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Rainn Wilson, also known as Rainn Percival Dietrich Wilson, is a comedic actor, podcaster, producer, and writer from in the United States. In addition to his career in the sector, which he began in 1993, he is now employed by the Independent political party.

The role of Dwight Schrute, which he played on the NBC comedy series The Office, earned him three consecutive nominations for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. This performance is mostly responsible for his widespread fame.

Rainn Wilson

In 2005, thanks to his outstanding performance as ‘Dwight Schrute’ in the American adaptation of the hugely successful British comedy ‘The Office,’ he shot to fame and became a household figure. Before he became renowned, he toiled at for ten years in obscurity, unable to present his abilities on an appropriate stage.

After that, he was cast in recurring parts on many television programmes, including “Six Feet Under,” “Law & Order,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Entourage,” and others. In addition to that, he had roles in films such as “House of a Thousand Corpses,” “Almost Famous,” “America’s Sweethearts,” and others. Wilson’s eccentric approach to acting and unforgettable presence on film were at last given the recognition they deserved.

In addition, he has served as the director for three episodes of “The Office,” the sixth season of “The Cover-Up,” the seventh season of “Classy Christmas,” and the eighth season of “Get the Girl.” Following the success of ‘The Office,’ Wilson was given further chances to showcase his abilities in projects such as ‘The Rocker,’ ‘Monsters vs. Aliens,’ ‘Bonzai Shadowhands,’ and many others.

After that, he was offered a position in the Fox crime thriller “Backstrom,” in which he portrayed the main character, “Everett Backstrom.”

Rainn Wilson Wiki

Rainn Wilson is 56 years old as of the year 2022, having been born on January 20th, 1966. He was born into a well-established Baha’i family in Seattle, Washington, in the United States, and raised there throughout his childhood. He adheres to the Baha’i faith and was born in the United States of America, hence he is a citizen of the United States.

Rainn Wilson

He finished his primary and secondary education at Shorecrest High School. After that, he registered for classes at the University of Washington, and then he transferred to New York University, which is the institution from where he received his degree.

From the very beginning of his life, he had a greater interest in performing in plays and participating in a wide variety of extracurricular activities than he did in academics.

Wife & Family

Robert G. Wilson and Shay Cooper are Rainn Wilson’s parents. Rainn’s middle name is Cooper. Mr. Robert G. Wilson is the name of the man who is his son’s father. Mr. Robert G. Wilson is a writer, an artist, and a business consultant.

Mrs. Shay Cooper is her name, and she works as both a yoga instructor and an actor in the entertainment industry.

The actor Rainn Wilson is currently in a committed relationship. In 1995, he tied the knot with Holiday Reinhorn. Walter McKenzie Wilson is the name of his kid, who he has.

When Wilson was in college, he took an acting class with Holiday Reinhorn, who was a writer. In 1995, the pair tied the knot close to the Kalama River in Washington state. They are the parents of a child who they have named Walter McKenzie Wilson.

Rainn Wilson Career

Wilson’s early career was a struggle, and the lack of options available to him drove him to take on a variety of odd jobs. His efforts were finally rewarded in 1997 when he was cast in a recurring role on the television show ‘One Life to Live.’
Wilson continued to appear in supporting parts in films such as “Galaxy Quest” (1999), “Almost Famous” (2000), and “America’s Sweethearts” (2001), amongst others. Around the same period, he was cast in supporting parts in a number of television shows, including “Charmed” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”
In 2003, Wilson made his debut in the Rob Zombie film ‘House of 1000 Corpses,’ which is widely regarded as the film that launched his acting career. His original and eccentric sense of style garnered him a lot of attention. Chris Hardwick and Sheri Moon Zombie were two of the other actors who appeared in the movie with Wilson.
Greg Daniels, a producer, took note of Wilson’s approach and style, which he described as being “quirky, unique, and unusual.” During this time period, Daniels was searching for the ideal cast members to star in the upcoming American remake of the hit British comedy “The Office.”
It was decided that he would be a good fit for the project, and he was given the part of ‘Dwight Schrute’ with other notable actors such as Steve Carell and John Krasinski. The first five seasons of the series were nominated for a total of four “Primetime Emmy Awards,” and it continued airing until 2013.
In the 2000s, he had roles in films such as “Sahara” (2005), which starred Matthew McConaughey; “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” (2006), which starred Uma Thurman; “The Last Mimzy” (2007); and “Juno” (2007), which starred Ellen Page, Jason Bateman, and a number of other actors.
Because of how well ‘The Office’ had done, Wilson was offered the main part in the comedy ‘The Rocker,’ which was directed by Peter Cattaneo, in the year 2007. (2008). The movie was met with lukewarm critical reception and underperformed poorly at the box office.
In the 2009 computer-animated science fiction comedy picture titled “Monsters vs. Aliens,” he provided the voice for the nefarious alien dictator named “Gallaxhar.” In addition, Seth Rogen and Reese Witherspoon provided their voices for significant roles in the movie. In the same year, he collaborated with others on the writing and production of “Bonzai Shadowhands.”

Rainn WilsonIn 2015, Wilson was selected to portray the main character of “Everett Backstrom” in the Netflix original series “Backstrom.” Everett is a self-deprecating investigator who is a member of a group of eccentric criminologists. The television show was adapted on a book series written in Swedish by Leif G. W. Persson.

Since the year 2010, Wilson has portrayed a wide variety of creepy characters in films such as “Peep World” (2010), “Cooties” (2014), “Army of One” (2016), “Smurfs: The Lost Village” (2017), “The Death of Superman” (2018), and “Batman: Hush.” Wilson has also been a major contributor as a voice actor in these films (2019).
In addition to that, he has recurred in episodes of the comedy “Mom” on CBS and the online series “Star Trek: Discovery.” Both “Roadies” (2016) and “Room 104” featured him in a cameo role (2018).
In the 2019 drama film “Blackbird,” directed by Roger Michell, he portrayed the role of “Michael.” The year after that, he provided his voice for the character of Lex Luthor in the adult animated science fantasy superhero film “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.”

Rainn Wilson Net Worth

As of now, Rainn Wilson has a net worth of 14 million dollars.

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