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Journalist, producer, and author Lauren Simonetti hails from the country that bears her name in the United States of America. She now has positions at Fox Business Network including those of field maker, journalist, and co-anchor. In addition to that, she has experience working for CNN as an associate producer for the show “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

2005 marked the beginning of Ms. Simonetti’s professional life as a journalist. She has previously held positions at CNN’s business division including those of news writer and producer. She is a mother to three kids and has a husband.

Lauren Simonetti

The most prominent journalist in the United States is Lauren Simonetti. When she was just starting out in her career, Lou Dobbs Tonight gave her a job as a production assistant there. After a certain amount of time had passed, she started working for FOX Business Network in the year 2007.

In addition to that, Lauren works as a co-anchor for the Fox Business Network. She was recognised for her accomplishments in the Italian-American community with the Italian-American Achievement Award. Her place of employment was CNN.

In addition to that, she is a producer and writer for CNN’s business news division. In addition to that, she also employed at the New York Stock Exchange.

Lauren Simonetti Wiki

On October 10, 1984, Lauren Simonetti made her debut into the world in Manhattan, New York. Raymond Simonetti and Janet Simonetti are her mother and father, respectively. Simonetti’s father was a successful businessman, while his mother was a stay-at-home mother. Aside from that, she is quite close with both of her siblings. She has two brothers and one sister.

Lauren Simonetti

This journalist is of white ancestry and American citizenship, and he is a reporter. Because Libra is her zodiac sign, she manages to be both charming and logical at the same time, which is indicative of her personality. Without a doubt, sure. Mark this page as a bookmark if you want to stay up to date on the most recent information on her. You may find more information about her life in the following sections of her biography.


St. Joseph by the Sea High School on Staten Island was Lauren’s high school of choice. She was awarded the Presidential Scholars Program when she was still in high school, and during that time, she studied in 10 different nations while spending a semester at sea. George Washington University is where she received her bachelor’s degree in history.


Lauren started her professional career in 2005 working for CNN as a writer and producer. She was employed by CNN for a total of two years before moving on to pursue a career with Fox Business Network in 2007 as a reporter and field producer. She is now a co-host of the early morning business news show called “FBN: AM,” which begins broadcasting every day at 5:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

During the course of her career with the organisation, Simonetti has reported on a variety of significant economic and financial news events. In particular, she was one of the reporters who provided in-depth coverage of the financial crisis that occurred in 2008, which included the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

She has covered stories like as the BP oil spill and the alleged biggest Ponzi scheme in history, which was operated by Bernie Madoff and included a total of $64.8 billion in fraudulent activity.


Raymond and Janet Simonetti are her parents, and she has more siblings whose names we do not know. Her father and mother’s names are Raymond and Janet Simonetti. We only have this information at this moment, but we will update it as we learn more about her parents, siblings, and relationships. For the time being, this is all the information we have.

Lauren Simonetti

She entered this world in the borough of Manhattan in the city of New York, state of New York, United States of America. Her younger twin brothers, Matt and Craig Simonetti, round up the rest of Lauren Simonetti’s family. Her parents, Raymond and Janet, are also a part of her immediate family.

Husband & Relationshups

Mark Cubrilo is Lauren’s husband. The man that Lauren Simonetti is married to works for Fox Business Network as a field and satellite engineer. Before Mark made his proposal in April 2011, the couple had been dating for three years.

The wedding took place at the Crystal Plaza in Livingstone, New Jersey, on October 1st, 2011, and the pair exchanged their vows there. This married couple is parents to three kids: two girls and one boy. In 2015, they had their first child, a girl named Rae Vivian.

They announced the birth of their second child, Mark Jameson, in December of 2017. After then, the couple had their youngest child, a girl, in February of 2021. Celia Monroe is the name of the kid, according to an Instagram post that the mother of the child published on April 4, 2021. married/


She has worked in journalism and also as a writer and producer. In 2005, she began her professional career by working for CNN as a writer and producer. She spent the first two years of her career with CNN, and then moved on to FBN in 2007. After putting in a lot of effort, she was promoted to the position of reporter at FBN, where she had previously worked as a field producer.

She is a co-host of the business news show named FBN, which airs first thing in the morning. Her reporting on the 2008 financial crisis, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the BP oil disaster are among the most widely read of her news stories. She was given the Italian-American Achievement Prize by the New York Police Department Columbia Association in 2014, and she went on to win the award.

Additionally, she is well-known for hosting a podcast for Fox News about mothers. The podcast is designed to assist mothers in overcoming the difficulties they face along their path to parenting.

Net Worth & Salary

It is said that she has a net worth of $5 million. Having said that, this information is not considered official. Lauren, a reporter for Fox Business Network, is able to support herself because to the journalistic job that she does.

It is reported that she brings in a yearly income of $200,000.

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