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Shay Mitchell, also known as Shannon Ashley Garcia “Shay” Mitchell, is a Canadian actress, model, and businesswoman. Her full name is Shannon Ashley Garcia “Shay” Mitchell. Shay Mitchell has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of the year 2022. She made an appearance in the series of short films. She made her debut in the feature film industry by playing the role of Nicole in the musical drama after first participating in a number of short films.

Peach Salinger, the character she plays in both the psychological thriller series and the comic series, is largely responsible for her increasing fame. In addition to her work as an actress, she is well-known for her image in the media and her advocacy. In the 2021 animated series on Netflix, she made her first appearance as a voice actor.

Shay Mitchell

She is most recognised for her performance as Emily Fields in the series Pretty Little Liars, which airs on Freeform. Mitchell was such a devoted follower of Jennifer Lopez that her friends began to refer to her as “Shay Lo.” During her youth, she discovered that she had a talent for performing arts, and she even broached the subject of a potential future in that field with her parents.

After finding success in the fields of dance and modelling, she decided to pursue a career in acting and enrolled in acting classes in Toronto. Mitchell received her big break when she was hired to portray the character of Emily Fields in the television series Pretty Little Liars. Prior to this, she had been in a few commercials and had guest roles in other television programmes. Her acting abilities were lauded, not just by fans, but also by critics.

After that, she established herself in the film industry with roles in films such as Dreamland, Mother’s Day, and The Possession of Hannah Grace, among others. She became more well-known after starring in the psychological thriller series “You,” which brought her the show’s title. In addition to pursuing a career in acting, Shay Mitchell has also published a work of fiction under the pen name Bliss, which she wrote in collaboration with Michaela Blaney.

Shay Mitchell Wiki

Shay Mitchell was born on the 10th of April 1987, making her age 35 as of the year 2022. She was born and raised in a stable community in Mississauga, which is located in Canada. Both her nationality and her religious beliefs are rooted in the Christian faith. She was born in Canada. The Rockridge Secondary School in Canada was where she finished her primary and secondary education.

After that, she enrolled at Ryerson University, which is located in Canada, and remained there till she received her degree. She was never much of a bookworm, preferring instead to spend her time performing, modelling, and participating in a wide variety of extracurricular activities right from the start of her life.

Shay Mitchell has always had an interest in the arts and theatre, and she has been determined to make a living in those fields since she was a little child. At the age of five, she began her training in several dancing styles. She competed in several dance schools all across the city as part of a group that consisted of other dancers.

Shay Mitchell

Her family moved to West Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia, when she was 10 years old. A year later, an outstanding chance presented itself to Mitchell and he took it. An open casting call was conducted by a major international modelling agency for pre-teen and teenage females who were interested in pursuing careers in the modelling industry. She made the decision to give it a go, and she was quickly accepted as one of the few that were chosen.

Boyfriend and Family

Mark Mitchell and Precious Garcia are Shay Mitchell’s parents. Shay Mitchell is an only child. Mark Mitchell is Shay Mitchell’s dad, in case you were wondering.

The woman who gave birth to Shay Mitchell is known by her given name, Precious Garcia. Both Shay’s father and her mother are of Filipino descent, although Shay’s father hails from Scottish and Irish lineage.

In addition, she has one sister. His name is Sean Mitchell, and he is her younger brother.

The singer Shay Mitchell does not have a spouse at this time in her life. Since 2017, she has been seeing the actor Matte Babel in a committed relationship. She only has one kid, however she has disclosed that in 2018 she had a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.

Shay Mitchell Career

She had already established herself as a successful model by the time she reached her late teenage years. She had achieved the status of poster girl for a variety of businesses in a variety of places, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Barcelona, amongst others.

After finishing up her work as a model, Shay Mitchell went back to her hometown of Toronto to pursue an acting education. She secured a contract with her first theatrical agency at the same time as she began appearing in a number of national advertisements. She even had a guest appearance in an episode of the Canadian adolescent drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation, which was titled “Up Where We Belong.”

Mitchell was presented with the most significant opportunity of her professional life in December of 2009. She was offered a role in the television version of the book series Pretty Little Liars, which was produced by ABC Family, which is now known as Freeform. Mitchell first tried out for the part of Spencer Hastings, but in the end, she was cast as Emily Fields, who is the captain of the school’s swim team and goes on to become the coach of the squad.

The series was an immediate success after its debut in front of 2.47 million people. The acting abilities of Shay Mitchell have garnered her praise from several reviewers. Due to the positive reception that the series received, it was continued for a total of seven seasons.

She was offered recurring or guest parts on a number of other prominent television programmes as a direct result of the phenomenal popularity of Pretty Little Liars. In 2010, she appeared as cheerleader Irina Webber in the Disney XD series Aaron Stone, when she made an appearance for the first time. Following that, she had a recurring role on the Global series Rookie Blue and she also had an appearance in the music video for the song Hold My Hand by the Jamaican musician Sean Paul.

Punk’d was the reality television series in which she made her first appearance in 2012, in the episode titled “Heather Morris.” In 2015, she participated as a judge for the episode of Project Runway titled “Fashion Week: Who’s In and Who’s Out.”

Shay Mitchell

She had her first appearance on the big screen in the 2016 American comedy-drama film Dreamland, in which she portrayed the role of Nicole. The movie was met with acclaim at its first release and received high marks from reviewers overall. In the same year, she had a starring role in the romantic comedy named Mother’s Day. In that film, she played the part of Tina, who got married to Sandy’s ex-husband, who was portrayed by Jennifer Aniston. She later appeared on Live! With Kelly and Michael as a guest co-host for a few episodes.

In September of 2017, ABC announced that Shay Mitchell will play the main role in the television pilot adaptation of Sara Shepard’s novel with the same name, The Heiresses, which would air on ABC.

In 2018, she created her travel business under the moniker BÉIS. In the same year, she portrayed Megan Reed, the protagonist of a horror movie named “The Possession of Hannah Grace,” which was released that year. It was released on November 30, 2018, and was directed by Diederik Van Rooijen. Brian Sieve was the writer for the film.

In 2019, she was given the role of Stella Cole in a web television comedy series called Dollface.

In addition to her career in acting, Shay Mitchell has also explored the world of writing. Together with Michaela Blaney, she wrote the book for adults titled “Bliss.” It was first made available in 2015. She also hosts her own YouTube lifestyle channel.

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