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Paula Harwood is best known for being the perfect wife of popular Hollywood actor Peter Gallagher. Paula Harwood is currently 64 years old and she is a very supportive wife. This American woman is also a former TUFTS alumni and she was also very actively involved in dramatic acting. 

She is also a very huge Charity supporter and she donates a lot of funds to the needy. Along with being a rock for her husband Peter, she is also the mother of celebrity children. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she is a campaigner in her own right. If you are looking for some Paula Harwood-Gallagher juicy information then stay tuned till the end.

Paula Harwood and Peter Gallagher
Paula Harwood and Peter Gallagher

Paula Harwood’s Early Life!

Paula Harwood is in her sixty’s now to be precise she is 64 years old as of the year 2019. He is known for having a perfect and long-lasting marriage to Peter Gallagher who is a Hollywood actor. The couple is married for the past three decades and still counting, which is quite admirable!

The genesis of this couple’s romance story started in their early college days. Their close friendship turned into a romantic relationship which further turned into a beautiful marriage in the year 1983.

Peter was born in New York City in the year 1955. Along with being an American actor is also into music and writing. Since 1980, has played very many impressive roles in several Hollywood movies.

He is best known for his roles in the television drama series The OC, which lasted from the year 2003 to 2007. He played a very important role of Sandy Cohen in this popular drama television series. He is also known for starring as Deputy Chief William Dodds in the series ‘Law and Order- Special victims unit’.

Kathryn Peter Gallagher

Peter Killian Gallagher also played the role of Arthur Campbell who was a CIA director in USA network drama TV series, which premiered in the year 2010. The full eyebrow look of Peter was very distinctive which added to his trademark.

Peter Killian Gallagher first ventured into Showbiz in 1970 and since then he has shown a high level of professionalism in his Hollywood acting career. This superlative actor acted on stage and in theatre productions and pulled out an impressive performance in several movies throughout the course of his career in the showbiz industry.

This dashing celebrity has starred in more than 50 television series, forty-four films, and over 15 stag roles! His popular roles and appearance include; Guys and Dolls, The Idol Maker, A Doll’s Life, American Beauty, and Short-Cuts which is a Golden Global nominated film. 

Peter and Paula are appreciated by a lot of people because of their long-lasting close-to-perfect marriage, which is hardly seen in Hollywood today. Paula and Peter’s commitment to their marriage has become a reference point in other couples in the Hollywood Industry.

This lovely couple lives in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles located in California. James Gallagher and Katheryn Gallagher are there two children who were born and brought up in Los Angeles. James is currently 28 years old, who is a director as well as a producer.

Whereas Katheryn is just 25 and she is more into singing and songwriting. Katheryn also has two albums to her name and she is an excellent singer.

Along with being a perfect wife, she is also equally supportive about her children’s career, which we can see on her Twitter handle as well as on her Instagram account where she discusses their projects and work.

Education and Career

Paula has not shared many things about her childhood and she is happy keeping her life private. Although it is not confirmed it is rumored that her parent’s names were Paul and Paulette Harwood!

She was a very hard-working working and bright student. She completed her degree at TUFT University which is a privately funded research University located in Metford.

Paula met her future husband Peter at the same University and both were students studying over there. They have the perfect love life that any couple would wish to have. And their relationship is appreciated in Hollywood as well as from all over the world. 

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Net Worth: Paula Harwood

Paula has been a very generous and supportive wife of Peter Gallagher and throughout his acting career. She has helped in his Hollywood acting roles also in Broadway musicals as well as in writing assignment related stuff.

Peter Gallagher has also stated and said many times in interviews that his wife is always supportive about his decision and she always encourages him whenever he is in doubt about his career decisions and roles. 

This couple married on May 7, 1983, and their marriage has lasted since the first meeting in university till today. This 35-year-old long magnificent relationship is quite impressive and admirable. She also likes to endorse and raise funds for many charities and trusts.

She is a great Charity supporter and campaigner in her own right. Paula also uses her social media accounts and feeds to promote her husband’s and children’s career. 

Paula Harwood husband

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Unknown trivia about Paula Harwood

  • When the duo was asked what they would like to do in their free time, both said they pass their free time relaxing, cooking, reading books and doing some household work.
  • Relationship of Paula hardwood and Peter Gallagher is an inspiration to the young generation as a true mark of everlasting love. Also, along with their remarkable relationship, Paula always supported her husband in every aspect and proved to be unselfish and a supportive wife.
  • Paula’s second child named Katheryn is a very career-focused lady and she is into the music industry. Her versatile daughter is giving her best as a musician and she also has two albums of her name. She is also versed in acting as well as in songwriting and she also had a role in Broadway Production theatre.

Paula Harwood Peter Gallagher

This was all about Paul Harwood the lovely wife of the triple theatre entertainer, Peter Gallagher. The mother of two is very generous and she has become a subject of public scrutiny because everyone wants to know about her. If you did like our information and biography about Paula do share it with your friends and family! Also, read about her daughter Katheryn Gallagher from below.

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