garnered over two million views in a single month.

Unfortunately, for reasons that are currently unknown, the video is no longer accessible on the channel. Her first 100,000 subscribers came after about six months.

She began sharing covers, which are typically under a minute long after YouTube Shorts launched. She started posting Shorts early, so her videos spread quickly online.

Instagram Followers  663K
Youtube Subscribers  1M

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Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • Her favorite pastimes include going on photoshoots and making videos, in addition to traveling.
  • She has worked with a large number of well-known influential people.
  • She is renowned for her chic appearance.
  • She has around 38k followers on her Tiktok account.
  • She adores animals and has currently kept a cat as a pet in her home.