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Matt Long, sometimes known as Matthew Clayton Long, is a model and actor from in the United States. Matt Long’s wealth is estimated to be $2 million as of the year 2022. His portrayal of the well-known character Zeke Landon in the hit NBC series Manifest is largely responsible for his widespread popularity.

In the course of his career, he has played the main part in a number of films and television programmes, including Jack & Bobby, Ghost Rider, and Sydney White, all of which have contributed to his widespread popularity. He has established himself as a well-known film and television actor in the entertainment sector of the United States.

Matt Long

It was his performance as Ezekiel Landon in the NBC drama “Manifest” (2019-21) that brought him widespread acclaim and made him a household name. Additionally, you may have seen him on the television series Jack & Bobby (2004-2005). The movies “Sydney White” and “Ghost Rider,” both of which were released in 2007, are among his other works. In addition, he has been recognised and lauded for his outstanding performance in a number of prestigious prizes. Matt Long began his career as an actor in stage productions before being given a starring part in a television series in the year 2004.

Matt Long Wiki

As of the year 2022, Matt Long will be 42 years old, having been born on May 18th, 1980. He was born into a stable Christian household in the state of Kentucky in the United States, where he spent his childhood. In addition to his Christian faith, he is a citizen of the United States and has American citizenship. His ethnic background includes Irish, English, Scottish, and Welsh descent, and his zodiac sign is Taurus.

His early education was finished in a local high school in Winchester, which is located in the United States. After that, he signed up for classes at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, which is located in the state of Kentucky in the United States. It was there that he earned his degree.

Matt Long

In the United States, he was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity in addition to his membership in his own organisation. Since he was a youngster, he has had an interest in performing and the theatre, and he has worked for a number of different theatres in New York City.

Family & Wife

His father, who goes by the name Mr. Long, is in the business of selling insurance, and his mother, who goes by the name Mrs. Long, works as an assistant teacher. Matt Long is named after his father. In addition, he is the only child of his parents, and his younger brother is also named Zach Long.

The relationship status of Matt Long is that of a married couple. In 2005, he tied the knot with his longtime sweetheart and college sweetheart Lora Chaffins. He is a father of two kids. The names of his children are unknown.

Physical Looks

Matt Long is a guy who is attractive and dashing in personality in addition to being good-looking, intelligent, and gorgeous. He has an excellent physique with the body dimensions of an athlete and the muscular build of a bodybuilder. His figure is both powerful and appealing.

Matt Clayton Long is a good-looking and gorgeous guy who is 41 years old and has a dashing personality that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with him. Matt Clayton Long has a dashing personality that will surely make you fall in love with him. He has a forceful personality, which lends him more self-assurance and sets him apart from other people. He has a physique that is really appealing to look at. He has dark short hair, which complements his whole appearance.

Matt Long

He stands at around 5 feet 8 inches tall, and his weight is approximately 75 kg. He has short hair that is a dark brown colour and a fashionable cut, and he has blisteringly gorgeous eyes that are a light brown colour and are hypnotic.


As was said previously, he began his career in the theatre, and in 2004, he was fortunate enough to get the main part in a television series called Jack & Bobby. The whole of the audience has complimented his performance as the character Jack McCallister. In addition, he was honoured with a Golden Globe for Best Performance in a Drama Series for his work in the TV Series from 2006.

In 2006, he was given the opportunity to perform in a number of films. In the film “Deceit,” he played the role of Dave Ford, and in “Secrets of a Small Town,” he played the role of Chad Wilson.

In 2007, he was cast in the films “Ghost Rider” and “Sydney White,” in which he portrayed the roles of young Johnny Blaze and Tyler Prince, respectively. Both of these films were released in the same year. In the movie “Ghost Rider,” Matt Long played the role of Johnny Blaze, a stuntman who struck a pact with the devil.

This pact gave Johnny superhuman abilities. In addition to this, he played the role of Price Tyler in “Sydney White” and was responsible for Snow White falling in love.

In the film “Reflections,” which came out in 2008, he played the role of Nathan, one of the protagonists. Additionally, he portrayed Mike, a character in the horror-thriller film “Homecoming,” which was released in 2009.

In 2010, he appeared in two separate movies. One of the key characters in “The Deep End,” called Dylan Hewitt. And the other, in the television show “Mad Men,” playing the role of Joey Baird. In addition to that, the Screen Actors Guild recognised him for his outstanding performance and put him in the running for the award.

He has roles in the television programmes “Love Bites” and “17th Precinct” in the year 2011. His character on the show “17th Precinct” goes by the name Jimmy Travers. In the years 2012 and 2013, he appeared in a number of films and television programmes, some of which are “Gilded Lilies,” “The Newsroom,” “Private Practice,” and “Lucky 7.” Because of his outstanding performance, he was given a role in each of these movies, and to everyone’s pleasant surprise, each of his movies and television series was a commercial success. In the television series “Lucky 7,” he played the lead part of Matt Korzak, and in the television series “Private Practice,” he starred as a recurrent character called Dr. James Peterson. Both roles were quite prominent in the show.

A number of his movies, such as “Woodshed” (2015) and “Christmas Joy” (2018), as well as “Helix” (2015), “Graves” (2017), and “Timeless” (2018), have been commercially successful. Now, he is well recognised for his work as an actor in the drama series “Manifest,” in which he played a recurrent role in the first season and a prominent character in the second.

His wealth is around $2 million, and maybe much more than that.


  • He became well-known for his performance as Jack McCallister on the television series Jack & Bobby. In the film Sydney White, which was released in 2007, he portrayed the role of Tyler Prince, the protagonist’s romantic interest.
  • In the film Ghost Rider from 2007, he made an appearance as a younger version of Johnny Blaze.
  • In the play Homecoming from 2009, he appeared as Mike Donaldson. Additionally, NBC’s Manifest and Getaway decided to give him a role on their respective projects.
  • In 2005, the couple tied the knot with Lora Chaffins.
  • On the television series Private Practice, which centred on the character of Kate Walsh, he had a recurring part.

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