Liv Pollock: Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend Revealed?

Liv Pollock is a model that hails from Australia. In the year 2022, Liv Pollock has a net worth of one million dollars. On her Instagram account, she often posts photographs related to beauty, including selfies, bikini shots, fashion, modelling photos, and photos documenting her day-to-day life. She has acquired more than 75,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Liv Pollock

She also maintains a presence on the video-sharing website YouTube, where she mostly posts entertaining content. ” Liv_” is the name of her user name on YouTube. Additionally, she has worked with a number of other businesses.

Liv Pollock Wiki

Liv Pollock was born on the 18th of February in 1999, making her age 23 as of the year 2022. She was born in Perth, Australia, to a family that was already well established there. She was born in Australia and was raised in a Christian household. She maintains Australian citizenship. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

The majority of Pollock’s youth was spent with her grandmother and parents on their farm in Washington state, which was owned by Pollock’s great-grandmother and whose name is Margaret Francis. In the past, she had assisted her grandmother in managing the wool harvesting company that was located on the McLeod Creek property.

In addition to that, she was in charge of deworming, tagging, marking, and drafting the sheep in preparation for the production of wool.

She graduated from the high school in her hometown of Perth, which is located in Australia, while she was in her early teens. Following that, she relocated to Sydney in order to pursue a career in modelling with Vivian’s Model Management Agency. After that, she enrolled at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design and graduated.

Liv Pollock Career

She signed with the Vivien’s Model Management agency in Sydney when she first began her career as a model. After that, she struck endorsement deals with a number of major businesses and now her Instagram feed has both sponsored posts and products backed by those firms.

Liv Pollock

Pollock is an influential figure on social media, which is the primary source of revenue for her. In addition to that, she is financially independent thanks to modelling photoshoots and Instagram. Because of her employment as a model and her packed schedule, Pollock often travels to New York City, California, and Atlanta.

Liv Pollock Boyfriend

She was introduced to Dacre through a mutual acquaintance, and the two of them have been dating ever since they first met. They started off as simply friends, but after a few months of exchanging text messages with one another, they eventually developed romantic feelings for one another.

The next year, in 2018, this pair made the move to Atlanta, and at that time, Dacre was very busy filming for the Stranger Things television programme. On the other hand, members of this pair have been seen together at a number of events and on the Red Carpet.

At the moment, this pair has not disclosed any information on the wedding, and Pollock is maintaining a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend due to the fact that both of them are now commuting to their respective workplaces.

Liv Pollock Net Worth

It is estimated that she has a net worth of one million dollars. She is around 53 kg in weight and measures 5 feet 8 inches tall. In addition, Pollock has more than 58 thousand people following her on Instagram.

Liv Pollock

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • She is now followed by more than 70,000 people on Instagram because to the photographs she posts of herself in bikinis and couture.
  • She often updates her social media with video and picture content from a variety of tropical destinations.
  • In September of 2017, she posted her first picture on Instagram for the first time.
  • She has served as a representative for the Australian Chapter of the Red Cross. Her reel at the beach is one of the photos on Instagram that has received the most likes. Over one hundred thousand people have seen it.
  • She had a romantic involvement with Dacre Montgomery at one point.
  • At the 2018 Emmy Awards, which she attended alongside Dacre Montgomery, she chose to wear a gown designed by Stella McCartney.

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