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Poppy is the stage name of American singer, songwriter, actress, and YouTuber Moriah Rose Pereira. She is also known as Poppy. Poppy has a net worth of $1.5 million as of the year 2022. Since the year 2011, she has been working in the business. In 2014, she became known throughout the internet as a manufactured creature resembling the uncanny valley that commented on and satirised aspects of online culture.


She signed a recording contract with Island Records in 2015, and her first extended play (EP) named Bubblebath was released the following year. Poppy Computer is the name of her first studio album, which was released in 2017 after she secured a record deal with Mad Decent. The album had music that were both art-pop and bubblegum pop.

Poppy originally became famous online in 2014 after acting in a series of performance art films that lampooned aspects of contemporary life and internet culture. In 2015, she made her debut with the release of her first extended play (EP) titled Bubblebath after signing a recording deal with Island Records.

Poppy Wiki

Poppy’s birthday is January 1, 1995, and as in the year 2022, she will be 27 years old. She was born into a well-established Christian family in Whitman, Massachusetts, in the United States, where she spent her childhood. Her nationality is that of the United States of America.

Her early education was finished at a local school in the United States, and she continued her education at home later on.

She did not sign herself up for attendance at any of the colleges. She was always more interested in singing than in schoolwork, even when she was quite young. This continued throughout her life.


She grew up dancing, which she continued to do for 11 years until she made the decision to become a musician. She remembers as a youngster wishing she could be a Rockette. She was picked on as a youngster while attending public school due to the fact that she was thin and kept to herself. As a result, she ultimately finished the second part of her education at home.


She remained in Whitman until the age of 14, when she followed her family to Nashville, Tennessee, and then she relocated to Los Angeles, California, when she was 18 years old.

When it comes to her family, Poppy has always been someone who maintains a high level of discretion. Because she has not yet disclosed any information on them, there is a very limited amount of information that can be found online.

Poppy Boyfriend

Poppy has not entered into a romantic partnership of any kind and is not yet married. It is anticipated that she and Ghostemane were dating between the years 2019 and 2021; during that time, they even were engaged to each other, a fact that Poppy acknowledged by posting a tale on her Instagram account (which is shown below); nevertheless, they are no longer together.

Poppy Net Worth

Poppy entered the music business in 2011 and has subsequently made significant progress in her professional life since that time. It is speculated that her total assets are somewhere in the region of $1.5 million USD.


Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • She is a singer who rose to prominence with the release of the songs “Lowlife” and “Everybody Wants To Be Poppy.”
  • She is also known by her stage name, That Poppy. Poppy was the name of the full-length studio album that she released the same year (2017).
  • In addition to that, Computer took home the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Streamy Award in 2017.
  • In January of 2011, she became a member of Twitter, and in October of that same year, she launched a channel on YouTube.
  • She maintains her own channel on YouTube, where she shares vlogs as well as music videos.
  • On the YouTube Red streaming service in 2018, her I’m Poppy series made its debut.
  • Moriah Pereira is her birth name and given name. Her childhood was spent in Nashville, Tennessee, despite the fact that she was born in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • She was engaged to the rapper Ghostemane, however the duo ended their relationship in late 2021 and broke off their engagement.
  • In 2015, she attended the Young Hollywood event that was organised by Teen Vogue, where she was accompanied on the red carpet by Zella Day.

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