Regina Ting Chen Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Husband

The American actress, producer, and YouTuber Regina Ting Chen is also a fanatic about her physical health. As of the year 2022, Regina Ting Chen has a net worth of 80,000 thousand dollars. She rose to prominence after appearing in the film Stranger Things (2016) as well as Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021).

Regina Ting Chen

Both “Violence of Action” in 2020 and “The CONJURING: The Devil Made Me Do It 2021” are the products of her most recent efforts as a producer. She has a strong reputation in the acting and directing worlds. In addition to that, she has an interest in art and boxing.

Regina Ting Chen Wiki

Regina Ting Chen was born on the 17th of January 1989, making her 33 years old as of the year 2022. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, into a well-established Christian family, and she spent her childhood there. Both her nationality and her religious beliefs indicate that she is a Christian. She was born in the United States. She graduated from a high school in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she received her primary and secondary education.

Following the conclusion of her primary and secondary schooling, she went on to get a degree from the University of Texas. She moved back to Austin, in her native state of Texas, in order to finish earning her degree there. She is a skilled artist who has achieved a lot of success in Hollywood. She had positions at both Marvel Studios and DC Comics over her career.

Regina Ting Chen

Additionally, she is well-known for her kickboxing and fitness films, in which she motivates and inspires her pupils via the medium of his videos. She has a soft spot for critters. Painting is another ability that she demonstrates. She is a phenomenal performer in the film industry. Around the year 2010, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish as well as in business.

Family and Husband

Mrs. Chen is Regina Ting Chen’s mother, and her father’s name is Mr. Chen, who is in the business world. Mr. Chen is Regina Ting Chen’s father. Her mother’s occupation is that of a homemaker. In addition to this, she is one of five siblings, one of which is a well-known artist, photographer, analyst, entrepreneur, and designer. Rosaline Chen is aware of this sister.

The relationship status of Regina Ting Chen is that of a married couple. 2019 is the year that she tied the knot with Eric Goodell. One of her husband’s many accomplishments is holding the position of senior mechanical engineer at the global firm Owens & Minor. Her spouse received their degree from the same institution. Her spouse attends college and earns a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since June of 2014, the two of them have been dating.

Physical Looks

The young actress is stunning, with the appearance of a smokin’ hot and pretty girl who also has an alluring and endearing demeanour. She has a lovely, sultry, and curvy form, as well as appealing body dimensions and a wonderfully curved, lean body type. Her figure is just stunning. Her figure dimensions are roughly 30-23-32 inches in length.

Regina Ting Chen

Her height is around 170 centimetres (5 feet 6 inches), and she weighs approximately 59 kilogrammes (130 pounds). She has long, dark hair that is glossy and black in colour, and she possesses blazing brown eyes that are lovely and intriguing.

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