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Journalist Nick Schifrin works out of his home country of the United States. He is the PBS NewsHour’s reporter for international affairs and military coverage. In May of 2018, he started working for PBS News Hour.

Previously, Nick served as a journalist for Al Jazeera America covering the Middle East. He also covered the region for ABC News while based in London and Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Schifrin spent his childhood in the city of Los Angeles, California, and went to Oakwood School there from kindergarten all the way through his high school years, graduating in 1998.

Nick Schifrin

He earned a bachelor of arts degree in American history from Columbia University in 2002 and graduated with that degree. Schifrin was the managing editor of The Columbia Daily Spectator when he was a student at Columbia University, including on September 11, 2001.

Nick Schifrin Family

The gifted journalist’s birth and upbringing both took place in the United States of America, where he was raised by his parents. On the other hand, we were unable to discover anything about his family since there was no information of that kind that was accessible to the general public.

As a direct consequence of this, the identity of her parents remain a mystery. There is also the question of whether or not he has any siblings. This part, on the other hand, will be updated whenever there is a new piece of information that can be found.

Nick Schifrin Wife

The journalist, who is 52 years old, does not have a partner at this time. He has not changed either his marital status or his public appearances since he is presently focusing all of his attention on his career.

Nick Schifrin

Nick has not disclosed his romantic involvement to the public. It is unclear if he is married, engaged, divorced, or whether he is single when it comes to his marital status.

Nick Schifrin Net Worth

As a result of his work as a writer, it is believed that he now has a net worth that falls between between $1 Million and $5 Million.

The income that she brings in from her jobs as an anchor/reporter and producer has allowed him to accumulate a respectable fortune.


In 2002, Schifrin started working for ABC News as a desk assistant during the evening shift. In 2006, Schifrin was a part of the team that assisted in the introduction of the daily World News Webcast. This was the first network program that was created just for the web and iTunes.

He was the show’s writer in addition to serving as the broadcast producer. The tales in the program were described as “raw and personal, as if they were created for MTV rather than ABC” in a review that The New York Times published on the webcast.

In 2007, Schifrin uprooted his life and relocated to New Delhi, India, where he began working as a correspondent for ABC News. In that location, he had an interview with the Dalai Lama in the midst of the turbulence that occurred in Tibet in 2008 and received a Business Emmy as part of a team that covered the global food crisis.

Nick Schifrin

Additionally, Schifrin was one of the first foreign reporters to arrive at the site during the assaults that took place in Mumbai in November of 2008.

Unknown Facts & Trivia

  • Positioned as one of the most popular journalists on the list. Also included on the elit list of notable celebrities who were born in the United States of America.
  • Every year on July 10, Nick Schifrin and his family and friends gather to celebrate his birthday.
  • In 2011, Schifrin composed a poem titled “Reading Shakespeare in Kandahar,” which was based on his travel from his college lecture classroom, where he was on 9/11, to bin Laden’s lair 10 years later.
  • The work was inspired by his journey from his college lecture classroom to bin Laden’s lair.
  • Schifrin’s Shakespeare professor had delivered an impassioned lecture about the 9/11 attacks and Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, which has the topic of the desire for retribution, in Schifrin’s class ten years earlier.
  • This work makes reference to the United States’ inability to heed Shakespeare’s cautions about the potentially catastrophic nature of seeking retribution.
  • A piece titled “Reading Shakespeare in Kandahar” was just published in the journal “Foreign Policy.” Both Schifrin and David Kastan, Schifrin’s professor at Columbia, were guests on “The Charlie Rose Show” to discuss the article.
  • In November of 2013, Schifrin was given the role of becoming the first foreign reporter for Al Jazeera America. He largely covered the Middle East while working out of Jerusalem as his center of operations.
  • During the summer of 2014, Schifrin was in charge of the coverage that the channel provided of the conflict in Gaza.
  • Throughout this period, he reported from inside Gaza longer than nearly any other foreign journalist and filed more than 50 articles from Gaza and Israel during the conflict.
  • He also hosted an hour-long special from Gaza City.
  • He was reporting from inside Gaza longer than almost any other foreign journalist.
  • Schifrin and his colleagues were awarded the David Kaplan Prize by the Overseas Press Club for their coverage of the conflict from both within and outside of the country’s borders.
  • Schifrin came in Ukraine at the beginning of 2014, just as violence was reaching its climax in Kiev.
  • He was in Ukraine for about a month, during which time the pro-Russian government of Ukraine toppled and Russia seized Crimea. He also visited other parts of Ukraine.
  • Because of their coverage, he and his colleagues were awarded the National Headliners prize.

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