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Lisa Meadows is a meteorologist and she is an Internet celebrity. Lisa is known for her immense knowledge about storms and her profession is also the same. The main work of a Meteorologist is to tell about the weather forecast and storms and to warn people about stormy weather conditions.

Lisa Meadows Biography

Lisa Meadows was born and brought up in Highlands, Indiana. She completed her studies and graduated in Meteorology and also a little bit in Mathematics and B.A in television and communication from Valparaiso University, Indiana. She knew about storms a lot because she was brought up seeing Midwest Thunderstorms.

Lisa Meadows

Lisa Meadows Career

Lisa started her career in Meteorology in the year 2016 and worked for Lakeshore News and WYIN TV. She also did some internships from Amy Freeze-FOX Chicago, Tom Skilling-WGN before starting her professional career in meteorology.

Lisa is the president of the American Meteorological Society & National Weather Association located in Indiana. Later she joined WCCO-TV as a meteorologist in twin cities in the year 2018. Lisa was introduced to the crew of WCCO and they described them as a big nerd of weather.

Lisa also considers herself a weather nerd and she also has a blog that has authenticate information and news update about the weather forecast. She started her career on the channel Lakeshore News in the year 2013 as a meteorologist in Indiana on WYIN Television.

Later she became the president of Valparaiso weather station. Also, she was the chief torch meteorologist at Valparaiso University newspaper. She has also served as the president of the American Meteorologist association. Currently, she is a Meteorologist on WCCO-TV and she performs shows many times on weekdays.

Lisa has also worked in West Texas and California for many years and has given frequent weather updates.

Lisa Meadows

She started her blogging career recently a few years ago in California and she likes to post weather reports and some interesting facts about the weather. Due to her frequent random facts, the audience is very keen to read her blogs.

Meadows is very smart in knowing the atmosphere and its behavior of it. Studying at Valparaiso University, Indiana and observing tornadoes, and developing reports on them has made her knowledgeable about the atmosphere.

One of the most memorable moments of her life was when she gave a tornado weather report a person was right there in the place where the tornado was heading and his wife called him and said to go away from the place and this saved his life.

Lisa got a letter from a woman with whom this incident happened and reading this she was very satisfied and happy.

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Unknown Facts & trivia

  • Lisa grew up watching Midwest Thunderstorms as she was living in Indiana. And from a very small age, she had an interest in Thunderstorms.

  • Northwest Indiana Chapter of the American Meteorological Society & National Weather Association made her the President after knowing her immense knowledge in storms.

  • Meadows is a huge animal lover and she has a pet cat named Teddy. Her hobbies are chasing thunderstorms and likes rollerblading and running.

  • Recently in 2018, she joined as a Meteorologist in the channel WCCO-TV in Twin cities and she was described to the crew as a Big weather Nerd.

  • She also likes video directing and editing and she donates a huge amount of money and also runs a charity. She likes to run a lot of charities for the needy!