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Paxton Myler is a social media star and YouTuber based in the United States. Paxton Myler’s wealth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of the year 2022. On his channel, which is called Ninja Kidz TV on YouTube, he often posts videos of himself participating in various tasks. He now has more than 18 million subscribers to his channel on YouTube.

Wiki of Paxton Myler

Paxton Myler was born on September 6, 2008, which means that he will be 14 years old in the year 2022. He was born in the United States to a family that was well-established there. He is a Christian by faith and possesses American citizenship. He was born in the United States. He was born under the sign of the Virgo. In the United States, he attended the local high school to get a head start on his education.

Concerning the Family and Relationships

Shane and Ally Myler are Paxton Myler’s biological parents. His father’s name is Shane Myler, and he is a cricketer by trade. His mother’s name is Ally Myler, and she is an actress. Both of his parents are in the entertainment industry.

He is the youngest of three children; his two brothers are named Bryton and Ashton. Nobody knows what his sister’s name is. Paxton Myler is not currently in a committed relationship with anybody.

Paxton Myler

Paxton Myler is a fantastic American martial artist, gymnast, actor, and social media celebrity who is known for his videos on YouTube. The famous YouTube channel Ninja Kidz TV, on which he appeared as a cast member, has garnered the attention of millions of viewers thanks to its exciting adventures, idyllic settings, and programming geared toward families. In addition to this, Paxton is the owner of a channel on YouTube under his own name, where he posts vlogs, challenges, pranks, and other types of entertainment. In addition, Paxton may be seen on Instagram under his own name.

Paxton has been training in gymnastics and martial arts ever since he was a youngster, and he now has certifications for First Degree Black Belt and Level 6 Gymnast. In later years, he began his career as a YouTuber and quickly rose to prominence in that capacity.

Paxton and his brothers started their adventures on YouTube at the beginning of 2017, when they became contributors to the popular channel known as Ninja Kidz TV. And on the 23rd of March in 2017, they had already released their debut YouTube video with the title “POWER RANGERS MOVIE KIDZ TEASER!” Soon after that, they released their second video to YouTube, which was titled “POWER RANGERS NINJA KIDZ! Episode 1.”

This video quickly gained a large number of views and became one of the most popular content pieces on the channel. Paxton eventually became a prominent figure as a result. He demonstrated his athleticism by taking part in a number of skits and challenges and posting footage of himself doing so on YouTube.

Some of the channel’s videos that have gone popular include “BOYS vs. GIRLS! Amazing Celebration of Your Birth! Twin Ninja Kidz!, Twin Smash! by Paxton and Payton, and Twin Ninja Kidz! Super Team Up!”, “Being Awesome! Ninja Kidz Music Video,” “Power Rangers Ninja Kidz Battle with Healthbars!,” and a number of other videos have been titled similarly. These films have together racked up millions upon millions of views.

Paxton Myler

Paxton launched his own self-titled YouTube channel on May 6, 2018, shortly after gaining notoriety on the show ‘Ninja Kidz TV.’ On June 16, 2018, however, he published the first version of his YouTube video titled “I shocked my mum with a Mohawk!” Since that time, he has significantly expanded the variety of videos, including vlogs, challenges, and other content, that can be seen on his channel.

The videos “Paxton Gets Power Rangers Beast Morphers Toys!,” “EATING ONLY ONE COLORED FOOD FOR 24 HOURS!,” “Smashing Pumpkins filled with Mystery Surprise!,” “MICRO TITANS Ninja Kidz Battle! New Hexbug Toy!,” and so on are among the most popular on the channel. These films have together amassed millions of views between them. On his YouTube account, he publishes a new video once every seven days, on average.

Paxton Myler net worth

How much money does Paxton have, the American martial artist, gymnast, actor, and social media celebrity who is famous on YouTube? Paxton has not divulged any information about his wealth or earnings to the public. According to the findings of our investigation and the many sources that can be found on the internet, it is said that Paxton’s current net worth is close to one million dollars in US currency.

Paxton Myler

Acting, commercial sponsorships, several social media applications, and other activities are his primary sources of revenue. It is reasonable to anticipate that in the next years, his net worth will expand as a result of the robustness of his professional endeavors.

Paxton Myler Instagram

Paxton is active on the photo-sharing platform Instagram in addition to his activity on YouTube. On his YouTube account, he shares material about his lifestyle, including images of his family and his travels.

Paxton also advertises the videos he uploads to YouTube on the Instagram account he uses. As of just this moment, he has amassed a significant number of followers on Instagram.

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