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Miranda Cosgrove, whose full name is Miranda Taylor Cosgrove, is a celebrity in the United States who works in the entertainment industry as an actor, singer, and producer. Her career on television, in particular the work she has done in comedy-drama productions, advertisements, and hosting, has brought her a great deal of notoriety.

She only ever sang in the Pop genre during her whole career as a musician, and she only ever played the Vocals instrument. Her first foray into the world of music was in 2008, when she contributed four songs to the soundtrack album of the television show after which the album was named. Additionally, she has worked in the horror film genre.

Miranda Cosgrove

She is most recognised for her role as Megan Parker on the Nickelodeon television series “Drake and Josh.” In the “Despicable Me” film series, she is most known for lending her voice to the character of Margo, the oldest of Gru’s children. In 2012, she held the record for being the child actor with the highest salary in the world.

She has provided the world with a lot of fantastic songs, some of which include “Kissin U,” “About You Now,” and others, in addition to acting, which is another one of her passions in addition to singing. Miranda is also the proud owner of a YouTube account, which she uses to share both her original music and covers with her legion of devoted fans.

Miranda Cosgrove Wiki

As of the year 2022, Miranda Cosgrove will have reached the age of 29 years, having been born on May 14th, 1993. She was born and reared in a stable household in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California, in the United States. She is a citizen of the United States of America.

Miranda Cosgrove

Laurel Spring School in California, which is located in the United States, is where she received her primary and secondary education. After that, she enrolled at the University of Southern California, where she eventually earned her degree and finished her studies there. Since she was a little girl, she has always been more interested in performing on stage, singing, and participating in a wide variety of extracurricular activities than she has been in academics.

Boyfriend and Family

Tom and Chris Cosgrove are Miranda Cosgrove’s parents. Miranda is an actress. Tom Cosgrove, who is a businessman by trade, is Miranda Cosgrove’s father, and Chris Cosgrove, Miranda’s mother, is a stay-at-home mom. Miranda was named after both of her parents. She does not have any siblings.

Miranda Cosgrove is not currently in a committed relationship with anybody. She has a boyfriend named Brian at the moment. In addition to her connection with Brian, she has had romantic involvements with Nat Wolff and James Maslow.

Miranda Cosgrove Career

When Miranda Cosgrove was just three years old, she began her ascent to celebrity, which accelerated her ascension to fame. A talent agency contacted her and her mother about her modelling when she was performing at a restaurant, where she was also singing and dancing. After her mother took up the offer, Miranda was quickly cast in ads for fast food chains like Burger King, McDonald’s, and Mello Yello.

She began trying out for parts on stage and in television productions when she was just seven years old. Her first role in a movie was in the 2003 production of “School of Rock.” On the other hand, she became well known in the television industry after landing the role of Megan Parker on the well-known sitcom “Drake and Josh” on Nickelodeon.

After landing the part of Carly Shay in the seventh season of iCarly in 2007, she had a surge in popularity.

These significant accomplishments served to catapult her career to new heights, propelling her to the position of best paid child actor in the world in 2012. In 2011, she received the award for Best Example to the Youth, and in 2013, she received the award for Favorite International Artist for her work on “iCarly.”

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda is an only child, therefore she started her formal education at home when she was in the sixth grade. She expressed a strong desire to be close to her family. Therefore, she decided to pursue a career in acting while attending the University of Southern California. She has high hopes of pursuing a degree in theatre.

On the other hand, she enjoys writing in her spare time. She is quite involved with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, and she goes there often. Her favourite charitable organisation is one that promotes learning via music. She serves as a spokesman for the Light the Night walk on a nationwide level.

It is an organisation whose mission is to educate people about leukaemia and other forms of blood cancer.

Miranda’s response to the question regarding her professional life is, “I adore entertaining people and making them laugh.” It’s one of my all-time favourite activities.

Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth

The actress Miranda Cosgrove has a net worth of $10 million as of the year 2022.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • In 2010, she published her first studio album, titled Sparks Fly.
  • Additionally, she provided the voice for the character Margo in the animated film Despicable Me and performed the role of Megan Parker in the Nickelodeon comedy Drake & Josh.
  • Before she began acting in movies and on television, she was seen in advertisements for Mello Yello and McDonald’s.
  • She earned $180,000 each episode as the lead character in the programme iCarly, which propelled her to the position of being the second most paid child celebrity on television.
  • She was the only kid in her family growing up, and she started attending home school when she was in the sixth grade. Tom is referred to as her father, while Christina is referred to as her mother.
  • In the movie School of Rock, Jack Black was cast in the role of her instructor.

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