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Rose McGowan Arianna McGowan, most recognized for her role as Rósa, is a well-known American actress and activist. As of the year 2022, Rose McGowan has a net worth of eighteen million dollars.

She is most recognized for her roles as Amy Blue in “The Doom Generation” (1995), a film that was both a drama and a thriller, and as Gale Ann Thayer in “Going All the Way,” a drama independent film (2013). She has been honored with a variety of awards, including the MTV Movie Award (1999) and the Golden Schmoes Awards, amongst others (2008).

Rose Arianna McGowan is a multi-talented artist that can act, model, sing, and write. She was born in Italy. She is most recognized for her roles as young Cora Mills in the fantasy series ‘Once Upon a Time’ and as Paige Matthews in the supernatural drama series ‘Charmed’.

She was born in Florence, Italy, but when she was a teenager she went to Los Angeles. She got her start in the film industry with a part in the movie “Encino Man.”

Following her performance in the movie “The Doom Generation,” she began to get a lot of notice. Because of her performance, she was put in consideration for a “Independent Spirit Award.” Her appearance in the terrifying film ‘Scream’ catapulted her to a degree of fame that transcended national boundaries. The movie did well at the box office and was well welcomed by critics at the same time.

Rose McGowan

She has made a number of film appearances throughout the course of her career, and she is also active on television, where she has performed in a number of television shows, including “Charmed” and “Chosen.” Throughout the course of her career, she has been honored with a number of awards, including the “Alliance of Women Film Journalists Award” for “Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Film Industry” as well as “Midnight Outstanding Achievement” award from the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Rose McGowan Wiki

As of the year 2022, Rose McGowan will have reached the age of 48 years, having been born on September 5th, 1973. She came from a well-established family that was originally from Florence in Tuscany, Italy. She was born under the sign of the Virgo the Virgin, and she was raised in the Christian faith.

Rose McGowan

Roosevelt High School and Nova Alternative High School, both located in Washington, were her last two schools before she graduated from her early education. After that, she enrolled in a college in her home country of Italy and ultimately received her degree from there.

Early Life

Rose McGowan was born on September 5th, 1973 in the city of Florence, which is located in the Tuscany region of Italy. Her mother, Terri, was a writer, and her father, Daniel McGowan, was an activist. Her mother was an activist. She is the half-sister of two children.

Her family was involved with the international cult known as the “Children of God,” and her father was the leader of the group’s branch in Italy at one point. She traveled around Europe with her family when she was a kid and they would stay in different communes that belonged to the same organization.

As a result of her father’s extensive network of artistic connections, she began her career as a child model. She was featured in a number of publications from Italy. After some time, she relocated to the United States with her family, where she first attended Roosevelt High School and then transferred to the Alternative High School. She also has some experience working at McDonald’s. After that, she made the trip to Los Angeles in order to launch an acting career.


Rose McGowan got her start in the entertainment industry with a part in the comedy film “Encino Man” (1992), in which she had a supporting role. The film was directed by Les Mayfield and told the story of a caveman who tries to adapt to life in the 20th century. The movie grossed roughly six times as much money as it had originally planned to spend on production. On the other hand, the vast majority of reviews were critical.

Rose McGowan

The next year, she had an appearance in Greg Araki’s dark comedy film titled “The Doom Generation,” which was released in 1995. Because of her impressive performance, she garnered a lot of admiration and popularity. The movie received high marks from critics, despite the fact that it was not successful at the box office. Her next significant part was in the horror thriller “Scream,” which was released in 1996. The movie, which was directed by Wes Craven and was a great hit both critically and economically, was a huge success. Over the course of many years, it went on to become a cult classic.

Following her roles in films such as “Lewis and Clark and George” (1997) and “Devil in the Flesh” (1998), she rose to prominence for her performance as the main character in the film “Jawbreaker,” which was released in 1998. The movie did poorly at the box office and received mostly bad reviews from critics. Despite this, she was considered a worthy contender for the “Best Villain” category at the MTV Movie Awards.

She had a significant part in the fantasy drama series ‘Charmed,’ which aired from 2001 to 2006 on television. The program amassed a large amount of viewers and finally achieved cult status as a result of its success. In addition, she was a prominent character in the Elvis miniseries that aired in 2005. It was based on the life of the legendary musician and singer Elvis Presley from the United States.

She continued to act throughout the 2000s, appearing in films such as “Roads to Riches” in 2002, “The Black Dahlia” in 2006, “Planet Terror” in 2007, “Fifty Dead Men Walking” in 2008, “Dead Awake” in 2010, “Conan the Barbarian” in 2011, and “The Weight of Blood and Bones” in 2015.

In the action-thriller television series ‘Chosen,’ which began airing in 2014, she had a recurring role. The Tell-Tale Heart (2016) and The Sound (2017) are two of her most recent films that have been released in theaters (2017). Throughout the course of her career, she has also made appearances in a number of music videos and on the covers of a number of magazines.

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