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Lily Sastry, also known as Lily Grace Atkinson, is a dancer, singer, model, and actor who resides in the United States. She is the daughter of the famed comedian Rowan Atkinson, well known by his stage moniker, Mr. Bean.

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She is an exceptional dance artist who typically performs jazz and has performed at renowned places such as The Pheasantry, which is a highly well-liked nightclub in London. Her specialty is the jazz genre. Aside from that, she is a well-known singer who often records her songs and publishes it to Soundcloud. She has also appeared in a few movies alongside her father, including Johnny English Reborn and Mr. Bean’s Holiday, both of which were released in recent years.

Lily Sastry

She is a well-known social media influencer, but when her parents separated, she made the decision to remove all of her social media footprints and go on a digital detox.

Lily is a well-known performer who is noted for both her singing and her burlesque dance. She is an excellent artist in her own right. Lily began her career in the entertainment sector when she was only a youngster. In 2004, she made her debut in the Disney film Tooth, which was intended for a younger audience.

In later years, she appeared with her father in the films “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” and “Johnny English Reborn.” In spite of getting a head start, she made the decision to follow an untraditional route and began taking cabaret lessons. Soon after, she was seen putting on her one-woman act in a variety of locations, one of which was the famous bar The Pheasantry.

As a result of the positive response to her early performances, she was offered a two-night run of her very own West End production called “Lily,” which went on to become an enormous success.

Lily enjoys singing as well, and she often records her performances, including her songs and shows, and then uploads them to SoundCloud. She now performs as a dancer and singer and has received positive reviews from the media for her concerts as a result of her performances.

Lily Sastry Wiki

As of the year 2022, Lily Sastry is 27 years old, having been born on July 11th, 1995. She was born in London, England, and raised there throughout her childhood. She was born in the United Kingdom, and her ancestry is 100% English. Her mother is of Indian descent, while her father is of British origin, hence she has a biracial background. She adheres to the teachings of Christianity in her religious practise.

In the United Kingdom, she attended elementary school, middle school, and high school, all of which she finished. After that, she continued her education at Oundle High School, located in Northamptonshire, where she ultimately earned her diploma.

Boyfriend and Family

Rowan Atkinson and Sunetra Sastry are the proud parents of their daughter, Lily Sastry. Rowan Atkinson is her father, and Sunetra Sastry is her mother’s name. Both of her parents are actors.

Lily Sastry

Her father is a famous comedian and is better known by his stage name, Mr. Bean, all over the globe. Her mother was a make-up artist and an expert in cosmetics when she was younger. Lily made the decision in 2017 to stop using the surname that belonged to her father and instead use the surname that belonged to her mother.

Physical Looks

Lily Sastry is a stunning young lady who has an endearing and vibrant attitude. Her physique is very toned and sculpted. She stands at around 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs close to 52 kg.

Brown is the colour of her hair, and the brown in her eyes is what makes her so captivating. Her look, both off and on film, has garnered a significant number of devoted followers. She is a treat to see in all of her dancing performances and has a figure that is naturally slender and toned.

Lily Sastry Career

Lily Sastry began her career in the entertainment industry at a very tender age. In 2004, she was cast in the role of the “New Recruit” for the animated film “Tooth,” which was geared at younger audiences. She subsequently went on to make cameos in the films “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” (2007) and “Johnny English Reborn” (2011), both of which starred her renowned father. In all of these films, she appeared with her father.

Lily wanted to follow her passion of becoming a performance artist, despite the fact that she had a head start in the film industry. She had a strong passion for singing, and she often composed both lyrics and melodies for her own songs. At some point in the future, with the assistance of her father, she recorded these songs in a studio and published them on SoundCloud. Cabaret was another art form that she began studying about the same time.

After getting her start in the cabaret world, Lily made the decision to begin playing at larger places. She started off by performing at The Pheasantry, which is a well-known club in London; however, all of the available seats for her one-woman show were taken. She quickly became a popular performer after receiving several positive reviews, particularly for her burlesque act, which received widespread attention from the media.

The next time anybody saw her was during her two-night run in the West End, when she did her routine with a live band. This, too, turned out to be a very successful endeavour. At the renowned St. James Theatre in London, she gave the same same performance again. Her seductive performances of jazz were described as “new” and “strong” by the reviewers who saw them. Since that time, Lily hasn’t been forced to consider her past. At this time, she is continuing to present her concerts in various locations around the nation.

Lily Sastry

Lily, much like a large number of other millennials, was an active user of Instagram and often uploaded images to the platform. After the breakup of her parents’ marriage, she made the decision to do a digital detox and deleted her Instagram account as part of this process. Even though she has a Twitter account, she seldom ever uses it. She maintains her cautious demeanour even while discussing her personal life.

Lily Sastry Net Worth

In the year 2022, Lily Sastry’s total assets amount to $2 million.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • After the news broke in 2015 that her parents were divorcing and it was known that Rowan Atkinson had been seeing someone somewhat younger than him called Louis Ford, Lily made the decision to take her mother’s last name.
  • However, her mother maintains her independence by leading a solitary life. Following the breakup of her parents’ marriage, Lily’s relationship with her father deteriorated significantly.
  • On the other hand, she and her father have been seen attending a variety of events together.
  • Following the divorce of her parents, the famous child deleted her account on the social media platform Instagram.
  • She likes to listen to musicians like Frank Ossian, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars in her spare time.
  • Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Whitney Houston are some of Lily’s musical heroes, and she is a major admirer of old-school music in general.
  • Her parents fell in love after meeting for the first time on the set of Blackadder in February of 1990.

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