Michelle Chin Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Boyfriend

Michelle Chin is a model and social media celebrity from the United States who is active on Instagram and YouTube. The year 2022 finds Michelle Chin’s wealth to be about $1.5 million. Her YouTube account is particularly well-known for the cooking, vlogging, and QNA videos that she has uploaded there in recent years.

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Her Instagram account is followed by a sizable number of dedicated users at all times. In addition to that, she is the proprietor of a YouTube channel by the name of MsMunchie, on which she posts videos related to vlogging, cooking, and question-and-answer sessions.

Michelle Chin

Because she is now in a relationship with a well-known YouTuber by the name of Zach Hsieh, she has recently been more visible in the media. It was discovered that the pair appeared in each other’s videos.

She is also highly successful on a number of other social media sites, such as Instagram, and has garnered a respectable fan following on her account there. Her YouTube channel is only one of these venues. In addition to this, she is well-known for being in a relationship with the well-known YouTuber Zach Hsieh.

Michelle Chin Wiki

As of the year 2022, Michelle Chin will be 24 years old, having been born on 19 April 1998. She was born and raised in a stable Christian household in Great Neck, New York, United States, although she presently resides in Los Angeles, California, United States. Both of her parents were born in the United States. Both her nationality and her religious beliefs are tied to the Christian faith. She was born in the United States.

Her zodiac sign is Aries. At the moment, she and her family can be found living in Los Angeles, which is located in the state of California, in the United States of America. Unfortunately, we were unable to learn too more about her family despite our best efforts. In addition to that, she has not published any films on the subject.

Michelle Chin

Additionally, she does not mention her siblings anywhere on any of her social media accounts. It would seem that she has no desire to discuss the private aspects of her life with the general public at this time. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that she is of Asian ancestry.

She graduated from a local high school in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, where she received her primary and secondary education.

After that, she decided to pursue her further education at the University of California, Santa Cruz, which is located in Santa Cruz, California, United States. It was there that she graduated with her degree. She has had the ambition since she was a youngster to become a famous model and celebrity in the United States, and she began her work in the internet industry at a young age in order to fulfil this ambition.

Relationships, Her Boyfriend, and Her Family

Mrs. Chin is Michelle Chin’s mother, and her father goes by the name Mr. Chin. Mr. Chin works in the business world, while Mrs. Chin stays at home to take care of the family.

The answer to that question is no, Michelle Chin is not married. She is now in a relationship with Zach Hsieh, who is known for his videos on YouTube. The duo has been dating for quite some time and can often be seen commenting on and making appearances in each other’s Instagram and YouTube videos.


YouTube star Michelle Chin is known to many people. In addition to that, she is a popular figure on Instagram. A portion of her revenue comes from endorsing and promoting various products and services on her social media profile, which has a large number of devoted followers. She has also had experience in the modelling industry.

Michelle Chin

On her many social media platforms, Michelle often shares photographs taken of her during modelling photoshoots. In addition, she has shared images of herself wearing a bikini and other fashionable, on-trend clothing in an effort to garner fans.

In addition to this, Michelle also has a channel on YouTube. On November 19, 2019, she became a participant in the endeavour. As of right moment, her channel has something in the neighbourhood of 22 million viewers. MsMunchie is the moniker she gave to her channel on YouTube.

She has only been working in this industry for the last three years, but she has already amassed an impressive following of over 1.46 million subscribers as of right now. One of her videos, titled “Survive 100 days, I’ll pay you $10,000!- Minecraft,” has garnered the attention of around 5.5 million viewers in a period of six months.

Additionally, many people saw her debut video on YouTube, which was named “Making 24K Golden Ice Cream from Scratch.” This video also got a lot of views.

Net Worth

YouTube is Michelle Chin’s primary source of income, accounting for the vast majority of her earnings. Additionally, she makes a good living off of endorsing different goods on her Instagram profiles.

It is believed that she has a net worth of around $1.5 million. In addition to that, she is the proud owner of a Lamborghini and enjoys an extravagant lifestyle with both her partner and her family.

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