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Shannon Noelle Bream, more often referred to simply as Shannon Bream, is a journalist, lawyer, and former participant in a variety of beauty pageants in the United States. Shannon Bream’s net worth is estimated to be $25 million as of the year 2022. In 2017, she was a host for the show “Fox News @ Night” that aired on Fox News Channel.

Shannon Bream

She competed in the “Miss America” pageant in 1991 and went on to earn the title of “Miss Florida USA” in 1995. She also competed in the “Miss America” competition in 1991. She had a position as an intern in the House of Representatives of the United States. While she was working as a corporate attorney in Tampa, Florida, in 1999, she appeared on an episode of the political talk program “Politically Incorrect,” which was broadcast on the ABC network.

Since she began working in journalism in the year 2001, she has amassed huge recognition as well as a fortune of over 8 million dollars in the space of approximately 21 years.

Wiki: Shannon Bream

Since of the year 2022, Shannon Bream will be about 51 years old, as she was born on December 23rd, 1970. She was born and reared in Tallahassee, Florida, in the United States, in a family who had established themselves there. She was born in the United States and was raised with a Christian worldview. She also speaks fluent American. Capricorn is both her astrological sign and her ethnicity, and she is of White American descent.

She graduated from a high school in Tallahassee, which is located in the United States, while she was in her early teens. In addition, she had her secondary education at Christian High School, located in North Florida, Tallahassee, in the United States, from which she graduated.

After that, she enrolled at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, where she received her degree in Business Management in 1993. After that, she went on to work as a business manager.

In addition, she received a Juris Doctor degree with honors from the Florida State University College of Law, which is located in Tallahassee, Florida. She attended this institution in 1996. She had a strong interest in journalism and news reporting ever since she was a little girl, and she always knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the same sector.

Relationships, Her Boyfriend, and Her Family

Ed DePuy and Marie Norris are Shannon Bream’s parents. Shannon Bream is their daughter. Ed DePuy, who was a member of the Leon County Commission by trade and passed away in April 2013, is the name of Shannon Bream’s late father. Her mother’s name is Marie Norris, and she worked as an educator before she became a parent.

In addition, she has one sister. Her brother’s name is Sid Bream, and he was a pilot in the Navy for a while.

Shannon Bream

The relationship status of Shannon Bream is that of a married couple. Sheldon Bream is the name of her spouse, and he is an American journalist who works for the Fox News Channel. The two individuals first connected with one another while attending Liberty University. On December 30th, 1995, they exchanged wedding vows. Since that time, the two of them have been happy to spend their lives together as married people. They do not yet have any children of their own.

Physical Apperance

Shannon Bream is a stunningly beautiful, very sexy, and stunningly exquisite lady who has an alluring and endearing demeanor. She has a gorgeous figure that is both sexy and curvy, with good body proportions and a wonderfully curved, thin body type. Her figure is just stunning. Her body dimensions are roughly 38-26-37 inches in length, width, and height.

She stands at around 5 feet and 7 inches tall, and her weight is approximately 64 kg. She has long hair that is a bright blonde hue and eyes that are a gorgeous and intriguing shade of a blazing green color.


At the beginning of her career, Shannon Bream worked as a criminal lawyer. She focused mostly on cases involving racial discrimination, the exploitation of women, and sexual assault.

After that, she changed her mind about going into the legal field and instead decided to pursue a career in journalism. In 2001, she began working as a reporter for the evening and late-night news on the WBTV station in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2004, she resigned from her position as a weekend anchor at WBTV and began working for WRC-TV instead.

After receiving her law degree from the Florida State University College of Law in 1996, she moved to Tampa, Florida, to begin her career as a legal professional there.

Shannon Bream

After relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2001, she started working as a reporter for the CBS affiliate station known as “WBTV” in the late evening and overnight hours. After working for WBTV for a period of three years, Shannon joined the WRC-Television staff in Washington, District of Columbia, which is a subsidiary of NBC. There, she was employed on the weekends as the giver of gratitude. In addition to that, she took part in a variety of general duties and responsibilities.

Her enthusiasm in the field of news reporting drove her to switch careers from attorney to journalist. She had previously worked in the legal field. After that, she embarked on a career in television news.

During the time that she worked at WRC-TV, she became acquainted with “Brit Hume,” who had previously served as the chief editor of the Washington Bureau of the Fox News Channel. He has always been an inspiration for her to provide innovative and useful audio samples for Fox News. After contributing to the project, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to join the firm.

Before becoming a broadcaster on FOX News, she was a journalist who specialized in providing in-depth coverage of the Supreme Court.

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