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Sierra Capri is a well-known model and actress in the United States. As of the year 2022, Sierra Capri has a total net worth of one million dollars. It was her performance as Extra in the drama film “Hidden Figures” (2016) and as Kai in the drama comedy film “American Skin” that brought her widespread recognition (2019).

Sierra Capri is an American actress who shot to stardom in 2018 after appearing in the Netflix original series ‘On My Block’ as the character Monse Finnie. Although she was born in Baltimore, Maryland, she never considered a career in Hollywood until her junior year at Armstrong State University. Prior to that, she had always envisioned herself working in the field of forensics.

Today, Capri has established herself as one of the younger actors in the profession who is considered to be among the most gifted and in demand. She is a performer who made her debut in the profession without having first participated in any acting training. Capri comes from a humble background and has a strong work ethic since she was raised by a single parent. She has a strong faith in God and the belief that if you put your confidence in the omnipotent, everything will work out for the best.

Sierra Capri

She is known to be quite charitable and is involved with a variety of different charitable organizations, including the CHLA and the Refugee Assistance Project. Capri has never had any trouble doing well in her schoolwork. She inspires the young people who follow her to go headfirst into whatever it is that excites them the most and to put in the effort necessary to realize their ambitions.

Sierra Capri Wiki

Sierra Capri was born on September 8th, 1998, making her 23 years old as of the year 2022. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, to a family that was well-established there. She is an American citizen and a devout Christian who bears the nationality of the United States. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

She finished her primary and secondary education in the United States at a local high school. After that, she traveled all the way to Savannah, Georgia, in the United States, where she ultimately received her diploma.

Relationships, Her Boyfriend, and Her Family

Mr. Capri is the name of Sierra Capri’s musician father. Mr. Capri also worked in the music industry. Mrs. Capri is Sierra Capri’s mother, and she is also a dancer in her own right.

Sierra Capri

She is the youngest of three siblings. It is not known what her brother’s name is. Sierra Capri’s marital status is single. Her lover, who works in the entertainment industry, goes by the name Diego Tinoco.


Sierra Capri has participated in a few acting ventures up to this point in her career. She had a little role as an extra in the 2016 drama film “Hidden Figures,” which was nominated for an Academy Award. Two years later, she was cast in the Netflix series ‘On My Block,’ in which she starred with Jason Genao as an Afro-Latina tomboy called Monse Finnie.

While Capri was a student at Armstrong State University, she auditioned for the part on a website that specializes in online casting. She was chosen for the part due to the acting abilities she has as well as her young look.
In addition to her employment throughout the acting industry, Capri has also modeled at a variety of fashion shows and other events in the state of Georgia.

Personal Life

Sierra Capri was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States of America on September 8, 1998. Alongside her three brothers, she went through her formative years. After the separation of her parents when she was 12 years old, she continued to be raised by her mother on her own.

Sierra Capri
It is said that Capri’s father, who works as a truck driver, does not interact with his daughter’s family. She stood out as an individual in the school community and participated in all of the clubs available to students, including the cheerleading club and the technology club. The student actress is now studying biology at Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia, where she has just finished her junior year.
In terms of her romantic life, it seems that Capri is now single. On the other hand, since since the premiere of her series ‘On My Block,’ her name has been synonymous with that of her co-star Diego Tinoco.
Fans of Capri have speculated that she and her on-screen lover are dating in real life as well due to the fact that the two maintain a good bond with one another. Neither of them, however, has commented on the rumor or verified it.
Audrey Hepburn and Eartha Kitt are two of the most influential people in her life, according to her. The actress has shown interest in taking responsibility for her own stunt work in upcoming assignments. Capri’s neck has a tattoo of the characters for the Chinese alphabet. She refers to organic fruits as “soul food” and loves eating them.

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