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Michelle Yeoh is a model and actress from Malaysia. She is also known by her birth name, Michelle Yeoh Choo-kheng. Michelle Yeoh entered the film business in the 1980s and is most known for her appearances in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies and other martial arts films, such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Michelle Yeoh began her career in the film industry in the 1980s.

At the moment, she is regarded as one of the top paid actresses in Asia. She began her career by being the winner of the Miss Malaysia pageant, and shortly after that, she appeared in a commercial with Jackie Chan. She was thrust into the film business almost quickly and went on to star in a number of films focused on martial arts with a strong emphasis on action.

Michelle Yeoh

After she was married, she took a short vacation from acting, but she quickly returned to the industry with a string of successful films, including “Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger” and “Tomorrow Never Dies.” As time went on, she became known for her roles in films that were in English, putting Malaysia on the map internationally. She became one of the most famous actresses because to her innate ability to execute action sequences and her impressive stunt work.

She received several national accolades in addition to being a panellist for many reputable film festivals as a result of her steady performances and worldwide hits, which she accumulated over the course of her career. In more recent years, she has had starring roles in the critically acclaimed television series ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and the critically acclaimed film ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ both of which have garnered her several nominations for various awards.

Yeoh is still very much involved in the movie business, and she has a number of films that are scheduled for release in the next weeks and months.

In 1983, while she was just 20 years old, Yeoh triumphed in the Miss Malaysia beauty contest and was crowned the winner. Yeoh is well-known for carrying out all of her own stunts in the films that she directs. She has made appearances in a variety of films, including Cantonese, Mandarin, and English language films, among others.

Rotten Tomatoes, a prominent film review aggregator, included her in their list of the best action heroines of all time in 2008 due to her love of performing all of the action scenes in her films as well as her affinity for martial arts. She was also included on People magazine’s list of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” in 1997, and the same publication named her one of the “35 All-Time Screen Beauties” in 2009.

Michelle Yeoh Wiki

As of the year 2022, Michelle Yeoh will have reached the age of 60 years old, having been born on August 6th, 1962. She was born in Ipoh, Perak, Federation of Malaya, to a family that was of the indigenous ethnic Chinese Malaysian population. the origins of which may be traced back to a combination of Hokkien and Cantonese bloodlines.

Early in her education, she attended SMK Convent in Ipoh, Malaysia, as well as the Royal Academy of Dance in London, England. After that, she enrolled at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, England, and ultimately earned her degree there.

Relationships and the Family

Janet Yeoh and Yeoh Kian-teik are Michelle Yeoh’s parents. Janet is Michelle’s mother. Her father’s name is Kian-teik, and in addition to being a lawyer and a politician for the MCA, he was also the guy in charge of the very successful express bus service Sri Maju.

Michelle Yeoh

Yeoh Kian-teik is the name of the woman who is her mother, and she is a homemaker.

Yeoh has a half-brother named Yeoh Lam Hoe, who is a hearing specialist physician who works at the National Health Service (NHS) as well as various private institutions. There is a second brother who goes by the name Robert Yeoh.

Michelle Yeoh Husband

Between February 1988 until 1992, Yeoh was married to Dickson Poon, a Hong Kong executive. The couple divorced in 1992. After a marriage lasting four years, they decided to separate. During her short marriage to Poon, Yeoh made the decision to retire from the performing industry.

After some time had passed, she started a romantic connection with an American cardiologist by the name of Dr. Alan Heldman. They were engaged to be married in 1998 after dating for a short period of time. Despite this, the relationship didn’t last for very long.

In 2004, Yeoh began a romantic relationship with Jean Todt, a citizen of France. Todt is a sports executive who once held the position of CEO of Ferrari. She is now in a relationship with Todt, and in July 2008, the two of them announced that they had been engaged.

Michelle YeohYeoh is a devout Buddhist who guides her actions and choices in accordance with the teachings of her religion. When she is not working as an actress, she gets involved in a number of other causes. She is a supporter of the mission to Save China’s Tiger, which was established with the goal of preserving the endangered species.

Michelle Yeoh Net Worth

Michelle Yeoh’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million as of the year 2022.

Career & Life

Michelle Yeoh’s victory in the Miss Malaysia contest in 1983 put her on the front page of newspapers and magazines all around the nation. After that, she competed in the pageant for the title of Queen of the Pacific, which was held in Australia, and she ended up winning the title.
In addition to winning the Miss Malaysia pageant, she went on to represent Malaysia in the Miss World competition in 1983 and was named Miss Moomba in Melbourne. In 1983, she also competed in the Miss World competition. She gained notoriety all across the world as a result of these pageants.
Jackie Chan was one of Yeoh’s earliest co-stars when she made her debut on the silver screen in a television commercial. She was able to attract the notice of D&B Films, which is a film production business located in Hong Kong, as a result of this. Yeoh was cast in many D&B Films projects once the company made the decision to employ her.
Her early career consisted mostly of roles in a number of martial arts and action movies, including “Yes Madam” (1985), “Royal Warriors” (1986), “Magnificent Warriors” (1987), and “Easy Money” (1987). Yeoh’s rise to fame may be attributed to the fact that she did all of her own stunts in these high-octane movies.
After being married to Dickson Poon in 1987, who was the businessperson behind D&B company, she made the decision to withdraw from performing.

After her divorce in 1992, Michelle Yeoh reappeared in the public eye. Her return to acting was signalled by the smash success of her comeback picture, “Police Story 3: Super Cop,” which was released in 1992. After that, a string of critically acclaimed films such as “The Heroic Trio” (1993), “Tai Chi Master” (1994), and “Wing Chun” (1994) were released.
She became recognised all over the world after acting in the renowned James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” in the year 1997. She featured with Pierce Brosnan and portrayed the part of Wai Lin in the film. Yeoh’s dedication to the role, along with her talents, left a positive impression on Brosnan, who had previously played James Bond. She was referred to as the “female James Bond” by him.
Yeoh wanted to carry out all of her own stunts in the James Bond film, but Roger Spottiswoode, the director of the film, dissuaded her from doing so since he believed it to be too risky. Her performance in the film’s battle sequences garnered her a nomination for the MTV Movie Award in the category of Best Fight.
In the year 2000, she played the role of Yu Shu Lien in the worldwide action film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” which was directed by Ang Lee. Yeoh had to study Mandarin in order to prepare for her part, since the majority of the film was filmed in China. The movie has been hailed as a massive success all around the world.
Yeoh was nominated for a number of accolades due to the popularity of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” She was considered for an award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in the category of Best Actress in a Leading Role. Her fame skyrocketed as a result, and she received a number of further nominations.
In 2002, she appeared in and produced the action-adventure movie ‘The Touch,’ which she also directed. It was the first release for her production company, which goes by the name Mythical Films. Despite this, the movie did not do well at the box office and earned poor reviews.

Michelle YeohSince 2004, she has been concentrating on her work in films that are in the English language. Her performance in the part of Mameha in the adapted version of “Memoirs of a Geisha” was very well received. Yeoh’s performance was lauded by critics and audiences alike, in spite of the conflicting reactions to the movie.
Between the years 2005 and 2010, she appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films, some of the most notable of which include “Sunshine” (2007), “The Children of Huang Shi” (2008), and “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” (2008).
In the action-adventure movie “Reign of Assassins,” which was released in 2010, Yeoh was chosen to play the role of Zeng Jing. It was shown at a number of well-known film festivals, and Yeoh received a nomination for the Asian Film Awards in the category of Best Actress for her performance in the film. It was also one of the movies that brought in the most money all throughout the year.
In the biographical movie ‘The Lady,’ which was released in 2011, she gave a performance as Aung San Suu Kyi. As a result, this gave rise to a number of debates, and Yeoh was ultimately denied entrance into Myanmar. However, many of the reviewers praised her performance and were taken aback by her elegance and fury in the role.
Because of her notoriety all over the globe, the venerable French cosmetics firm Guerlain selected her as their skincare ambassador in the year 2011. Guerlain is known for their high-quality products. To close the gap between the Asian and European markets was one of her primary responsibilities.
It was in the last season of ‘Strike Back’ in 2015 that she first appeared on television playing the role of Mei Foster/Li-Na. In 2016, she played the role of Lotus in the television series Marco Polo. During this time, she was also a leading actress in a number of films, including “Mechanic: Resurrection” (2016) and “Morgan” (2016), among others.
Michelle was recruited for the role of Captain Philippa Georgiou in the science fiction television series ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ in 2017. She has continued to play the role up until the present day, and it has resulted in a nomination for the Saturn Award for Best Guest Starring Role in a Television Series for her work.
In 2018, she portrayed the part of matriarch Eleanor Young in the film “Crazy Rich Asians,” which became a huge success all over the world. The movie was popular in many areas of the globe, and Yeoh’s performance as Young received an abundance of acclaim from reviewers. The film was nominated for a number of prizes, and it already has two sequels scheduled for release in the near future.
She is now engaged in a number of different projects. In 2019, the movies ‘Boss Level’ and ‘Last Christmas’ starring this actress are slated to be released. Yeoh is presently busy filming for a new movie that will be dubbed “Blazing Samurai,” which is currently in the process of being produced.
Her home nation of Malaysia has on several occasions acknowledged and honoured her for the significant contributions she has made to the entertainment industry. She has been given a number of titles, and she has served as a jury member at a number of different international film festivals.

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