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Madison Monroe Williams, better known by her stage as Madi Monroe, is a TikToker, musician, and social media figure from the United States. In the year 2022, Madi Monroe has a net worth of one million dollars. She is well-known for her roles in the well-known short films My Two Left Feet and Revenge, both of which she appeared in.

Madi Monroe

She is also well-known for the fact that her mother, Michelle Johnson, is a well-known American actress, and that her father, Matt Williams, is a five-time MLB All-Star Third Baseman. Both of these facts have contributed to her widespread popularity.

Madi Monroe Wiki

As of the year 2022, Madi Monroe has reached the age of 18 years old. She was born on January 27th, 2004. She was born in the United States and had her early education inside a stable Christian home there. She professes her faith in Christianity and has American citizenship, although her nationality is American.

She graduated from an American high school after completing her primary and secondary education at a local institution. After that, she registered for classes at a nearby private university in the United States, and she is now working toward receiving her degree from that institution.

Since she was a youngster, she has had the goal of becoming a well-known star on the internet and acquiring a stage on which she can display her skills. She has also always wished to achieve this goal.

Boyfriend and Family

Madi Monroe’s parents are Matt and Erika Monroe Williams. Her mother’s name is Erika Monroe Williams, and she works as a housewife. Madi Monroe’s father, Matt Williams, is a five-time MLB All-Star Third Baseman. Matt’s mother is also named Erika Monroe Williams.

Tracie Williams and Michelle Johnson are both considered to be her mothers despite the fact that she also has a step-mother.

Madi Monroe

In addition to this, she has three older step-siblings.

The relationship status of Madi Monroe is that she is not married. She is now in a relationship with Christopher Romero, who is also a famous social media personality in his own right. The year 2019 marks the beginning of the couple’s courtship, and ever since that time, they have been content with an open relationship.

Physical Looks

Madi Monroe is a young lady who has an alluring and endearing personality in addition to her stunning good looks and intense heat. She has a hot and curvaceous figure, appealing body dimensions, and a wonderfully formed thin body type. Her body is also hot and curvy. Her figure dimensions are around 32-24-35 inches in length, width, and height.

Her height is around 5 feet and 7 inches, and she weighs somewhere around 55 kg. She has stunningly gorgeous golden blonde hair that is long and glossy, as well as stunningly gorgeous hazel eyes that are enthralling to look into.


She got her start in the industry as a social media influencer under the name Madi Monroe. After that, in 2017, she appeared in a short film named Revenge, which catapulted her to massive notoriety within the business. Revenge was the film that launched her career. The very same year after that, she was cast in a significant part in yet another short film, which was given the title My Two Left Feet.

Madi Monroe

Additionally, she became quite well-known via the use of her TikTok account, on which she often posts videos of herself dancing, primarily in the styles of hip hop and ballet. She is handled by Eris Talent Agency and The Green Room Management firm at the present time, while in the past, she was managed by DTG Management company.

Madi Monroe Net Worth

In the year 2022, Madi Monroe has a net worth of one million dollars. She makes the majority of her income from her several social media profiles, her work as a dancer, and various other commercial endeavours.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • On her TikTok account, Madi Monroe has amassed a massive fan following; now, she has over 4.5 million followers and 132 million likes. Madi Monroe’s TikTok account was created in 2018.
  • She is an accomplished dancer, but she is also a strong swimmer and has won a number of swimming contests.
  • The video of her performing with her pals on a beach to the hit song “The Box” by Roddy Ricch is one of the films she has uploaded to TikTok that has gained the greatest traction.
  • She is also the owner of a YouTube account with the same name, which she uses to publish videos of herself dancing.
  • She has also performed at a number of performances to raise money for a variety of charitable organisations and causes.
  • Trivia
  • She also shares cosmetic tutorials, hauls, comedy clips, and films made in partnership with her friends on her channel, in addition to posting dancing videos.
  • Revenge! (2017) and My Two Left Feet are only two of the many short films in which she has appeared (2018). In addition, she appeared in an episode of the Brat series Attaway General.
  • Prior to joining with Eris Talent and The Green Room Management, she was represented by DTG Management and A-List Agency. She left both of those agencies to work with Eris Talent.
  • She publishes vlogs and challenges on the channel that she maintains on YouTube.
  • She uploaded a song association video in February 2020 that included Charli D’Amelio, Avani Gregg, and Riley Lewis, and it received more than one million views.
  • Her parents are Matt Williams and Erika Monroe Williams.
  • They dated for almost a year before breaking up in the latter half of the year 2020. Christopher Romero. Jack Riyn, who was once her boyfriend, and she are both from from Arizona.
  • In addition to her brother, she has three elder sisters. In 2022, she began a romantic relationship with Nick Machat.
  • Kalani Hilliker, a dancer and an influential figure, counts her as a friend.

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