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Molly Ringwald, also known by her full name, Molly Kathleen Ringwald, is a performer from the United States who is also a singer and songwriter. Molly Ringwald’s net worth is estimated to be $11 million as of the year 2022. Her breakout performance was in the NBC comedy named “The Facts of Life,” which ran from 1979 to 1980 and was shown on the network. She was discovered by a casting director when she was performing on stage in the musical Annie in the role of an orphan. The show was being put on by a theatre company.

Molly Ringwald

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Molly Jane Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Husband

Because of the changes that were made to the format of the programme, Molly, along with many other original cast members of Facts of the Life, was fired. Molly made her debut in the film industry in the year 1982 with the independent film Tempest, in which she played the role of Miranda. The film was filmed in New York. She was also considered for the award for New Star of the Year at the Golden Globes.

Molly is most well-known for her work with the director John Hughes, with whom she has collaborated on several occasions. As a result of her role in the popular film directed by John Hughes titled Sixteen Candles, which was released in the year 1984, she became known as an idol for teenagers. In subsequent years, she appeared in films such as The Breakfast Club (1985) and Pretty in Pink (1986), both of which were released in the United States.

In addition, she played the leading role in The Pick-up Artist, which was released in the year 1987, Fresh Horses, which was released in the year 1988, and For Keeps, which was released in the year 1988.

She also appeared in a number of films that were released in the 1990s. Three of these films are particularly noteworthy: Something to Live for: The Alison Gertz Story, which was released in 1992; The Stand, which was released in 1994; and Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade, which was a short film that was released in 1994 as a precursor to Sling Blade.

In addition, Molly was a member of the so-called “Brat Pack.” On the list of the 100 Greatest Teen Stars that was compiled by VH1, she came in first place. Since 2017, Molly may also be seen on the television series Riverdale, airing on The CW, where she plays the role of Mary Andrews.

Molly Ringwald Wiki

Molly Ringwald was born on the 18th of February in 1968, making her age 54 as of the year 2022. Roseville, California is her hometown, where she spent her whole childhood. She was born in the United States and has American citizenship, although her ancestry is Swedish. The Christian faith is the one that Molly practises.

Molly attended the Lycée Francais de Los Angeles and has achieved a high level of proficiency in the French language. She has completed her education. When Molly was just 5 years old, she started her career as an actress.

Molly Ringwald

She finished his early schooling at the high school in their Los Angeles neighbourhood. She was spotted acting in a theatre rendition of Alice in Wonderland, and her character was the Dormouse. Her performance was observed. The very following year, she collaborated with her father and the band that he leads, the Fulton Street Jazz Band, to make her first album, a collection of Dixieland jazz tunes titled “I Wanna Be Loved by You.”

Relationships and Family

Robert Scott “Bob” Ringwald and Adele Edith Ringwald are the proud parents of Molly Ringwald. Robert Scott “Bob” Ringwald was the name of the man’s father.

Adele Edith (née Frembd) was her mother’s name. Adele Edith’s mother was a cook, and her father was a blind jazz pianist. Her mother’s maiden name was Frembd. Beth and Kelly are the names of Molly’s two younger siblings, and while Molly did have an older brother before she was born, he passed away even before she was born. Beth, who is her elder sister, also has acting experience.

Her paternal grandparents are Ferman Verneal Ringwald and Aloha Deon Jenson, while her maternal grandparents are George Herbert Frembd and Edith Adele Ryer. Her paternal grandfather was named Ferman Verneal Ringwald, and her paternal grandmother was named Aloha Deon Jenson.

Molly Ringwald Career

Ringwald’s career in television and cinema had already begun to take form before she reached the age of majority. In 1979, she had guest appearances on a number of popular television shows, including “The Facts of Life” and “Different Strokes.”

Ringwald debuted as a lead singer for two of Disney’s albums in 1980, namely “Disney’s Christmas Album” and “Yankee Doodle Mickey.” The year 1980 marked the beginning of Ringwald’s singing career with Disney. She sang songs such as “This is My Country” and “God Bless America,” among others.

She received her first nomination for a “Golden Globe” for her performance in the film adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in 1982, for which she also received her first Golden Globe nomination. Her performance in the movie impressed some of the film’s most prominent directors and producers.

In 1984, the famed film director John Hughes hired Molly Ringwald in his coming-of-age comedy picture “Sixteen Candles,” which turned out to be her breakthrough performance in the industry. This was the beginning of Ringwald’s run of success.

The films ‘The Breakfast Club’ (1985), ‘Pretty in Pink’ (1986), ‘The Pick-up Artist’ (1987), and ‘Fresh Horses’ were among the other films she appeared in throughout the decade of the 1980s (1988).

Molly Ringwald

Reportedly, the actress declined the offer made by John Hughes in 1987 to take the main part in the film “Some Kind of Wonderful,” which Hughes directed. She also passed up opportunities to star in some of the most groundbreaking films of the 1990s, such as “Pretty Woman” (1990) and “Ghost” (1990).

Her courageous choice to turn down rich parts did not pay off, as she was cast in a series of roles that were less than successful. She was dissatisfied with her professional prospects, so she relocated to France, where she is now proficient in the language.

During this period of experimentation in her life, Ringwald appeared in a number of films and theatre shows in France. Ultimately, though, she made the decision to return to the United States. After that, in 1994, she had an appearance in the television version of Stephen King’s “The Stand.”

She was able to get the main role in the 1995 film “Malicious,” in which she played the part of a deranged lady who was in love with another person. She had a guest appearance in an episode of the comedy “Townies” that aired on ABC the following year.

In 1998, she starred opposite Teri Hatcher and David Schwimmer in the television movie “Since You’ve Been Gone,” which was produced specifically for cable television. She had a role in the next year’s production of “How I Learned to Drive,” which was written by Paula Vogel.

She appeared in a cameo capacity in the 2001 film “Not Another Adolescent Movie,” which was a spoof on teen flicks. Due to her performance, she was nominated for the “MTV Movie Award” in the “Best Cameo” category.

Her later significant work included the part of ‘Anne Juergens’ in ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager,’ which is an American adolescent drama. It was Brenda Hampton who was in charge of the direction, and ABC Family was the network that carried it from 2008 to 2013.

Her newest jazz CD, titled “Except Sometimes,” was published at the beginning of 2013. The album was met with reviews ranging from favourable to positive overall. It reached its highest position on the ‘Jazz Albums’ list at number seven. The following year, she had an appearance in the Christmas special “Wishin’ and Hopin'” that was shown on Lifetime. In 2016, she was also seen playing a recurring role on the television series ‘Raising Expectations.’

After appearing in the 2016 season of the biographical crime drama ‘King Cobra,’ she began appearing in the 2017 season of the adolescent drama series ‘Riverdale,’ which is shown on the CW. In the latter, she appeared as ‘Mary Andrew’ many times during the series.

In 2018, she appeared in a number of films, including “All These Small Moments,” “The Kissing Booth,” and “Siberia,” in which she had significant parts. The following year, she was given the opportunity to perform her part as “Mrs. Flynn” once more in the film “The Kissing Booth 2.” (2020).

Molly Ringwald Husband

Ringwald wed the French author Valéry Lameignère in the city of Bordeaux in France in the year 1999. At the time, she was working in France as an actress in French language films and theatre shows. After just three years of marriage, the couple decided to split.

After that, in 2007, she tied the knot with Panio Gianopoulos, who is a Greek-American author as well as a book editor. Mathilda Ereni, Adele Georgiana, and Roman Stylianos are the names of the couple’s three children respectively.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • Her most famous films are Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink, all of which she starred in.
  • She made her debut as an actress in a theatrical rendition of Alice in Wonderland when she was only five years old.
  • She is most known for her roles as Anne Juergens in The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Mary Andrews in Riverdale, both of which air on The CW.
  • After being married to Valery Lameignere from 1999 to 2002, she wed Panio Gianopoulos in 2007. Prior to that, she was married to Valery Lameignere.
  • She is the mother of three children: two girls called Adele and Mathilda, and one boy named Roman.
  • She co-starred with Emilio Estevez in the film The Breakfast Club.

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