Taina Williams Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Children, Husband

Instagrammer, YouTuber, TikToker, and all-around social media star Taina Williams is from the United States. Taina Williams’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million as of the year 2022. It is well knowledge that Taina Williams is the daughter of the once prominent Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member Emily Bustamante.

Taina Williams

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Her Instagram account, which can be found at latainax3, has amassed a following of millions of people. Young people all over social media are going crazy over Taina Williams. She is well-known on a variety of social media sites, including YouTube, TikTok, and others in addition to Instagram.

Taina Williams Wiki

As of the year 2022, Taina Williams is 24 years old, having been born on April 1st, 1998. Taina Williams was born into a well-established Christian family in Norfolk, Virginia, in the United States, where she spent her childhood. Taina Williams identifies as a Christian and has a nationality that corresponds to the United States of America.

Dwight Morrow High School in Norfolk, Virginia, in the United States, was where Taina Williams finished her primary and secondary education. After that, she went on to further her education at a university in her home country of the United States, where she ultimately received her degree.

Taina Williams has had a highly busy lifestyle ever since she was a youngster, participating in a wide variety of sports and extracurricular activities. She has always had the ambition of becoming a well-known celebrity, and it was with that goal in mind that she launched her internet career at such a young age.

Relationships and the Family

The name of Taina Williams’ biological father is Mr. Williams, and he is a businessman as well as a rapper by trade. John David Jackson is the name of Taina Williams’ stepfather.

Emily Bustamante, who is a stylist and fashion designer by trade, is Taina Williams’ mother. Taina Williams’ middle name is also Emily. She is the middle child of three. Their names are Johan Jackson and Jonas Jackson, and they are her stepbrothers. Journey Isabella is the name of the step-sister that she has.

Taina Williams

We’ve already mentioned the fact that Emily was born to her mother, Emily Bustamante, who was only 41 years old at the time. Emily is both a successful entrepreneur and a reality show star. To this day, Emily has made guest appearances on a number of popular television programmes, including Love & Hip Hop: New York and Chrissy & MR. Jones. In addition to this, Taina Williams’ mother works in the fashion industry as a stylist and designer.

However, neither Taina nor her mother have ever disclosed the identity of Taina’s biological father. Neither of them knows who he is. But Taina’s mother is now keeping her connection with the rapper Fabolous at arm’s length (John David Jackson).

Emily Bustamante has been in a relationship with Fabolous for almost a decade at this point. After beginning a relationship with Fabolous, Taina Williams’ mother gave birth to three children: two boys and a daughter. Johan and Jonas Jackson, her sons, were born in 2008 and 2015, respectively. In the year 2020, Emily gave birth to her daughter Journey Isabella. Quite often, Taina has shown her photo to both of her half-brothers and sisters as well as her stepfather.

Boyfriend/Husband & Children

Since the end of December 2020, Taina has been dating her lover G Herbo. Her current partner, G Herbo, has a kid with a woman called Ariana Fletcher, with whom he was previously involved in a relationship and who shares his name. However, he broke up with Ariana Fletcher and began seeing Taina Williams instead.

On May 27, 2021, Taina gave birth to her only child, a boy named Essex William Wright. This followed the beginning of a romantic connection between Taina and G Herbo. And now, after a span of six months after the arrival of Essex William Wright into the world, the couple is once again expecting another child.


Taina is neither a successful businesswoman nor an experienced actress. She just gained notoriety for herself by virtue of the already established notoriety of both her mother and her lover in the industry. Before she began a relationship with G Herbo, she did not have millions of followers on Instagram at the time.

Prior to it, she had gained the attention of the audience by exposing on social media the luxurious lifestyle she led on a daily basis with a public audience. People began to follow her on Instagram as a result of her stunning appearance and the luxurious lifestyle she depicted on the platform.

Taina Williams

Tania Williams has, without a shadow of a doubt, tried her hand at modelling as well; but, the modelling she attempted was not of the professional ramp walk kind. She takes charge of organising her own fashion photoshoot and posting her high-quality, snarky photographs on social media in order to get the attention of endorsers and generate revenue.

In the past, Taian has also made an appearance with her mother in the first two seasons of the reality television programme Love & Hip Hop: New York. Throughout the course of this episode, Taina was often seen assisting her mother in maintaining a healthy love life with Fabolous.

Net Worth

Other than Instagram, Taina does not maintain a presence on any other social media platforms, including YouTube. Her Instagram account is the only source of income, which enables her to maintain her lavish lifestyle.

Through her Instagram account, she promotes a number of different products in an effort to expand the market for those brands among her 2.5 million followers.

The news that Taina Williams has joined with Fashionnova.com as a worldwide fashion brand has been revealed by Taina Williams. She promotes the brand on her Instagram, which is where she makes a significant amount of her revenue, and wears clothing from the firm on a regular basis.

If we were to assess her earnings up to this point, then her current net worth would be close to $6 million USD.

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