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Actor, author, and stuntman Simu Liu was born in China and now resides in Canada. As of the year 2022, Simu Liu’s wealth is estimated to be $19 million. In addition to that, he is a writer and a stuntman. He gained widespread recognition for his stellar work in the comedy Kim’s Convenience, which aired on television. It has been confirmed that he will have a role in the forthcoming Marvel film. It was originally going to be called Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but they changed it. It is anticipated that it will be released in 2021.

Simu Liu

In addition to being a talented performer, Simu is also quite accomplished in the writing, producing, directing, and authoring fields. To be certain. We were dreamers: an immigrant superhero origin tale is the title of his next autobiography, which he is currently working on. In addition to that, he has written and produced other short films, such as Open Gym. In addition, he has experience working as a stuntman.

He stands at a lofty height of 6 feet and has an endearing demeanour. Simu is a dedicated actor who, in 2017, was nominated for a number of accolades, including the Canadian Screen Award and the ACTRA Award, in recognition of the outstanding job he did in the film Blood and Water.

As an actor, he has been in a number of movies and television programmes, including: Warehouse 13 (2013), Make It Pop! (2014), Dark Matter (2017), Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens 2020, and others. His roles have ranged from significant to small.

Simu Liu Wiki

As of the year 2022, Simu Liu will be 33 years old, having been born on April 19th, 1989. Although he was raised by his grandparents in China, where he was born, he eventually made his way to Canada when he was five years old. Both her nationality and her religious affiliation, which is Buddhism, indicate that she is a Canadian. He had his early education in Ontario. The ethnic background of Simu Louis is Chinese.

Simu Liu

His early education was received at University of Toronto Schools in Toronto, Canada and Ivey Business School in London, Canada. Both of these institutions are located in Canada. After that, he enrolled at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, and ultimately earned his degree from that institution.

Family, Wife, and Relationships

Both Zhenning and Zhenning Liu are the proud parents of Simu Liu. Both Simu Liu’s father and mother have the same name: Zhenning Liu. Simu’s middle name is also Zhenning. His parents both have degrees in aeronautical engineering.

The only piece of information that can be found on his parents is that he was their only kid. Other than that, we don’t know too more about them. The relationship status of Simu is that she is not married. On the other hand, if one were to check at his social Kedia account, then one may conclude that he is dating Tina Jung.

When Simu Liu and Jade Bender were seen together in Los Angeles in June, the speculations that they were dating were started. However, it is believed that they had known each other for many years.

Simu Liu

When the two were seen walking the red carpet together at the 2022 ESPY Awards at the end of July, it gave the impression that they were a couple. Despite the fact that they haven’t discussed their relationship in public, it seems likely that they are.

Since that time, they have made their relationship “official” on Instagram and have walked a few red carpets together.

The following is a comprehensive history of Liu and Bender’s relationship, starting with their early days as friends and ending with their recent public displays of affection.


Playback artist and stuntman Simu started his acting career by participating in a few films and television programmes, including Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim and Avicii’s I could Be the one. Simu is most known for his role as a playback artist in the movie.

In addition to the films that have already been listed, Simu has also appeared in Nikita, an American television series that ran on The CW from September 9, 2010, through December 27, 2013. Nikita is an action thriller drama. In the latter part of the year 2014, he played a spectacular part in the Canadian-American science fiction police procedural television series Beauty and the Beast, which was shot in Toronto, Canada.

After that, he appeared as a stuntman in the 2012 Canadian horror film Sick; Survive the Night, which was directed by Ryan M. Andrews, co-written by Andrews and Chris Cull, and starred Christina Annie Aceto, Richard Sutton, Robert Nolan, and Debbie Rochon. The film was produced in Canada and directed by Andrews. In 2015, Simu was cast in a recurring role in regular episodes of the criminal drama series Blood and Water on Omni Television, which aired from 2015-2016. The series ran from 2015-2016. As a result of the outstanding work he did as an actor in 2017, he was nominated for prizes from both ACTRA and the Canadian Screen Awards.

Simu was cast in the lead part in the CBC television comedy Kim’s Convenience, which was a television version of the play with the same name. The role debuted in the same year. He was recognised for his outstanding performance in the series, which led to his receiving nominations for many international award ceremonies. The year 2018 saw nominations for Simu at the Canadian Screen Awards as well as for the category of Most Popular Foreign Drama at the 2019 Seoul International Drama Awards. In the NBC prequel series Taken, which was based on the franchise film, Simu was cast in a recurring role as the former CIA analyst Faaron, beginning in the year 2016.

In the beginning of 2019, Simu appeared as a guest star in the 100th episode of ABC’s Fresh off the Boat. He played the role of Willie, a noodle seller. In addition, he played the role of Garbage Boy in an episode of the television series Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens. In the latter part of 2019, Disney made the announcement that Simu will portray the title role of the superhero Shang Chi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. 2021 was the year that Simu made his debut as a voice actor in the anime film Bright Samuria Soul, which was distributed on Netflix. In February of 2022, Simu was cast in the Barbie movie that was directed by Greta Gerwig and produced by Warner Bros.

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