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Leslie Davis rose to fame after appearing as one of the reality stars on the home improvement programme Unsellable Houses, which is shown on HGTV. She appeared in the film with her identical twin sister as well as her partner in business. They became celebrities on a reality programme, which helped their company thrive even more than before. Let’s take a deeper look at this piece that’s based on the life of Leslie Davis before the new season premieres on television.

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A television reality star and a real estate agent, Leslie Davis works in the real estate industry. She is well-known for her role as a co-star with her twin sister Lyndsay Lamb in the reality programme Unsellable Houses, which is shown on HGTV.

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Davis and her sister Lamb are co-owners of the company Lamb & Co. It was Lyndsay who took the initiative to enter the real estate market, and Leslie first joined her in this endeavour so that they could work together while Lyndsay attended to her ill kid.


On April 4th, 1981, Davis was brought into this world. In the year 2021, she will have turned 40 years old. On April 4, 2021, she celebrated her birthday, which marked the day when she became 40 years old. Every year on April 4th, the real estate agent and her coworkers get together to celebrate her birthday.


In her birthplace of Snohomish, Washington, United States of America, Leslie Davis was welcomed into the world by her mother Kathy Kuna DeWitte and an unidentified male parent. Her mother is mentioned on her various social media platforms, and she also has a Facebook page, albeit it doesn’t include a lot of information on her at the moment.

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In addition to this, Leslie has a twin sister who is Lyndsay Lamb, and Lyndsay is three minutes older than Leslie. There is an older sister who goes by the name Jennifer LaCourse Starling and she is related to the twins. Jennifer, a mother of two girls, did not disclose any information on her social media accounts pertaining to her spouse.

Leslie Davis Net Worth, HGTV, Career

The real estate business run by Leslie and Lyndsay transacted more than 300 homes in 2020 on its own. It was anticipated that Leslie Davis’s net worth was somewhere between $1 million and $1.5 million due to the fact that they had been at it beginning in 2015.

Leslie began her professional career in her 20s, after her graduation from high school. She began her career in the marketing department of Dream Dinners, a franchise that was partially owned by her aunt Tina Kuna.

Because Leslie wanted to devote her whole attention to raising her children, she chose to give up her career and raise them at home. She did not join her to assist her in the company until after Lyndsay had already begun working in the field as a real estate agent.

In point of fact, Lyndsay was dealing with a crisis in her family when Leslie made the decision to get her real estate licence in order to help her in her commercial endeavours. She had seven years of experience in franchise sales for a major food brokerage organisation, and she also had two years of experience working as a real estate transaction coordinator. As a result of her extensive experience, she emanated an air of knowledge and trustworthiness.

Together, real estate salespeople Leslie and Lyndsay developed an enormously successful company for themselves. Not only did it help the company thrive, but it also assisted in putting them on the road to a new profession as reality show stars. They were contacted about participating in the programme by High Noon Entertainment. They were discovered by High Noon Entertainment on YouTube, which is what inspired them to produce a television programme in the first place. After some time had passed, the programme Unsellable Houses was produced.

The identical twin real estate agents were an irresistible force in business and on the television screen because to the various sets of abilities that each of them had.

Leslie Davis Husband, Kids, Married Life

In high school, Leslie Davis became acquainted with Jacob Davis, who would later become her husband. During their time at the university, Jacob and her sister’s boyfriend shared a room.

Leslie and Jacob Davis finally were married on April 12, 2002, after dating for a long and living together. The married couple celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary in April of the following year, 2021.

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In addition, Leslie and her husband have been blessed with three kids, and Leslie has chosen to be a stay-at-home parent. Kyler, Cash, and Cole were the names of the sons. Both of the twin sister’s boys grew up to be great friends, despite the fact that they grew up thousands of miles away.

Leslie seems to have a strong bond with all of her children, as seen by the frequent appearances of her boys on her various social media platforms. Because his birthday was in March 2021 and he was turning 16, she and her husband decided to get him a dirt bike as a present.

Social Media Presence

When we talk about the spread of social media, we should mention that Leslie Davis has a Facebook page on which she posts several photographs of her family members, particularly her children. She shared a photo of herself and her sister, when they were both much younger, on her Facebook profile.

In a similar fashion, Leslie may be found on Instagram, where she has a total of 7048 followers. As of the month of April 2021, she has made 105 posts on the network. However, it seems that she does not have a Twitter account.

Physical Apperance

At a height of 5 feet 6 inches, Leslie Davis carried herself with confidence (1.67 meters). In the same vein, her weight was around 64 kg (141 lbs).

People often confused Leslie for her sister Lyndsay because of the fact that she is one of two identical twins. Despite this, the sisters never had any interest in imitating one another’s appearance or style since they were well aware that they were distinct persons whose personalities were quite unlike.

However, when Lyndsay made the decision to cut bangs into her hair when she was in the sixth grade, people found it much simpler to differentiate between the two sisters. In point of fact, Lyndsay laid claim to the bangs, which led to Leslie experimenting with a variety of hairdos.

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