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Sunetra Sastry is a very popular make-up artist from the United Kingdom. However, she is best known for being the partner of the legendary comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson, popularly known as Mr.Beans! Prior to the marriage with Rowan, no one recognized her but she came into limelight after tieing the knot with the famous actor Rowan Atkinson.

The pain of filing a divorce petition at the age of 58 is huge, the age when we except and dream to live a settled life with our family. But, the beautiful make-up artist has undergone with this unimaginable pain of divorce after a long 24 years happy relationship with Rowan.

Personal Life: Sunetra Sastry

Sunetra Sastry was born in the year 1957 in England located in the United Kingdom. As per the information, her father was an Indian whereas her mother was British. Sunetra is of mixed ethnicity and she is Anglo-Indian whereas her Nationality is British. Being born and brought up in England, she faced a lot of social racism throughout her childhood.

Moreover, her mother was disowned by her family as she married an Indian man. In the 1960s, growing up in progressive and modern society, she always faced social racism due to her father’s culture and religion.

Her mother belonged from a rich business-class but due to her choice of marrying her love, she was disowned. Whenever Sunetra used to ask her mother about the disputes in her family, her mother used to say only one thing that “It was all Worth it”. Although there were civil movements happening throughout the globe, they didn’t change the ground reality.

After finishing her schooling successfully, Sunetra Sastry joined a beauty college as she had an interest in it since her childhood. Her parents opposed her initially but later they accepted her career choice.

Sunetra Sastry

Career & Wiki

As far as education is concerned, Sunetra Sastry was a very bright and studious person. She completed her schooling from England itself in high reputed school. But, over there she faced a lot of social racism and was bullied due to her lifestyle and culture. After completing her schooling as well as high schooling, she decided to attend a beauty college.

She wanted the pursue her dream of becoming a successful beautician. However, initially, her parents were against this decision but she somehow convinced them. They believed that it was not the right career option for her and they wanted Sunetra to become a nurse. But, after seeing her dedication and passion in the field of beauty they finally agreed and supported her.

In the beginning days of her career, she was the make-up artist for Stephen Fry. Later, Stephen said in an interview that Sunetra was one of the few women she has attracted him and grabbed his attention. Eventually, in the year 2010 in his book  ‘The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography’ the gay actor committed that he wanted to ask her out.

One day the popular actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson asked Stephen Fry to switch the make-up artist with him. Initially, Fry thought that Rowan might not be satisfied with the work of his make-up artist. But, the real fact was that Rowan Atkinson was also attracted by Sunetra and he too wanted to ask her out.

Sunetra Sastry

Rowan Atkinson & Sunetra marriage

It was the year 1986 when the Mr.Bean a.k.a. Rowan met Sunetra Sastry. During that time, Sunetra was working as a make-up artist in the popular comedy show Black Adder. In this comedy show, Rowan Atkinson was also working along with Stephen Fry. Initially, Sunetra was assigned to do the makeup of his co-star Fry but after seeing her Rowan requested to swap the makeup artists.

As said earlier, the gay actor Stephen Fry was also having a crush on Sastry but he was convinced to swap the artist.

Sunetra Sastry and Rowan Atkinson started dating and their love story began. After dating for a few months and getting to know more about each other, in the year 1989 they engaged. Finally, in the month of February 1990, this adorable couple married and surprisingly Stephen Fry was present at the marriage ceremony.

The long relationship between Sunetra Sastry and Rowan Atkinson is an example of true love for the upcoming youngsters. They also two children together with a son named Benjamin and also a daughter named Lily. However, after a successful long 24 years of relationship, the duo had some disputes between them which forced them to have a divorce.

Although being the mother of two at the age of 58 it was very disheartening to hear the fact that Rowan and Sunetra got separated!

Sunetra Sastry

Divorce & Disputes!

In the month of February 2014, it was announced publicly that Rowan Atkinson and Sunetra Sastry are divorced. This was very heartbreaking to listen and we can imagine the pain through which Sunetra must have undergone. However, there were rumors behind this separation that the reason was Rowan had an affair.

But, soon this rumor became true as Rowan publicly that he was dating a 32-year-old woman. This behavior of Atkinson after a long relationship with Sunetra was very inappropriate. Reacting to this the daughter of Rowan and Sunetra stated that this was ‘A dick move’.

In the year 2015, the judge granted the divorce to Sunetra Sastry as Rowan Atkinson wasn’t present in the court. After just 65 seconds of proceedings, the judge declared divorce as Rowan failed to appear at the court.

Sunetra Sastry Net worth

This skilled British make-up artist has worked for the legendary comedy show “Black Adder”. She is appreciated by many for her work and she is indeed a renowned make-up artist in the industry. After showing her skills in the popular show Black Adder, she has worked in several projects. She has worked mostly for BBC as well as for her husband’s creation, Rowan Atkinson Production. She has got a lot of help from her hubby in her career and he has a big hand in the excel of her career. She has made her own fortune by her excellent work and she earns roughly 40k dollars per year. Moreover, the huge mansion from her ex-husband worth more than $10 million has added up to her net worth.

Sunetra Sastry interesting facts

  • Many people have a doubt that Sunetra has Indian nationality but this isn’t true. Although her father was an Indian she was born and brought up in England. She has a mixed ethnicity (Anglo-Indian).
  • Most of the time Sunetra Sastry worked as a makeup artist for her husband’s production, Rowan Atkinson Production but in the year 1998, she also has worked for movies Smack and Thistle for BBC.
  • During the shooting of Black Adder, in the year 2010, Stephen Fry who is openly gay wrote in his biography ‘The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography’ that he was only 90% gay because he was attracted to Sunetra Sastry!
  • But, Rowan also had a crush on Sunetra and she asked him to switch makeup artist. Later, the duo started dating and Fry said that if he hadn’t proposed her he would do it.
  • Sunetra is always out of the limelight and she prefers to live a private life. She also works on several charities and The BrainCancer Foundation of Great Britain is one of them.

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